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Location: United States Here are a few pix of the foam pontoon in the early stages to give you more insight.
Actually I don't like the rear support for the chair, and the bow and stern could be shaped better, but other than that??? Location: Winston-Salem, NC I didn't know Bama had an Aerospace and Oceanographic Engineering Department!
Location: United States foam 3rd pontoon So after several outings on the boat after mounting the 3rd center foam pontoon, I have some changes to make.
Location: 59 45 51 N 019 02 15 E Polyester on polystyrene foam I have built several test boats in polystyrene foam, insulated with wallpaper adhesive for wet rooms and plastic-coated fiberglass with polyester on the outside.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Rrockhopper I want access to something that starts out like yours but gets stretched so's to add a small floor and a waist bar to allow me to safely stand up. Unless you are wearing a grass skirt and sleeping in a ditch and eating only road kill, you too are part of 'the problem'.
I like it, i was wondering do you all build the frames or reuse pontoon frames, I am working on something sumular. For a sizeable boat, glass over foam is an expensive way to do it because it will need lots of glass and epoxy and some good quality foam that you will not be able to get at the big box stores. Location: Wasaga Beach I have worked out the load capacity using the water displacement formulae and it should be able to easilly carry an adequate amount of weight.
Location: Arlington, WA-USA usually building plywood stitch and glue, and than glassing over it is cheaper and faster than carving solid foam pontoons. Location: Wasaga Beach More like a 13 foot long raft with some unique characteristics.
If I was you I'd look for something like an old hobie cat and use that for a starting boat instead of building something.
Petros is right, solid foam is like a drum, it just floats, is heavy and doesn't want to go anywhere.

There is no such thing as too much flotation, you need to calculate what you want to carry with LOTS and LOTS to spare, if you weigh 80kg and the hull can float 100kg and you go down with a swell then the momentum is going to sink the hull completely under water, probably capsizing too. Since I suggested something like a hobie, ask someone with one to take you for a spin, you'll get the idea. Location: Michigan I did a seach in the forum and found a link which may give you a head start. Before you spend anything on plans or go off with your own design, wait for a few more opinions.
With the addition of a rigid deck, the MODULAR BOAT can function as a pontoon bridge, or as a floating platform for various constructions on water.
Location: Toronto Can anyone advice me on how to waterproof the wood or apply the fiberglass? Location: Michigan Do a forum search, plus I know there is information in the links I posted.
In early 2005 AUAV was contacted by the USGS and ask if we could develop an autopilot for an autonomous boat, My first response was sure I don't see any reason why not, After all we had been doing aircraft for years. I decided to build a boat of our own to continue working on and improving the performance of the autonomous boat autopilot.
The boat is still being used as the test bed for the continued development and testing of AUAV's boat autopilot, It is also used for continued development and testing of the redundant 8 channel digital spread spectrum radio control system.
My main concern was better flotation for walking around the deck and that it would not plow water with two people in the front seats. Worth, Tx, USA He didn't make it 13' so he didn't have room, unless it was shoved into an inner tube and towed.
The exact size, shape, color of string matters less than how you wiggle it- and little cats are easier to fool than big ones. Tetrahedral and octahedral polyethylene tanks are used for constructing the floats including the stem. So we built a unit for the USGS and installed it in there boat we then took there boat out and test ran it.

The requirements of the boat was that it had to be inexpensive and easy to build, I wanted it to be very hard to control autonomously this is why it sits high in the water and has very large sides that present a large surface area to the wind.
Not sure foam pontoons would handle the stress of high speed or banging into waves, but the increased flotation is perfect in my application. It needs to be moved all the way forward, at least even with the other two, maybe even out in front a bit.
The number of plastic tanks in the floats may be varied, but it is necessary to secure sufficient buoyancy for the planned tasks. My thought was if I could control a boat like this autonomously then a cleaner boat design should be much easer to control autonomously.
The slow speed of the boat allows you the time to analyze what is happing in real time, it's top speed is about 4 knots and it will run for 2.5 hours or longer on a single charge depending on batteries.
I am about 90% done and would love to post pics when conmpeted if i can figure out how to do it.
In combination with polycarbonate lids, they provide flexible space for different functions and items: ladder, anchor, seats, tables, stowage, compass, battery containers, etc.
After working with the boat for almost 3 years we now have it running the way I had envisioned it should run at the start of the project. My only option was to purchase poly pontoon for around $800 so I decided to try my hand at making my own. It looks like they can keep their existing frames and adapt them to the styrofoam pontoons.

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