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Ideas for Lake Cumberland Houseboat Rentals Any ideas for Lake Cumberland Houseboat Rentals in July or August? Burnside and Jamestown are the two larger ones and rent out houseboats and sell food and fishing supplies.
Any ideas for Lake Cumberland Houseboat Rentals in July or August?Two families are considering a houseboat rental vacation.
I am so happy for them, they will live out the rest of there hopefully many years in comfort and don’t have to go anywhere but down the river for a vacation.
The beautiful Lake Havasu is located 5 hours from Los Angeles and almost two hours from Phoenix.

Houseboat Rentals Houseboat vacations on Lake Havasu are all about charting your own course. We offer easy lake access, watercraft rentals, houseboat rentals, moorage, camping, RV parking and lodging. Each family will be grand parents, kids (late 30s) and grand kids (5 through teens) one family would be 9 people and the other 8. House boat rentals in Lake Shasta, Lake Havasu, Lake Powell, Lake Cumberland, Florida and more. Learn about whata€™s included on a Lake Havasu houseboat, types of boat rentals are available on the lake, and where to launch.

John deer deisel motor, bow thruster, even has a workshop that many others in the marina have pulled up to on occasion to fix things on there boats.

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