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As in real estate, location is among the most important considerations in building a duck blind. My DU is your personal portal to the hunting, conservation and local DU information that you care about the most. New features will be introduced to My DU in the coming weeks and months – so check back often. Think of the Deadly Duck as a box blind you fold up and take home with you at the end of every hunt. If you work for Avery, you’re going to have to put in time afield, so these folks know what works in a layout.
The Camo Unlimited Speed Reed synthetic grass panels measure 2 feet long by 28 inches wide, and they come in packs of two or four, limiting the amount of natural cover you’ll need. When it’s go time, you still want to be comfortable, so the Pack-N-Go unfolds into a padded, waterproof recliner that keeps you relaxed when the birds are circling. This blind is runway-model-thin (16 inches tall), so you’d better leave the day-olds at home. All you need is a hole and propane tank for Kohler's luxury pits, available in 12-, 16-, 20- and 24-foot models. Some of us don’t move as well as we used to, and the Freedom Hunter is built for waterfowlers with mobility issues.
Built for hunters who like lots of room in their layouts, the Dead Zone’s larger foot print actually casts less of a shadow.
It can be frustrating to watch birds light hundreds of yards from a permanent blind, so take the fight to the ducks with the Marshtoon.
We’ve used the A-Frame blind the past couple of years in the fields of southern Ontario, and it’s a waterfowl smasher.
Roosevelt signs the Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp Act into law.First duck stamp, designed by Pulitzer-prize winning editorial cartoonist, Jay N.
Quick-Connect pins make for easy assembly afield, and the steel-tube panels are covered with mesh, handy for brushing in. The Outfitter’s aluminum frame keeps it light while standing up to the rigors of the season, and stress points have steel reinforcements for strength.

The base features include an ABS shell (edges cut in saw-tooth pattern to disguise hard edges), two cargo doors, hinged front door, two hinged transom flaps, two adjustable Peak Bay flaps with viewing slots and all mounting hardware. So sore from early-morning brush-ins followed by hours of waiting on the birds, we could barely rise at shooting time.
It’s a float tube with a retractable blind you can load up with synthetic or real vegetation. An insulated foot bag helps keep you warm on the coldest days, and It has FA’s signature folding doors that easily swing aside when it’s time to shoot. With its extended skirt and gently sloping sides, there are no harsh angles to spook birds. This Go-Devil blind can be taken down with a few D-clip pins once the four aluminum bases are installed. Constructed around an upright chair, the one-man blind can be used in fields, marshes or shallow water. You’ll have see-through cage tops with overhead covers, so you can spin 365 degrees to watch the birds. For 2014, the Goosebuster is available in Avery’s KW-1 camo, the height of the wing doors is adjustable and there’s a large zipper at the foot end to open up the blind for easy clean-out. Capable of holding four hunters, the 10’x8’ mobile floater comes with comfy seats, front and back flip-out panels for 360-degree shooting and your choice of camo paint. We also keep the pond free of vegetation to ensure that our decoys can be seen by waterfowl trading over the river channel or adjacent bottoms. Built for two hunters, the blinds are modular, so you can add more to accommodate multiple hunters. Simply float out with the ducks (even in open water), or set it on dry ground and hide like a layout. A backrest and padded headrest keep you comfy, and the hood is nylon mesh to watch the action. The Backpacker folds up to the size of an umbrella, then unfurls to 54 inches tall by 12 feet long. The blanket has a rod tucked in one end, so it easily throws open, and it’s covered with stubble straps so you can blend in with the surroundings.

But it still sets up in seconds and is ideal for waterfowlers who need to hug the ground (it’s only 17 inches high). A padded backrest, zippered flagging ports and a mesh viewing panel with supports built in to keep it off your face, make this an extremely capable blind.
The sun rises to the right front of the blind and crawls to the southwest as the day progresses, so we don't have to look directly into the sun on blue-sky days.
The blind also has a tapering skirt that helps eliminate goose-spooking shadows, a roomy cockpit, flagging doors and a mesh viewing area. Ideal for fencerows or the edge of standing corn, it’s 75x37—plenty of room for hunters of all sizes. A viewing window lets you watch the birds, and there’s plenty of pockets for shells and calls. And the square tubing that frames the doors is extra rigid, so there’s less flex when you want to push the doors out to shoot. Made of powder-coated steel covered with synthetic grass, Gibson covers can be attached to form a horizontal canopy when closed, flipping open easily when it’s time to shoot. It has backpack straps for easy hauling and comes with a Cupped and Committed Canada Flyer. This all-steel pit is coated with epoxy to prevent rust, and its seams are welded to keep water out.
Floor mats, seat cushions and 100 percent natural broomcorn or Dura Cover panels are all part of the package. An aerodynamic design will allow you to race across the water, beating everyone else to the honey hole. There’s something for everyone—big hunters and small, run-and-gunners and hunters who like to stay put. An 18-inch-wide bench seat runs the length of each blind, and access is provided by walk-down stairs.

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