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Initial stretch - The twisted or braided threads that make up the rope are pulled as straight as the geometry allows. When the threads have pulled straight the load goes onto the fibers themselves - so spectra will stretch much less than polyester. The result is that if you use too thick a rope all the stretch will be in phase 1 where the rope will stretch the same as something cheaper.
Rope sizes and lengths for GISRope diameters and types should suit dinghy sails from 70 to 115 square feetGIS has 105sq ft mainsailNote - Rope lengths are an estimate. Now that the sail is attached to the yard and boom it stays there - no need to undo all those knots! Traveller and MainsheetThe plans show a block bolted or screwed to the top of the middle seat.
The traveller is a rope that goes across the back of the boat above the tiller (yellow in the picture below).
The ends of the traveller line simply tie round the inwale as shown around the bulkhead frame. Put the mast in (the halyard should be already threaded with both ends made fast to the horn cleat).

Setting up the Rudder and CentreboardThe plans are pretty good with this information, but here are some pics to show what it looks like and how it works.This is the rudder attached to the transom.
Rudder blade in place - not loop handle - i've coloured it yellow with Photoshop so it stands out against the sand.
If the centreboard slides up and down or won't stay down you can set up a piece of shockcord tied to the mast one end and tied to the centreboard handle at the other. Location: Hobart, TAS Learning to sail a Balance Lug I will be embarking on a boat building project soon.
It really helps if you develop simple metrics for measuring your progress - timing a known course etc.
It really helps to log your settings and results so you can review things over time and see what works.
Location: Michigan, USA It should be no different than sailing a Bermudan rig.
A lot of these sails were built by the skippers, who have never built a sail before, and used successfully, even though they have never sailed before. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.

You'll find some guys over there who use lugsails on regular basis - they will surely be able to give you some good hints. The trick is to not have the boom and yard extend too far past the mast, and to have a hold down line attached to the boom right next to the mast to keep the boom from rising. A builder or two have substituted aluminium spars but have found that it makes the boat quite hard to hold up in stronger conditions (article). The length of the loop should result in it looking like the last illustration in the series. It is probably the most important adjustment in terms of creating the correct sail shape.It needs to be medium firm for light winds - until the boat is moving reliably.

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