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When your boat is starting to lose its shine, or if it’s ready for a new look, we have many options from gelcoat repairs to complete topside painting.
Lampshades, rugs and carpets, curtains and more can be transformed by an application of non-toxic, non-flammable fabric paint. Fabric paint can be a lifesaver for hand-me-down or thrift shop furniture in your dorm room or first apartment! Durabak'd Houseboat - All decks coated withDurabak Lt Grey (textured), all sides Durabak'd in smooth Whiteand all trim coated with smooth Black Durabak. Perhaps the fascination stems from my love of old movies, like the appropriately titled Houseboat starring Cary Grant and Sophia Loren.
If the base paint was properly prepped and adhered to the aluminum and if you clean it well before you apply your new camo paint you should be AOK.
I've built close to 15 boats now and all of the paint jobs have been unique in their own way but similar in technique.

Now, had I painted the base coat green, I would have used the stencils and painted the stencil grass tan. We provide high-quality paint services which are durable, attractive, and long lasting—no matter if your boat is constructed of fiberglass, aluminum or wood.
Marine paints are harder and designed for fiberglass and wood which have different expansion and contraction rates.
Though I have sea legs and don’t get motion sickness, I am not a strong swimmer and have no business actually living on a boat. I found a camo paint kit at Cabela's made by Parker and was wondering of anyone knows anything about it or if there are any others out there i should try.
We can handle your topside painting needs whether your boat is big or small, motor or sail.
Automotive paint surfaces are not designed to be walked on or come into contact with dock fenders.

With the great amount of labor and preparation in a paint job, it makes sense to use high-quality marine materials. I wish I had actual screenshots of the whole exterior of the houseboat but it looks like a fun, whimsical place to live.
I did a boat with the same pattern that Leaky did (good job btw) & it worked out great.

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