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On its surface it seemed like a great idea. Lighter weight meant better fuel efficiency, and easier towing, a big deal back in those days of double digit inflation and gas embargoes. Finally, it was a pretty costly material, adding between $300-$500 per boat built with the stuff (doesn’t actually sound like much). I still see where it is being used in some hulls of modern day bass boats, usually in the more custom built lines.
I did not own one but rode in one (Hydra Sport) quite often and it was fast though bone shattering because of the light weight. When Joe Reeves introduced Kevlar with the Hydra-Sports line he hired a bulldozer and drove it over the hull of the boat to evidence its durability.

8m fiberglass open boat (7500 Bow Rider ), View open boat, Product Details from Atomix Boats Co., Ltd.
8m Fiberglass Sports Boat (7500 Sports Cruiser), View sports boat, Atomix Product Details from Atomix Boats Co., Ltd. Perhaps one of the more notable statements that comes to mind for me was the question posed in a 1977 Popular Science article hinting at the possible coming death of fiberglass as a hull material in bass boats.
Yet nearly 30 years after this article made print, and fiberglass still seems to be alive and well in the boat manufacturing world. Where ramming a stump or other solid object would puncture a hole in the hull of a fiberglass boat, it would only dent a Kevlar built hull – and it could be popped back out in some cases.

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Remember that ad where the bulldozer is running over the hull of the Hydra Sport?  At one point according to accounts, HydraSports was building 93 percent of their boats with the stuff.

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