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There are not that many places you can live on a boat and even less so on a houseboat in Canada. Northern Ontario Houseboaters and Friends are located on Lake Nipissing, Ontario Canada since 2001. Options and Designing Your HouseboatEvery Stardust Cruisers is custom designed for the owner with your needs and budget in mind.
Here's my situation, we're already living on a housboat for a few years and it's a great lifestyle.
It sounds like you are itching for a bigger boat, and the easiest way is to touch your husbands emotional side. This in reality becomes our floating house, however lately I want to upgrade to a BIGGER houseboat and possibly buy a new houseboat with at the new amenities and options.My husband always ask me why?
I tell him that as a woman I just need more space, and I'm sure many woman here will understand me.

Go ahead click the book and sign-up, it's free and filled with great articles, tips, information and website updates. I need my own space, and my own corner, not only the "kitchen".I know a bigger houseboat is more money, more in dock fees, more money for fuel, but what the hell we only have one life to live, and heck, it's our floating house. My husband always says you should be lucky you have a houseboat, doesn't matter what you have, at least we have a houseboat. If you do some research you can find some of these people who are more than willing to let their large houseboat go to save their house. Tell your husband you get a lot more for your money and many months of use from the houseboat compared to other recreational toys- it's worth it!
I don't know what size houseboat you want but I can bet that you can find what you want at a tremendous savings. Now, you keep the house boat for a few years, like you planned on doing anyhow, and watch the market go back up.

We strongly recommend a displacement hull for buyers who will be traveling significant distances in their boat or those who are concerned with improved performance and handling. Control systems can be standard marine breaker system or a digital system with computerized controls and system monitoring. This also allows remote monitoring and control of on board systems from home or mobile devices.

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