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Join our weekly newsletter and be the first to know about upcoming contests, freebies & exclusive discounts! Sailing comprises wind propulsion of a craft by means of sails and steering it over water, ice or land, depending on the type of craft.
A sailor manages the force of the wind on the sails by adjusting their angle with respect to the moving sailing craft and sometimes by adjusting the sail area.

The force transmitted from the sails is resisted by forces from the hull, keel, and rudder of a sailing craft, by forces from skate runners for an iceboat, and by forces from wheels for a land sailing craft to allow steering a course on a point of sail with respect to the true wind. Free vector design to create sailing, yachting, sport, leisure time, vacation, seaside, sea, ocean, holiday, relaxation and aquatic vehicles visuals. While there are still some places in the world where sail-powered passenger, fishing and trading vessels are used, these craft have become rarer as internal combustion engines have become economically viable in even the poorest and most remote areas.

Cruising can include extended offshore and ocean-crossing trips, coastal sailing within sight of land, and daysailing.

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