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Chris from Small Footprint Living shared this site with me and I thought all you floating home enthusiasts would appreciate this small floating home.
The Prototype Flagler Houseboat has rounded corners and an arched roof, which will be optional on future models.
The prototypes shown in the first series of photographs were built on plywood and fiberglass barges, and a newer model has been developed for a molded fiberglass boat hull. Each living unit is built on a rectilinear plywood and fiberglass hull that is subdivided into several watertight compartments.

While the curved corners and curved roof are quite attractive, they are more expensive to build than square corners and roofs. I have not covered floating homes in quite sometime but I recently discovered these photos from the Seattle Municipal Archives and wanted to share them with you. In Seattle houseboats originated as cheap housing, anyone who could scavenge logs and build floats could also build their own cheap home.
These pictures were taken during the 1950’s but I think they give you a good idea of examples of early houseboats and what can be built on a tight budget.

Todays houseboats are not cheap although they do show that you can live in luxury in a small space.

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