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August 28, 2014 by Bethany 184 Comments I can’t believe this, but it’s beginning to feel like Autumn around here.
By using this free pattern, you are agreeing to NOT redistribute this pattern (whether electronically or by printing and handing out copies). I’ve just made these but they look tiny, I think I’ve made these is uk terms should it be us ? It sounds like you crochet tighter than I do, so I would think going up a hook size might help, but I am surprised yours is so small. I imagine someone must have asked this before, but how much yarn was used for the slippers?
When I click I the link for the pattern, it takes me to a page that says it can’t be found and brings me right back here. Please remember: You are free to use this pattern to make and sell, but do not republish or distribute this pattern in any way. Hi Bethany, I love this boat shoe pattern, the finished product always turns out so cute, and they actually stay on my baby’s feet really well.
March 18, 2014 by Bethany 122 Comments This pattern has been a long time coming… phew! I don’t have too many hard floors in my home, but make sure you make them non-slip so your little buddy doesn’t slip and fall! By using this free pattern, you are agreeing to NOT redistribute this pattern (whether electronically or by printing and handing out copies).
Is there a way to increase the pattern so that i could make it for my daughter who wears a size ten? Maybe I could double the yarn, simply soft is my favorite yarn to work with but I could probably double yarn and go up hook size or two. I was making this pattern in size 6 but in the 4th row didn?t make it work, please help, don?t know if you can make a video or pictures tutorial. You need to use Adobe Reader to open it if the gray watermark is showing up black on your device.
So if your cell phone (like most) doesn’t have adobe your stuck with a black background there is no other option?? Well I didn’t know what a dc2tog was, but looked it up on the internet and watched a vid of it.

Well I don’t know what the problem was, but I started over from the beginning (the sole) and it worked this time. I haven’t tried it myself, but other readers have commented that spray-on silicone works really well, or cutting pieces of non-stick material, like silicone or a grippy rug pad and glueing it to the bottom works as well. By using my pattern and selling your items, you are also agreeing that you will give credit by adding a link to the original blog post in each individual listing, or on your tags. I’m just starting to crochet and have done some baby booties please explain what that means. The sole is worked like a spiral, not in joined rows, so it helps you know when you have reached the end of the row, and it helps catch a possible mistake within the row.
I do have a question: my heel always turns out a little crooked, and when I watched the video tutorial, It looks like you do your hdc2tog differently for this pattern. Any decrease you work would affect how tall the stitch is, but it wouldn’t make it off-center. The straps take 3 sts across the body, but the written is slightly different than the video. That’s funny, I actually did the same thing when I made my first pair several years ago, before I started designing. Do any of you have projects that you work on a little bit here and there, but never seem to finish? By using my pattern and selling your items, you are also agreeing that you WILL give credit by adding a link to the original blog post in each individual listing, or on your tags. And I swear everything shows black is there a different mobile site or YouTube channel that shows that pattern??
I watched both your videos and did okay on the Size 5 slippers until I reached Line 8 and no matter what I did it no longer met up with the stitch marker. I would be completely fine if Mother Nature decides to warm it back up for a few weeks, but the break from the heat has been nice, too. I have been selling it in my Etsy shop for the past 10 months, but I decided to release it for free!
I think 1 skein of worsted-weight yarn should be quite enough for the top part, is that correct? I started it before our Mac charging port went nuts, and only recently had access to my half-written pattern so that I could finish it.

I know when I first started I was having trouble with where exactly to join for new rounds. The increase has an extra single in between them, as opposed to only one in the previous round (i.e. Your work is lovely:) in the printable patterns would you be able to add how many stitches you should have after a step is completed? This is on my list to revamp, so please bear with me, and please forgive me for the frustration I have caused. Pageviews enable me to publish my patterns for free, so please help me to continue to do so.
Be sure you are doing 5 increases around the toe and 3 increases around the heel (with a single worked in-between). It’s a quick and FREE way of supporting Whistle and Ivy and more free crochet patterns in the future. Turn so you are working from the back of the small strap you just made, from the inside of the shoe. The sl st, and the ch 1 from the previous row will look like a little corner, and you won’t be working into either of them, your last stitch should be in the last st of the previous round.
Could you tell me the directions for making the toe piece (the one you have to sew on, i don’t know the name for it) for a size 9 shoe? I love that you do the videos and especially love that you put the written instructions in them to follow along in the pattern.
I downloaded your free pattern but couldn’t view the instructions because of your watermark logo.
If you worked the same amount of stitches, the toe and heel would curl up like a hat, instead of staying flat like a doily. Still cool enough to need something on cold little feet, but the maritime theme to these cute little boat shoes are springy as well. You will work a total of 4 sts over 3, where in the previous round you worked 3 sts over 2.

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