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Is real estate getting too pricey for that waterfront cabin you’ve always dreamed about? Both models sleep 4 with full headroom, and have similar amenities but with more room on WATER LODGE TOO.
Kent Griswold has a website on mini-homes, and has included the Cape Codder as part of his site. The free houseboat plans section is here as a starting point to the world of building a house boat, and the only limits are imagination and budget.
Tips for Building with Free Houseboat Plans* Once you have decided to build a boat, you will be needing some building materials, marine parts, and technical building information. Other Build a Houseboat StylesIf you didn't find what you need, have a look at some of these reasonably priced alternatives to give you more ideas and designs to build with. Stay connected with this sectionThe Build your own Houseboat section is constantly growing, so it's best to stay updated and signup for our Houseboat Insider magazine, it's free, informative, with updates, and is sent directly to your Inbox. The scow tapers up at the forward end and is protected with a heavy sheet-iron plate so that the craft may be snubbed up on sandbars without danger of springing a leak, even though a submerged log be struck while running at full speed.
Two wide bunks, beneath which is locker space, provide sleeping accommodations for a crew of four. The cooking is done on a two-burner blue-flame kerosene stove, and the sink is provided with running water suitable for washing dishes, etc. An acetylene-gas lighting system is installed and is used to light both cabins and a searchlight.
December 29, 2011By Bryan LoweText from the Macnaughton Group website, two barges for the homebuilder. In our original article on  Bantam we casually mentioned toward the end that it would be fun to have a houseboat barge to go with her. Unfortunately the owner did not  include the natural finish sheathing on the cabin sides, nor the carved quarter badges.

This entry was posted on December 29, 2011 at 10:22 pm and is filed under Plans, Slideshow. Equipment such as appliances and windows can be like those used on recreational vehicles, or typical residential items rather than costlier marine-types.
These include a settee with seat back that raises to form upper and lower berths, a dinette that converts to a double berth, fully-equipped galley, and enclosed head with shower. We felt it would be a lot of fun to live aboard the barge and push it down the Intracoastal Waterway of the East Coast. Construction is about as simple as it could be, being epoxy and plywood throughout, with a lot of right angles mixed in with the curves of the sheer and bottom.
One of our clients is building a group of these in the Pacific Northwest, where he is renting them as “barge and breakfasts”! Spanning several years, the book describes winters spent drifting freely with the current and summers foraging for or growing what was needed. While not meant for anything fast, foul, or furious, they make a perfect retreat for anchoring a spell in your favorite backwater cove, or for moseying along protected waters in search of game, fish, sights, or solitude. We do suggest you have access to a table or radial arm saw to ease making long cuts on the 2″ stock.
Cast-iron hubs, into which are inserted cold rolled steel spokes, and wood paddles bolted to their ends constitute the propeller wheels. We hadn’t thought of this as more than a fun idea but immediately we started getting all sorts of letters demanding plans for the barge!
Also those who choose to put in rectangular windows rather than the round ports should realize that they should follow the sheerlines and not be square to the waterline.
They would not be trailerable, and the build is more complex than many other barge designs. A modern toilet room is installed, and an ice chest on the after deck will hold supplies and ice for a week's cruise.

Life rafts, complete with paddles, are placed on the roof, and in hot weather these are moved to one end and an awning erected to make a cool sleeping place. After all, what else do you want to do with a tug so much as push and pull something around?
You can tow them on an ordinary flatbed trailer; while a special boat trailer can be adapted, one is not mandatory. This presented something of a challenge, as we had never known anyone to design a houseboatbarge before, per se, so we had to come up with something completely new. Instead they preferred the richness of friends, good meals gathered from abandoned or empty lands, and art: Harlan was a painter, Anna a concert pianist. But plans do include instructions, material lists, plywood utilization layouts, and all the details to carry through at a minimum of effort and expense. The story of their days drifting is often filled with anecdotes about weather, fishing, or dogs, and slowly draws the reader in with a steady seasonal rhythm. Their time on the river represents the last days of the shantyboater, a breed of free spirit that quickly dissappeared after the second world war.
The image of the tug and barge traveling together in the Intracoastal Waterway, or of the barge anchored in a secluded creek while the tug comes and goes with guests and provisions, is about as idyllic as it gets. Evening Song contains a whole lot of space in a reasonable compromise between camp-like and boat-like accommodations.
Industrial growth along the waterways, large new dams, and toxic pollutants ensured the end of a tradition of free living. Today, our world continues to grapple with issues of technology and its impact on what makes us human.

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