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Did you know that in Native American mythology a Wendigo is a large, cannibalistic demon that preys on lost travellers????
The seakayak has a stitch and glue hull, and a cedar strip deck (literally left over fence boards on the deck).
The second canoe one was part of a canoe building course I was convinced to run: took 10 guys 10 days.
I found various explainations of what a wendigo was, from cannibalistic native americans gone bush, to evil spirits that abducted tribe members and even an H.P. Anyway, may Wendigo II (which also gets refered to as me burt) continue the good work of Wendigo I.
Here's a photo (taken about 25 years ago now) of a canoe I built that played a role in attracting the attention of the gal who became my bride. April 22, 2011 by Katie Boue Leave a Comment Looking for a way to pay homage to the beautiful planet that so kindly houses you, feeds you, waters you and creates boulder formations for you to climb?
Filed Under: events + happenings, stories + tales, travel + adventure Tagged With: bird feeder, birds, canoes, creatures, earth, earth day, hiking, mother nature, nature, outdoors, plantsSquirrel Bandit Strikes Again! October 29, 2010 by Katie Boue 6 Comments Since my DIY bird feeder project, I have transformed into one of those crazy bird ladies, always creeping out my window to watch my little avian buddies snack away on seed.
For weeks, I have listened to Squirrel Buddy and his accomplices plot their attack on my feeders.
The carnage I found this morning indicates that Squirrel Buddy got a little too confident in his parkour skills – the entire base of the bird feeder has been torn from the body of the feeder. October 3, 2010 by Katie Boue 6 Comments Living in the forested area of San Luis has given me a new appreciation for bird watching. Poke two small holes at the top of your bottle, and thread your wire through to hang the feeder. Ramp up a sauceboat tabu of things American Duct Tape PVC pipe and ace searched for additional ideas and eventually made a balsa and tissue paper exemplary of home made pvc pipe boat. Homemade Canoe OutriggerHOMEMADE CANOE OUTRIGGERby iulian, views homemade the feature supports on each side of built. We sell plans for contemporary, high performance Canoes and Kayaks from a full range of designs by John Winters. This gorgeous cedar strip canoe features a painted outer hull, with a natural cedar strip finish inside.
Purchasers of these plans are also provided with a registered serial number, a set of designer's decals, and on-line help via e-mail from both the designer, John Winters, and from Martin Step, who prepared the drawing package. All of our plans are now available in electronic format on CD-R or by e-mail - all you need is access to a wide-format printer to print E-Size sheets (34" x 44"). You can also visit our Web Site Directory, or go directly to the Models to see the Available Models, to Order Plans, the Builder's Notes including a new section on Fitting the Stern Seat, technical articles by John Winters, and all kinds of other interesting stuff, including our good friends at Hurley Canoe Company, and our Links. Looking for a good project for your school, Boy Scout Troop, Summer Camp, or charity racing event?
The Shape of the Canoe by John Winters, is the first and only book dedicated to the design of small paddle powered boats.
This beautiful Winisk, was named "Gargantua" after the Cape Gargantua area of Lake Superior, and is being paddled in its namesake location!
We have posted some new photos of a lovely pair of Tasman Sea's built by Bruce Hillstrom of Bridgewater, NS.
If you're thinking about building one of our wood strip canoes, you might like to read the letter sent to us by Chuck Phelps of Pittsford, NY, telling us about "Rosie," his Kipawa 'stripper'! To go along with that masterpiece Osprey you're thinking of building, have a look at a very special removable Portage Yoke which was made for the most recent Green Valley Osprey. A new section has been added to the Builder's Notes dealing with repairs to the hull on your woodstrip canoe. For some detailed instruction on Making Stems, Gunwales and Bead & Cove Strips, Staining the Hull, 'Glassing the Inside of the Hull, and Varnishing, including Martin's trademark wrap-around ends and inlays, consult the Builder's Notes.

Our most popular model continues to be the Kipawa, but don't overlook our other very interesting models. Our good friend Jack Hurley at Hurley Canoe in Dwight is happy to report that things are still going strong. All members were experinced wood workers, as I put on the course for the Southern Alberta Woodworkers society (SAWS).
This holiday aims to raise awareness about our need to give back to the earth, but you efforts to celebrate Mother Nature shouldn’t be reserved solely for April 22nd. They successfully snatched my first bell-shaped feeder, but have been struggling to conquer my homemade contraption.
That won’t stop them though, as I type, Squirrel Buddy and his minions are scampering across my roof, plotting their next attack.
We bought a feeder a few months ago, and flocks of cardinals and finches have been feasting ever since. Daisy devoured the first one, and squirrels stole the second one right in front of my eyes – so I decided it was time to build a better vessel for feeding my avian friends. There are a ton of different birdseed varieties, I go with the cheapest mixed seed from Walmart. It might take a few days for the birds to catch on, but as soon as they notice this new source of food, I guarantee you’ll have a busy feeder. Have a beautiful Sunday everyone, and bundle up – it’s going to be 48 degrees tonight! These models include the Yukon, Raven, Dumoine, Shearwater, the Bering Sea, the Rob Roy, and three versions of the North Canoe. The Kite is a modified Osprey, with the only difference being the revised chine, which now sweeps gracefully from the tip of the bow to the tip of the stern.
The natural interior provides a lovely contrast to the exterior, which looks like a top-quality factory finish. Try our revised and updated on-line Green Valley Boat Works Book Store and get a head-start on your first boatbuilding project! One look at that crystal clear water and you can see why this area was revered by Bill Mason and thousands of others since. They accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express in either US or Canadian dollar accounts. Full size plans including caning directions for the seats shown above can be ordered directly from Green Valley. Included are such topics as the secrets of the "Hidden Hardware System", as can be seen in the seat photo above, and the "No Staple" method of strip building.
If you want a solo, but really need a small tandem, check out the Mattawa - I don't recall ever having seen such an overwhelmingly positive reaction to a new design.
All of them mentioned spiriting people off into the wilderness or unknown for whatever purpose they saw fit. The canoe is a cedar and canvas originally produced by a company in Canada's famed Peterborough region noted for exceptional canoe building. There is no shortage of litter in this world, and there’s no better day to tote a plastic bag around and fill it with the rude garbage that clutters the earth. Not exactly thanking nature, but today is a great day to appreciate the people that work hand-in-hand with the earth on a daily basis. Shimmying down the hemp string attached to the feeder, they’ve tried to steal it Tom Cruise-style, but to no avail.
Also, we are once again offering the Osprey S+G and the Kipawa S+G, featuring new, improved designs, in electronic format only.
This is a great alternative when the wood strips are not the most attractive colour or grain. The Recreational version (above left) can be built in either the traditional Voyageur style with the high ends, or in a Modern style with low ends.

This is a must-have for anyone thinking of designing their own canoe, or anyone who just wants an understanding of why different canoes perform the way they do. Noah's carries an extensive inventory of everything you need for 'your ark', and you'll find their knowledgeable staff very helpful in selecting the right products to complete your project.
The most recent additions include a section detailing a very special removeable portage yoke system for the custom built solo canoe, and a section on repairing a damaged hull. For speed demons only: the Barracuda is John Winter's latest design, and maybe the fastest non-competition solo canoe you can build.
Even if you aren't in the market for one of their beautiful (and under-priced!) cedar canvas canoes, you should see their canoe shelves, built on the same mould as the real canoes! When I got it (for free) it was in very rough condition and I saved it from the scrap heap. I’ll be collecting trash around Tally Rock Gym today after I volunteer a belay party, so feel free to come join me. Forgo the mass produced food that is processed using methods that create pollution and waste – stop by a farmers market (like the Thomasville Farmers Market, or the Pinecrest Farmers Market) or local grocer, and take a bite out of something good for your body, and good for your earth. The feeder is perched outside our living room area, but I wanted a feeder of my own outside my bedroom’s gorgeous windows.
We also have The Shape of the Canoe by John Winters, which is an invaluable technical guide on CD-ROM for anyone who wants to design their own canoe or other paddle-powered watercraft - it even includes three design programs!
Notice the sleek lines of this fast, quiet tripping canoe, as well as the graceful seat design, which is the perfect finishing touch for your hand built masterpiece. On the other hand, the 28' Racing version (above right) is a very modern, asymmetric hull, and is designed for pure speed! The Shape of the Canoe, in Adobe PDF format, plus a bonus of three design programs (KAPER, CANTRAC, and BEARBOAT) which are all used by John, are all on one CD-R, for both PC's and MAC's. They have everything from the strips to trim, all the power tools, and at least four brands of epoxy.
We spend too much time taking advantage of our resources, and not enough time appreciating our blessings. He bounced off the brick wall and ricocheted from my windowsill directly onto the feeder – all while I was sitting with my nose pressed against the glass panes. Check out my how-to make a bird feeder using recycled products, or go old school with a simple feeder made by rolling pine cones in peanut butter. Head to a local park, make a drive to your favorite beach, canoe along a river – the ways to cherish the outdoors are endless, so stop making excuses. Hello Could anyone tell Maine approximately any know you’ve had building vitamin A raft 1 want. So, if any of you have a classic heirloom cedar canvas canoe in need of repair or total restoration, this is a perfect winter project for Jack and his crew, and you will have your canoe back by next summer as good as new. I currently have a pineapple head and a sprouting avocado pit basking in the sunshine on my patio. It took me angstrom week to The PVC tenner centimeter and the gravy holder ane m wide and 3m. If you are looking for a roomy, wilderness tripping canoe for that expedition you're planning, the Quetico, may be just what you're looking for.
Me and vitamin A buddy bored on amp day and decide to shuffling angstrom gravy holder using only PVC canal Tape and a Tarp.
It is a very fast, high-volume 18'4" flat water tripping canoe, and is sure to be a winner!
Stick a few tooth picks into the pit, prop it up in a little cup and fill it with water until the base is nicely situated in liquid.

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