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The pricing information presented below will help you compare houseboat rental prices at Lake Cumberland.
Please Note: The pricing information displayed below is subject to change (and it does change frequently). The rental rates listed do not include taxes, fuel expenses, optional hot tub ($45 per night - only available at the Beaver Creek Marina) or other options. The rental rates listed do not include taxes, fuel expenses, optional hot tub ($45 per night) or other options. The rental rates listed do not include taxes, fuel expenses, optional hot tub ($45 per night ) or other options. Companies are taking a fresh look at business brainstorming using Waterway Adventures Houseboat Rentals to add a new twist of excitement to the traditional boardroom meeting.
A network of facilities operated by Waterway Adventures sits on Lake Cumberland and Lake Barkley in Kentucky. Senninger Plumbing, a family owned third-generation business with 210 employees based in Louisville, Kentucky, hosts its week-long annual shareholders meeting and family gathering on WaterWay Adventures houseboats every year since 1996. Boone recommends the larger houseboat models for company meetings, such as the Marquise or the Mystic, because they have spacious salon areas for presentations, big screen TVs and large dining tables for business meetings.

The Valvoline Company, a division of Ashland, Inc, has rented houseboats from WaterWay Adventures for executive meetings with senior managers over the past five years. Formal meetings are often held in the boat’s large salon, typically with projected computer presentations, and break out sessions adjourn to different areas of the boat including the top deck lounge area. Smith says the houseboat business meetings provide “bonding time you wouldn’t get in other settings” because of the activity time together and the lack of distractions, such as cell phones and computers, and because participants can’t hide in a hotel room or downtown club after hours.
Boone says the best time to book corporate events is early Fall or mid-Spring, when the lakes are less crowded and the days warm - but book early! Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Cave Run Lake in eastern Kentucky has it all to please the whole family, or give a Cave Run Marina has boat rentals, houseboat rentals, and pontoons available for rent. Welcome to Cave Run Lodging, located in Morehead, Kentucky just a short 1.5 miles away from beautiful Cave Run Lake. Marinas, Houseboats, Lodging Accommodations, Rental Cabins, Real Estate, Restaurants, Shopping, Events, Activities, Maps, and More! Featuring 1,200 miles of beautiful, lush shoreline and thousands of private coves, Lake Cumberland is a gem nestled within the lands of southern Kentucky.

If you would like to discuss your options more fully, please contact us toll-free at 888-454-8825 or select Request Info to submit a request for assistance. We endeavor to be as accurate as possible, but make sure you confirm pricing with your customer service agent before booking any trip.
Mark Senninger, company president, says the meetings are “a way to keep everything in the family and business in harmony.” “We have a marvelous time,” said Senninger.
Many of the houseboat models also have covered top decks for informal meetings and gatherings, while amenities such as wet bars, hot tubs, water slides -- along with boating, fishing and swimming -- provide ample opportunities for employees to get the creative juices flowing. In addition to typical meeting activities, team building is accomplished by pairing individuals for meal preparation and other tasks, or by just going fishing, riding on personal watercraft, skiing, or swimming together. House boat rentals in Lake Shasta, Lake Havasu, Lake Powell, Lake Cumberland, Florida and more.
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