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Smith Mountain Lake houseboats are available for rent from outlets like Parrot Cove Boat Rentals.
We have a 6.5 Kw generator which provides power for the air conditioner and charges the 12 volt DC system.
For hundreds of thousands of years the Colorado River roared through Glen Canyon carving a tremendous canyon through the sandstone. Lake Powell offers excellent opportunities for you to enjoy your houseboat rental; fishing, and in summer when water temperatures climb to a comfortable 70-80 degrees, swimming and water skiing. Many visitors are content to just cruise its waters by houseboat and spend nights on its beaches under the stars. Lake Powell is in the center of one of the largest undeveloped areas in the continental United States. Hotel Roanoke first invited guests in 1882, and the vaulted ceilings, Florentine marble floors and frescoes are part of the reason it's on the National Register of Historic Places.
Smith Mountain Lake is 20,000 acres with island and coves, wildlife and houseboats to rent. I didna€™t take the wheel my afternoon on this 20,000-acre man-made lake but believe it might be so.

Flavors on the top are inside, too, at Viva la Cupcake in Grandin Village, a Roanoke neighborhood. I didna€™t make it to nearby Salem but when I return to Virginiaa€™s Blue Ridge, I think Ia€™ll try and herea€™s the main reason.a€?We are not on the cutting edge of anything,a€? I overheard the mayor say at breakfast. These offer a different way to vacation on Smith Mountain Lake and are available from $715 for three nights. Lake Powell has a myriad of side canyons that narrow to just a boat width as they twist away from the main channel and make for fascinating exploration. Hiking from the lake into the very rugged environs of Glen Canyon Recreation Area is an option for the adventurous. Page, AZ (near Wahweap and Antelope Point Marinas) has an airstrip that some regional airlines fly into.
This area has seen a lot of development during the past ten years and it has become a popular recreation destination.
Many, however, prefer to fly into larger cities such as Las Vegas, NV or Salt Lake City, UT, and drive to the lake.
See the a€?frig is OK with him.He also likes the notion hea€™s created in Roanoke of presenting a mini New York City, cooking as if in Little Italy or Chinatown, a Jewish bakery and Thai vegetable market.The mood at Metro!

Loved mine: eggplant medallions baked with Parmesan and layered with mushrooms, onion, pepper and Doug and Eviea€™s secret sauce. Hunting, picnicking, shopping, and antiquing can also be found in and around Smith Mountain Lake. Houseboats are built by a family for family travelers at Parrot Cove.Keycraft Cruiser is the name the Oliver family has given their specially designed boats for more than 20 years and David Oliver says, a€?Practically anyone can handle one. The main access to the lake is through private properties such as featured Smith Mountain Lake rentals.
Accommodations range from cottages that rent for $90 per night and cabins for as little as $125 nightly to houseboats that rent $715 for a three-night period.

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