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For many boaters, finding a passionate firm to take their ideas from concept to creation often entails a somewhat daunting task yielding less than satisfactory results.
What does custom BOAT NAME DESIGN, unique BOATING PRODUCTS & PROFESSIONAL SERVICE mean for you? In short, boaters and marine organizations gain professionally branded representation for their Marine Identity. Multiple high resolution file formats can be created also for use with custom apparel, drink wear, embroidery, laser engraving and many other specialized gifts, gear and accessories. Getting a quality name for your boat is Super Easy in New Zealand as you can Design & Order your own DIY Boat Name Kits for New Zealand and receive them in only a few days with great instructions and FREE applicator squeegee.
Our main goal at Boat Names NewZealand is to make customising your boat simple, affordable and fun.
Our unique Design Online boat name tool on our web site allows boat owners in New Zealand to play with fonts, shadow effects and colour combinations. Imaginative graphics and letter styles provide an opportunity to add a personal touch to your boat. Once you’ve created your design you can quickly order it online as one of our super easy, do-it- yourself application kits. Our high quality DIY kits are sent complete with simple to follow step-by-step instructions and an application tool.
For more complex designs we have in-house artists prepare several professionally designed options for you via e-mail.
We can even superimpose Designs over a photo of your boat so you can see exactly how it would look when finished. Super Easy Design & Order DIY Boat Name Kits for New Zealand and receive them in only a few days with great instructions and FREE applicator squeegee. Super Easy Design & Order DIY Boat Name Kits here and receive them in only a few days with great instructions and FREE applicator squeegee. A recent New Zealand law for boat owners in the Aucland area, has come into effect which now requires most boats to have names or markings displayed at least 90mm high.
Fines of $200 are now being given to boat owners even when the numbers are just 5mm under size. Part of the houseboating experience is the houseboat identity – having a place that you can truly connect with. Today is all about discovering a boat name for your boat and how easy it is to create custom houseboat graphics and decals for your boat.

Now is the time to let your imagination take control – it’s time to let the creative juices flow and for your imagination to go free.
For a truly customized boat name design that is tailored to the style and colours of your boat. Is showcasing your vessel's identification and personal dockside brand something that you take great pride in? Simply, local sign makers and other online DIY boat lettering sources offer only limited "off the shelf" lettering designs, generic materials and extremely limited production options. With your new professional boat name artwork a gateway is opened for the final fit and finishes of your dockside lifestyle. Her and the IBG team's attention to detail and creative experience has really helped us to create our own unique Marine Identity. The master and owner of a vessel shall ensure the vessel is marked with its name or similar identifying marks. Summer lovin’ happened so fast.  As summer season approaches we get more and more excited about the opportunity to spend time on the houseboat. Just like a home, it’s important to make your houseboat feel like yours rather than a merely an entity. Eliminate the need for complicated design processes when you work with our online designer to create your boat name!
Come up with a truly unique houseboat name.  Visualize the boat name you want for your boat and get an idea of the type of personality you’d like your boat to represent.
Choose from one of our pre-designed templates or create your own from scratch!  Need help with your design? It is at this stage that we verify that your graphics look okay and are ready to be sent to production. For those seeking lettering, graphics, decals & wraps created specifically for their vessel and crew's unique personality search no further! If we are going to remain as the industry leader, we must uphold a strict code of professional ethics and unique competitive advantages. Such vessels should be marked with a name, or the owners name or contact details somewhere on the vessel. More time on the houseboat means a better quality of life, splashing around on the lake and having the opportunity to truly bond with family and friends. It’s a place that you can come home, kick off your flippy-floppys, tan out on the deck and truly relax.

Once you’ve thought of your bought name and have come up with a general idea of the design it’s time for you to create a custom design houseboat name.
Once we verify that your design looks as though it came through okay, we send your graphics to production using one of our in-house wide format printers. Our 3M vinyl is nationally recognized as the best in the industry – why settle for anything less? The number or name shall be a minimum height of 90 millimeters and each character shall be legible. Just e-mail us and let us know what we can help you with and we’d be happy to assist you in any way possible. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog on how to install on multiple surfaces or check out one of our “how to” videos.
With the right houseboat graphics it will be a short time before your boat goes from being a standard boat to feeling truly like your boat. Don’t forget to upload your graphic design into our online designer – make sure to register too so you can use your design for future uses with other products i.e.
After printing your decals we put a protective coat on your graphics through our laminator to ensure that your graphics get the extra source of protection needed. If you choose not to install them yourselves please choose from our certified professional installers to have the installation done for you.
Whether it’s a boat name, life ring, striping, flag, etched glass or more – creating custom graphics for your houseboat will instantly make the boat feel like yours. Once we get your graphics through the laminator we cut off any extra vinyl to ensure your graphic is ready to go. We are confident though that if you follow our easy step-by-step instructions you will be able to do the installations on your own! Once you’ve created your custom design or used a pre-designed template for your design we’re able to get your houseboat name into production.

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