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All that being said, it was imperative that the foam structure be protected from the elements. Sometimes it can be a real hassle and PITA to title a homemade boat, unless you follow the correct procedure.
Call (850) 617-2000 they will guide you through the process to issue the HIN for the hull, you will need a blank MCO, it seriously simplifies the titling process for the folks at the tag office.
Location: indiana xps foam boat i'm building an xps foam boat, i made the boat and ran the electrical.

Location: MI Are you going to hot knife or shave the shape so it will ease through the water a bit easier? Location: indiana sorry for no getting back sooner, i wanted to but i think im going to leave it cause its only a creeper boat made to get into places other boats cant. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Length, width and height are all developed based on load requirements and ease of handling.

Needless to say, it is unsinkable, having 2 buoyancy chambers, as well as the foam structure. The wedge shape is proven, and places the operator at the area of greatest buoyancy, providing a well balanced boat that is easy to paddle.

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