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By Eric 10 CommentsLast winter one of my friends showed me an Adirondack Guide Boat he was building in his basement.
According to Wikipedia, the Adirondack guide boat is just that , it’s a boat that was used in the Adirondacks by professional guides who had paying passengers, usually from New York City, who wanted to go hunting or fishing and they traveled up to the Adirondack region of upstate New York to do so. My friend built a classic Adirondack guide boat, these days according to Wikipedia, today they are made of Kevlar and fiberglass, but he was a purist and used all wood. So I wanted share with you all some pictures of the finished Adirondack Guide Boat.A  I have become really interested in boat building. I am sorry for being so critical, however it is my mission to educate the public about Adirondack Guideboats.
Hi Charles, I think most readers agree that the classic Adirondack boat is made of wood, and can appreciate the classic beauty of them. What Chris and Charles are saying is that your friend did not build a guideboat in the traditional sense. He used the cedar strip method developed in the 1950s covered with a layer of fiberglass (The fiberglass is clear when impregnated with epoxy).

If the Adirondack old time boat builders had modern adhesives and epoxy they would have used them. First, he built a boat, something few people undertake, and far fewer finish, as you alluded to in your commentary.
Perhaps i’m a traditionalist but in the opinion of anyone studying Adirondack history, these boats are made of WOOD. Secondly, the builder did a comendable job,although using what I would classify as a poor design.
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I have built a wherry, 2 Rangeley guideboats and am currently working on a TRADITIONAL Adirondack guideboat. Select what type of boat you want to build including sailboat, kayak, dory, canoe, rowboat or jon boats.
Different methods of building such as stitch and glue or ply on frame techniques are used in wooden boat building.

Factors to help you pick include available space, woodworking experience and personal preference. The stitch and glue technique, as the name suggests, entails stitching together cut-out plywood pieces using copper wire then gluing together with epoxy glue and fibreglass tape.
Browse through ready-made plans as many boat designs are available for purchase for all types of boats. Designs typically include sheets of blueprints, detailed drawings of boat parts and step-by-step instructions. Many designs even allow builders to make minor adjustments as long as it does not affect the integrity and functionality of the vessel.

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