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A portable folding boat that is inexpensive, easily made, and readily transported is shown in the illustration.
The adjoining ends of the sections should be made at the same time, to insure a satisfactory fit when joined.
The front end of each strip is pivoted in a hole, and the other end is slotted vertically on the lower edge. This one is thirty pounds and you can get a suitcase or folding grocery cart to pull the motor. I'm not sure what a motor weighs, but it would be easy to carry in any of these if it's within their limits. Location: Gothenburg I'd probably go with something like a miniature English narrowboat, but then you have the problem of getting around closed locks. Location: Tennessee I don't know the origin, but somewhere in the full article, it should say. Originally Posted by millionswords Please give some ideas, if this thread is not the right place, mods please uproot my post and create a new thread for me.

When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Home Built Boats can be rather silly and even dangerous but they can also be a great way to get started in boating and a wonderful way to help your dreams become reality. Our poke plans are the best plans available and the easiest to follow with large prints and he has developed prominent shop drawings for those who care to build their own trailer plans for building a folding boat trailer. Brass screws are best for fastening this type of work, but copper plated nails may be used.
Their bolts are set firmly into the side of the boat, being held with nuts on both sides of the wood.
This thread deals with the design requirements for a canal boat to be built and used in France. Take a look below at what some dreamers did, it just might inspire you to create your own boat. A wing nut, prevented from coming off by riveting the end of the bolt, holds the slotted end.

The joints should not be driven together too firmly, to allow for expansion, and all joints in the boat should be packed with red lead or pitch. These should be fitted so that there is little possibility of their becoming loosened accidentally. Rattling Ezy Folding Boat Trailers operational atomic number 49 Northern NSW Australia is a family run business that specializes in building foldable boat trailers.
If you want to SELL things that is fine but showing us whats possible then charging us to see HOW is just BS, seriously I call shenanigans.

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