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A console steering helm with bench seat is detailed in the plans, but the wide open hull, unimpaired by structural members, allows custom modifications to suit the builder's needs.
The stitch and glue construction method furnishes full size patterns for virtually every part in the boat, including planking.
The RIVIERA is a larger version of our Monaco offering additional seating in the forward cockpit. The RIVIERA offers the best of traditional design but using lower maintenance contemporary construction techniques. Building is simplified by the use of longitudinal motor stringers that lock into each frame, a method pioneered by GLEN-L that assures accurate duplication of the hull lines. Complete presentation of Cold-Molded process, from choosing a design through engine installation & wiring to launch. Proper hull support, especially at the stern, is critical for the outboard or sterndrive boat. The upswept bow with flaring topsides assures stability, speed, safety, dryness, and load carrying ability.

Side, aft, or center seating, extra storage compartments, or raised forward sole are all simple modifications the builder can make. No lofting or dimensional layouts are required; just duplicate the patterns to the plywood and you're on your way. This classically styled hull, frequently called a "gentleman's runabout", has the same mystique about it that makes the originals sought out by collectors, but at an affordable price.
Many builders have gone to great lengths to give their boat the "look"; installing antique hardware and putting in extra time on finishes and other details. The hull is built by cold-molding methods, plywood and thin veneers (or solid veneers) laminated over closely spaced framing members; a proven structurally sound concept that eliminates most of the maintenance associated with the methods used in the originals. All of these fittings, custom designed for inboard runabouts, are available directly from Glen-L; searching for the proper hard to find fittings is not required.
The complete Plans provide drawings on all phases of the construction with numerous enlarged details, sections, Fastening Schedule, Bill of Materials, and step by step Instructions. Placing supports too far forward can lead to structural failures at the transom and deformed bottom lines which can affect performance and handling.

The results have drawn stares at boat shows from owners of antique boats and other lovers of traditional wooden boats. Full Size Patterns give templates for structural members and eliminate lofting or the use of complex dimensional layouts. Planking parts are assembled flat on the ground and bent around a single form to shape the boat. With the simplified Stitch-N-Glue method, frames, internal backing member requiring bending and fairing, and most fasteners are eliminated. The composite construction utilizes plywood stitched together at seams and bonded with an adhesive fillet, reinforced both inside and out with laminates of fiberglass; a proven, simple, very strong, building method that makes boatbuilding practical for almost everyone.

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