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Barrel Project Photo's - 55 gallon plastic drum projects - 55 gallon metal drum projects - bbq grill - Ugly drum smokers - Rain Barrels - Composters - Dear Feeders  - Drum Smoker - Floating Docks - Floating Rafts - Water Storage - Wood Stoves. Known as a Saunalautta in Finnish (translation: bath raft), this multi-deck raft was built by a group of friends in Joensuu, Finland back in 2012.
The homemade raft is not an item of self-interest alone, the team of friends rent out the Saunalautta, so everyone in Finland and others travelling to Finland can enjoy exciting time on the water. Head over to Saunalautta’s Facebook page for more information and exciting pictures of the homemade raft. Bharat has been reviewing latest gadgets, toys, robots and new home technologies across various platforms. 40 HP Merc this is not the trailer it came with have a nice twin axle drive on will get pic of it also. I would definitely belt sand it (If you must), acetone in a spray bottle 5 minutes and you can scrape it up and not damage the wood any further cause you need to be real careful belt sanding not to delaminate it so you got to keep it moving. It would seem to me that acitone could absorb into the wood and possibly cause delamination, I would just be careful with the a belt sander! Wildcat I did not order there harness just thought I would buy my wire local as I have a buddy that is a electrican and I can get good deal local.

Ryan thanks for the nice words on my SRT.I have had her for a year now I also have a 2003 300m so when these came out it was a dream that I had to own one. An extraordinary work of craftsmanship, this not so ordinary raft makes for a perfect ride to spend time on the waters.
Passengers can relax in the sauna after a dip in the lake, or can enjoy the sunshine lying freely on the hammocks. In addition to reporting and reviewing new products and technologies, he spends too much time digging the Internet for endless questions.
All the aluminum is getting polished to chrome look alot of work but the pay off is so sweet.
Here is a pic of the floor after the carpet was removed the floor itself is in great shape my question should I take a belt sander over it to knock old glue off before I install the new carpet.
I promise you they are well worth the money one of the fastest 4 door executive cars out there.
Wiring and connectors can add up fast, and with a ready made harness, makes the wiring job so much easier and almost as clean and its marine tinned wire, not the standard electrical.
Sanded floor and preped for carpet on Saturday MorningI am still waiting on seat cushions to come.

Interestingly, the raft comes with a fully-functional sauna and multiple hammocks to rest passengers on its various floors. The more adventurous passengers can do some fishing and enjoy grilled fish on a portable BBQ on the second platform. You did a good job too of labeling your title (you must have read the requirements ) Thanks. Lot of times when I stripped the insulation off those wires, I just double the wire back onto the insulation part of the wire when I use 16ga heat shrink butt connectors so they'll get a good tight fit.
Most of the wiring is in good shape but want to rip it out and startnew would just feel better. I use 10ga from battery to fuse box UNLESS its a long run, then I use 4 to 8 with a breaker up by the battery. Generally though I like using a distribution panel, so I use a big wire to it, then 10ga from it to fuse box or any other major device draw (electric anchors for example) and 10ga for trolling motor.  So are you going to use PS harness as well?

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