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Building boats from Glen-L plans is simple and straight forwardI honestly have never run into a problem, unless it was of my own making. It's funny, but I never even heard of Glen L until 2010 when I happened to accidentally find them in a web search.
Here's the latest Attachment 88175 Attachment 88176 Poida 02-07-2014 08:46 AM Looks like the boat is coming along fine.
Progress has been fairly slow for the last month primarily due to the cold weather we are getting this winter. The designs from Glen L are great for builders because they are geared towards people who want to build at home and who have no previous boat building experience. The Glen L builders forum is a great resource, in fact I think it is what gives Glen L their advantage. For example, most of these designs were created for lower power and lighter weight engines so they tend to be a bit on the small side in some cases.

It's going slower than I would like, primarily because of funding, but I continue to progress.
As soon as the weather warms up again, I'll be assembling this components and re-installing on the building form. I've wanted to build a houseboat since the early 90's and I was looking for information on that when I happened across Glen L Marine. However, there is sufficient complexity in many of the designs that careful consideration should be given to the plan you choose based upon your evaluation of your own abilities. The number of successful builders of Glen L craft is a testament to the resources available. Eventually the edge will be capped with a piece of mahogany and the motor board side edges will tie into motorwell side panels and other structure.
So once the encapsulation is done, I am going to finally attach the transom to the boat permanently.

More details in the blog at the link below including a great method for steaming parts while on the boat. The biggest drawback to retro is that often the designs can stand to be updated because of changes (technical, legal, etc) that have occurred since the design was originally created.
In my case, I will be extending the roofline up a bit (not too much) and changing the profile of the cabin walls to blend in the extra height. You can see all of this in my blog and the link to my construction photos, but here are a few samples Attachment 90043 Attachment 90041 Attachment 90042 Attachment 90044 mrintense 06-03-2014 12:44 PM 5 Attachment(s) The longitudinals (sheers and chines) are completed and I have begun the fairing process. Exterior is going to be planked with mahogany at some future point and finished bright so I won't be doing anything with that for now.

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