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If you're looking at new pontoon houseboats for sale, the first suggestion or recommendation that I generally make is to deal with an aluminum houseboat manufacturer that doesn't scrimp on quality components, and that uses extra large diameter floatation tubes. No one has ever heard a boater say that his pontoons are TOO BIG, yet you will frequently hear pontoon owners say that they're TOO SMALL. When you combine two extra large diameter pontoons with multiple sealed bulkheads, you get a boat that is extremely fast due to reduced hull drag, very fuel efficient, and yet virtually unsinkable.
From there it's simply a matter of choosing the boat size, the layout design, and various equipment options that fills your wish list.
Maybe you want some extremely quiet fuel efficient 4 stroke outboards, or possibly a houseboat that is fully self-sufficient with watermaker, generator, solar panels, and a large inverter to power through those busy weekends with your friends and family. Whatever size of aluminum houseboat that you are looking for, this is where I can help you get a custom quote and special prices from the best aluminum boat manufacturer in the industry. Start a New Pontoon Houseboat Purchase HereWhen it comes to purchasing a new boat, you want to go to the leaders in the industry. As part of our New Houseboat For Sale series, here are some of the top reasons to not miss the boat. Futuristic, yet, but not the far-fetched science-fiction fantasy industrial design you might think – the Oculus by Schoepfer Yachts may not be for sale yet but it is already in pre-production mode with naval architects on board, so to speak. Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes! Gibson advantages, models, pricing:* Great Performance, Speed, Cruising Capabilities* See all the new Features and Standard Options* Sport, Cabin Yacht, Classic, 5500 or 5900 Series* Looking to Order or Buy a New Gibson Boat soon?* Get a free new Gibson Houseboat Price Quote Here.
Get All The New Features And OptionsSome of the new features and options are diesel engine packages tailored for high power applications or superior fuel efficiency. Looking for a New Gibson Houseboat For Sale?If you are seriously considering buying a new houseboat, the Gibson is an excellent purchase that will easily satisfy the even the most demanding boater. Get a Gibson Houseboat Quote HereIf you're interested in getting a more detailed quotation, here are the various models and lengths. We have a 32' Sun Tracker party cruiser at Alligator Boat Dock on Lake Cumberland for sale.
We have a 2002 Suntracker Party Cruiser 32' in a slip at Pebble Isle Marina on Kentucky Lake. Maybe a houseboata€™s pontoon can support all this weight, but the financial weight is another matter. This $3.8 million dollar houseboat would set you back $18,000 a month, even with 20% down. The view from the roof is serenea€¦ if you could relax while coming up with this kind of money!
This houseboat is almost 3,000 square feet a€?of custom designed luxury, with details of rare precision and restraint, and spaces both exhilarating and serenea€?. Established by John Knox, The Kirk was built in 1867 in the Melbourne suburb of Elsternwick.
Adaptive reuse often has to make the best of a bad situation, taking ill-shaped structures into workable residences a€¦ but in this case, the form of this 100-foot-tall Belgian water tower turned out to be the perfect basis for a brilliant seven-story house. Lofts usually have more of everything than a regular home has, however not a lot of lofts come with a pool.
When Hollie and Sean Strasburg bought their loft in the Tire Town building in Salt Lake City, they knew immediately that they wanted to bring the space back to its industrial roots. A former warehouse was transformed into this modern loft in Brussels, Belgium by SHSH architects. In the heart of Mount Pleasant’s brewery district, just a short walk away from a variety of restaurants and breweries, you’ll find the Mecca. You could miss this industrial loft for a library – a huge bookshelf dominates the living room. We have negotiated special handling of your quote requests and have some special pricing on new pontoon boats here.

So my recommendation is to start the project right, and order from a builder that uses extra large diameter pontoons as standard equipment.
Whether you want a small medium or large sized houseboat, the important first step (the hull) is covered. You can order a low-cost standard model, right up to a fully equipped houseboat with every imaginable option or amenity.
In my 40+ years of boating, never has there been a better time to buy or at least pre-order a new houseboat.
Hardly your typical houseboat, it is a virtual cruise ship for the rich and famous who can afford to buy it when it is fully planned and built.
You can get a free quote, build, and buy Gibson boats here along with some direct factory pricing.
Superior Performance, Speed, CruisingThe new boats offer a blend of speed, economy, and functionality. We now live 15 minutes from Kentucky Lake and are looking for a small houseboat for day and long weekend use.
Very nice boat in excellent condition - not really looking to sell, but always willing to talk. It is almost a shanty town: a squeezed-in suburb of houseboats living cheek by jowl, all enjoying great water views.
Heavy glass railings screwed down with sturdy steel screws safeguard the houseboat from water rot caused by the occasional splashes.
The building features brick polychrome which was at the height of its popularity during its construction. This one is an exception then – Stacks Tower lofts are located in an old textile mill in Atlanta, Georgia and yes, it has its own pool. This double-height, Insane Vancouver Loft is most probably the largest unit in the building.
Have you been contemplating buying a new boat?The growth of the houseboating industry has very likely paralleled the increasing amount of baby boomers who are looking to explore the new lifestyle.
The new model Gibsons offer superior fuel efficient engines and performance, and the spacious hull designs provide great cruising speed for traveling. The hull designs are unparalleled in the industry as they allow for fuel efficient low cruising speed, with excellent top speed performance.The boats can range in cruising speed from 12-24 MPH depending on either a gas or diesel engines. But the variety of houseboats is so great that there are true luxury houseboats in with the simplest shacks. Many years later she was bought privately and after extensive renovations created a floating luxury apartment for both permanent living and recreational facilities. Alternating cream and umber brick mark the gear-tooth points and wrap the building in tiny quoins. The concept revolved around the loft as ‘the ocean’ and constructed elements (kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom) as ‘the islands’.
One of the major factors has to be the price of houseboats in comparison to other typical similarly sized boats. Being handy & mechanically inclined, I was excited at the prospect.After having, operating, enjoying & working on this boat for four years & some months, I can honestly say that Tracker cut corners on the materials. The church became an icon for the community with its style being mimicked in a nearby substation as well as homes. It's a definite win-win situation for anyone purchasing now as you get an incredibly high-tech and well equipped boat for some of the lowest prices seen in many decades.Low Interest Rates on LoansWe have seen interest rates fluctuate widely over the last few decades, yet at this moment in time they are incredibly low (in the 5-6% range).
The length and beam measurements are as follows: 44 x 14 ft, the 47 x 14 ft, the 50 x 14 ft, the 50 x 15'10", and the largest being the 59 x 15'10" widebody series.
Low interest rates combined with 15-20 year terms make it much easier on the budget, and especially easier to make that financial decision.Cost of Materials is Going to RiseThe cost of raw material to build a boat has generally always risen over time, yet at the moment there has been a sizable lull in the pricing.
Now that the economy appears to be rebounding, the prices of raw goods will surely climb thus increasing the purchase price of new houseboats.The Pleasure & Satisfaction FactorI think everyone has to agree, there is nothing better than taking ownership of for example a new car, a new house, or in this case, your BRAND NEW houseboat.

Not much.The V-belt that drives the water pump & alternator on the engine is a real pain to change. The front engine mount must be disconnected & then the engine must be raised up from the forward engine mount in order to insert the new belt onto the pulleys. Having to do this process in this way makes changing the belt out on the water practically impossible. With the addition of high-tech materials and the technological advances in construction, combined with new safety requirements and boating standards have created some of the largest, fastest, fuel efficient, and utterly stunning houseboats in history. Excellent Service & WarrantyThe boat manufacturers have been able to expand their service depts and warranties to provide a truly great experience for new boat buyers.
The industry has matured to where they truly understand how to take potential new customers, turn them into happy customers, and also to keep them as lifelong clients.You Can Custom Design your own BoatOne of the biggest changes has been how you can now custom design your boat with all the features, amenities, and personal requirements that you want. You can have the boats built to your requirements and functionality.New High-Tech Systems & EquipmentWith the many advancements in technology and manufacturing, houseboats now have become the affordable, spacious, luxury cruise ships of the 21th century. On the inside, the vinyl is prone to cracking everywhere pop rivets are used to fasten to the flimsy material. Whatever you want, feel, or need to have on your new boat in order to be comfortable, you can NOW have it installed or included in your new boat.Buying a New Boat Creates Local JobsOne of the big advantages of buying a new boat versus buying a used boat is the economical and employment impact that it has in the industry.
One of the hidden but realistic benefits of buying a new boat is that it creates jobs, especially local jobs. Carbon steel brackets were used to attache poorly made cabinetry to the "walls" of the helm.
Start Planning your New HouseboatSince you're here reading this article you are likely contemplating getting a new houseboat.
These brackets will rust, & the vinyl around the pop rivets used to fasten the brackets to the "wall" cracks over time.Also on these boats, Tracker chose a VERY thin rubber membrane to cover the roof. Through all our hard work on the website, we have joined with some of the best manufacturers in the industry.
Through our partners, we can help you get some of the best service and prices in the industry on a new houseboat. I repaired this myself using industrial flat roof material that is substantially thicker & more durable. In the process of removing the old membrane, I found that once again, Tracker used plain carbon steel self-drilling, self-tapping screws to fasten the plywood decking to the top of the helm frame.
Lastly, hopefully some of our readers and visitors will share and post comments about their new houseboat experiences and tips.
While I had the membrane removed, I put quality stainless screws through the plywood decking into the supporting frame.Today we put the boat in the water for the first time this season. I was in the process of standing up from the captain's chair & pulled slightly on the steering wheel as I stood up.
I'm 51 years old & in good health & I am reasonably well physically fit, and of thin build. Go ahead click the book and sign-up, it's free and filled with great articles, tips, information and website updates. They look nice & they're fun for a while, but when it comes to maintaining them, they're a pain in the arse due to the cheap materials used in manufacturing. I'll never by another Tracker boat because of this experience.ReplyRobin, thanks a lot for this very informative post about the Tracker workmanship & materials.

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