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Last night I was watching a news report about the flooding in Mississippi, and thinking about all the areas where flooding is a major problem. CAUTION, At this point in time, there seems to be NO houseboat insurance available from anybody, for wood homebuilt houseboats. Although I have drawn my own plans for an 80 foot pontoon houseboat, my first interest was in the 32 foot live aboard type plans from Glen-L. That's why we wanted to show you how to put some money back into your wallet by publishing our Top-10 fuel milage tips. As fuel prices keep climbing, its nice to know that we have the Top-10 Tips to put money back into your wallet. We want to take this moment to wish you great weather, lots of laughs with your friends & family, and to be safe. Now for something a little different, we're fortunate to have received some great articles posted by some of our visitors and readers.
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The Houseboat Parts and Accessories, the House Boat Reviews and Buyers Guide Houseboat Parts and Accessories with Information, Reviews and a Buyers Guide to help with your next House Boat Parts & Accessories purchases. Houseboat Insurance Specialists - marine house boat insurance quotesIf you're looking for a houseboat insurance specialist, it doesn't get any better than these people. Ontario Houseboat Rentals - great deals on rentals in the 1000 islandsIf you're looking for a houseboat rental in Ontario, it doesn't get any better than these people. New Houseboats For Sale - don't miss the boat, you can buy or pre-order now With todays new technology, new houseboats are built to amazing new standards that are light years ahead.
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Location: australia looking for houseboat plans - catamaran hull or pontoon Hi this is my first post so i hope i am in the right place, I am looking for plans to build my own house boat using fiberglass pontoons or a cat style hull and are looking for plans i can buy i am new to boat building so any advice is welcome.
Location: Holland Houseboat hull material In holland, where we have a lot of experiece building house boats, almost all new houseboats are build on a prefabricated concrete pontoon without a deck.
Building a fibreglass hull this size is expencive in materials, as it is going to be a house is suspect you do not want your hull to be to thin. Concrete needs no maintenance and is cheap so adding some extra material to make it very strong is no problem.
If you plan to put an engine in your houseboat and move it occasionally this may not be the best way to go. Location: australia Hi how do they make the concrete pontoons can you give me an idea how this is done any will it hold together at 5-10 knotts as i thought it mightstart to wear away the frount of the pontoons.

Location: Holland Concrete (ferrocement) construction From your last post and the 5-10 knotts you mention there i conclude you do not want a static houseboat. If you have limited funds i would concider finding some large diameter steel tubes and use these as catamaran hulls.
I would also concider moring a static houseboat on a nice spot and have a nice cabin cruiser to explore the surroundings. If you tell something more about what you want i will be happy to continue thinking with you. Have some suggestions for more conventional boat types and available plans useable for a houseboat but will have to dig them out. Location: Washington In the US almost all houseboats are built within a 100 mile radius of Lake Cumberland in Tennessee. Location: Washington Also Glen-L has housboat palns you might want to look at.
Location: australia Hi could you send my the web site that this came from so as i can study it and even contact them.
About my experience, i worked as a mechanical engineer for 15 years with 7 years experience as industrial design engineer to make products look better. I did not design a houseboat before but have two naval architects living nearby who can assist me if neccecary. Since you are not very experieced yet building grp structures this could also be a good way to avoid the potential problem of having to schred a complete hull when something goes wrong with the laminate. Originally Posted by magjulmar Hi could you send my the web site that this came from so as i can study it and even contact them. For any design or engineering questions you can contact me anyway, we did parts of engineering for this house boat.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Discover thousands of images about house boat interiors on pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas.
Boat plans are for beginners Design Characteristics – Boat drawing with all parts listed. Plans and drawing of a pontoon house boat Not rated yet Here are plans and a simple drawing of what I think the pontoon house boat will look like.
Houseboat plans are available in a multitude of construction methods and build materials, such as plywood, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass. A builder on another forum has been trying for over a year to get insurance on his high end homemade houseboat with no luck.

We appreciate your support as it helps us grow the useful information and articles on the website. House Boat Plans so you Build your Own Houseboat, Plans for free with Tips and Ideas Continue reading "Yes, with House Boat Plans, you can Build your Own Houseboat! I have just bought a glass craft chopper gun and a plural system gel coat gun and intend on spending about 1 year learning and experimenting with these before i attempt to build my house boat.i have been told you should not use fiberglass on a house boat due to osmosis is this true and can it be avoided.
When you want to move your house you can wait for a calm day and use the cabin cruiser as a tug, it won't make 10 knots but but patience will bring you a long way. Above 2:1 ratio of resin to glass will lead to fracturing of the structural layers which wil lend itself to mosture absobsion and finally osmosis.
There rest of the hulls can be formed from similar shaped segments from lets say 10 feet long.
The epoxy.construction is light and strong, you'll have no osmosis plus it is easy to build yourself.
Stationary Hydraulic Lifts; Floating Hydraulic for a wood or steel dock, Tiger Docks™ can design, draw, and install your residential dream dock. Wooden boat plans and excellent free information on boatbuilding methods – Repair, maintain and build wooden or plywood boats. Unique custom house plans in a contemporary Art Deco style combining Art and Architecture in home design. Boat plan net has boating links for sail boats thru to wooden boats for all your boating needs including insurance and numerous boat pics and plans. They have plans for the pontoon type houseboat and the floating cabin type, and they also have up to 45 footer with real nice space usage. If you find a source of marine insurance for wood or old steel houseboats please let us all know. When the hull segments are attached to each other they form independent flotation devices, the walls of the sections form bulkheads. I would look around local marinas, if you are dead set on building your own, for a good hull.
Lots of boats that have severe cabin and inside support problems still have a good fiberglass hull that you can get for a lot less than building a plywood hull on your own.
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