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Does a mod exist that will allow multiple LTWs for Sims 3, the way you were given a new LTW after you completed it in TS2? Nope, that's the sort of thing I was hoping for--an opportunity to complete more than one LTW per sim. I know that it is kinda possible to make those barges kinda look like ships, i have build some  with CFE cheats to make them even kinda better than those. Fresh Prince and the rest of the car modders have had a long time to make cars, as cars came with the base game. The Sims 3 Island Paradise arrives June 25, and I will of course be covering the new features of the Expansion Pack. Diving Skill: Snorkeling and ScubaSims can now explore beneath the water with the new Snorkeling and Scuba skills. MermaidsMermaids are the new life state available to Sims, and your scuba diver may encounter one beneath the ocean. In ClosingThat's obviously not all that Island Paradise will offer, but I won't go beyond the information I've seen with my own eyes in creating this summary.
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As for criticism, I think that it's a good thing to have constructive criticism, no matter what it is, and especially so if it is a marketed item. I can understand why lurking makes far more sense than getting too involved in the community itself for you. Unfortunately, I don't think that there will be much released until either UL is released or we get closer to UL's release date. I'm guessing it's going to be closer to Hawaii since they already said it's going to be a world made up of islands. I'd love to see something like the Kuna Yala islands in Panama where people use boats to go everywhere and you could literally have one house take up an entire island.
If you're talking about how we only have ONE CUSTOM MUSIC channel and you have to bend over backwards to get THAT to work, I'm here to tell you - I am NOT a fan of any of the EPs or stuff packs, but I WILL PAY to be able to customize the radio channels as easily as you could in Sims 2. But do you drive your boat the same way you drive a car or a horse (by selecting your destination and routing automatically) or do you drive your boat the way you drive a boat (by setting speed and heading, maybe even with a ship's wheel)?
I've been tinkering with a world based on Fort Dauphin, Madagascar for the last couple of years, and I'm excited about this pack because it might make it possible for me to build a more realistic version of Shipwreck Bay.
Sal a explorar en embarcaciones, hacer submarinismo, vivir en una casa flotante y hasta construir y dirigir tu propio complejo turístico. Meanwhile, houseboats are new, and from a technical standpoint completely different from cars.
The page combines information and screenshots that EA has released over the months since announcing the IP Expansion. This means that EA has included a variety of sea life that Sims can interact with, sea shells and bottom-dwelling fish.
Managing a Resort is one of the new money-making options available to players with Island Paradise. It sounds like a fun management simulation packed into the game, which reminds me of Sims 2 Open for Business.
One can be accessed simply by sailing up to it, but others require you to complete an objective of some sort. If you like what you see in this Expansion, you can buy it from EA Origin to support the Guide.
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See the funniest YouTube videos, pictures and images online or chat with Smosh readers in our online forums. I think that this forum is a good place to start, especially since a lot of people here are more on a technical level than some of the other forums.

It really is nice to know you do take the time and make the effort to read through some of the threads that are posted here. SimGuru tweets talk too much about boathouse, but not yacht, I fear something bad will happen. That's the main focus right now, outside of what's being revealed via twitter and other small tidbits elsewhere.
First, the new features that they were testing were really obvious and in your face; as soon as you loaded into the game it was really clear that what they were playing was an essential part of the expansion and brand new content. It was actually quite surprising in just how much of a difference it was compared to what we usually hear. C'mon, that game gave us a variety of jobs and shops if you were creative (baker, chef, deli, car salesman, florist, magic voodoo shop, sleazy furniture salesman, jeweler, department store owner!), not to mention countless more possibilities depending on if you had expansion packs on.
I want Big Band for my retirement home, I want Bollywood for my Indian residents, I want classic rock for my baby boomers, I WANT I WANT I WANT!!!!
I'm excited to hear more about it, by the sound of it it'll add a lot of great new gameplay to the game. Sorry for going off-topic again but I just want to mention that it was a happy and refreshing surprise to see SimGuruGraham lurking here.
Tu kit de supervivencia contiene cantidad de ropa, muebles y opciones decorativas que te permitirán ampliar las posibilidades de juego para tu aventura en la isla.
Tus Sims podrán surcar las olas en busca de nuevas islas y explorar como nunca antes, ya sea en pedaleta, en una lancha motora ¡o en una casa flotante totalmente personalizable! Tanto si a tus Sims les encanta el agua como si les gusta explorar, dispondrán de una gran variedad de casas flotantes totalmente personalizables que pueden amarrarse en cualquier puerto abierto. Los nuevos cimientos con pilotes les ofrecen a tus Sims lo mejor de ambos mundos: un hogar situado parcialmente en el agua y parcialmente en tierra. Once it's completed your sim will get rewarded with the lifetime happiness, and you can even change the wish again with MC.
The ideal would be a mod that automatically chose a new LTW, or made it blank until the Sim rolled one up, but this will do. And if it covers the barge it will block access for sims so it could never be used and never be moved by them.
There is an opportunity chain you can get from resort desk clerks by asking for an adventure, making a five-star resort of your own, or finding a message in a bottle that unlocks an island instantly. While the Profession isn't a big money-maker, it is required for completionists because 35 rescues unlocks and Uncharted Island. Probably because it gives us the power to control the lives of our SIMS in ways could never accomplish in our actual lives.
If you have forgotten your password, click here, or if you have forgotten your username, click here instead. I enjoy coming here for the honest feedback, the criticisms, and because a good chunk of people here have a better technical understanding of what's going on when they run into a problem.
While I'm sure there are times some threads might sound like a bitchfest, they are being written by folks who typically are pretty knowledgeable about the game, are truly passionate fans of the game, and who want to see you succeed and grow. Isn't it frustrating to have a certain bar themed around the music you want to play but can't?
But it'd also be great if world builders in the community built these great places using IP's ability to have houseboats moving about. Second, it also seemed to go over really well because the majority of people seemed to find it to be very accessible and intuitive. Maybe go for some wine testing tour at a B&B at Riverview or go sight seeing at Monte Vista and stay in some nice hotel or going from small Appaloosa Plains to visiting Bridgeport and staying in some huge hotel overlooking the bay and bridge. I know you don't have a magic wand, but it's encouraging to hear that you're taking notes, so thanks. It is nice to know that at least one of the producers is keeping up on feedback from the players, especially since we MTSers are not prone to kiss ass. Los servicios que ofrezcas y los precios que establezcas influirán tanto en las valoraciones como en los beneficios del complejo. A medida que tus Sims vayan perfeccionando sus habilidades de submarinismo y buceo de superficie, podrán acabar en la costa de una isla nueva o descubrir un tesoro perdido.

One issue is that if you place this object over the hull the game will probably consider as an object and not a floor, so you will not be able to build on it.
As Sims explore new dive spots, they will level the skill and it will allow them to find sunken treasure. Divers get great access to these, being able to unlock two Islands easily - one for them by going through a cave, and another through befriending a mermaid.
We can be rock stars or vampires or just a dude with a cool house and lots of tattoos and who likes bear statues in his bedroom. We really do appreciate all you've done for us, even if we tend to bitch more than the official forums. Sure, we can always opt for the regular stereos, but then, Sims will always keep changing the station to whatever their favorite music genre is, and that gets annoying and unrealistic for a bar. And with hotels being ownable, which people were begging for when Bon Voyage came out, you got a great expansion pack in the mix. I was under the impression from a conversation I read elsewhere (can't remember where).
Pretty much you can make your SIMS live a better life than your real life, and newest SIMS 3 expansion, Sims Island Paradise, really drives the point home.
I at least do appreciate the fact that he posts as much as he does about the games he works on.
Plus, come on, there is no reason to have custom music as a choice of genre for the wall speaker, only to have it not function.
Not to mention with vacations and hotels this would be the perfect opportunity to open some of these rabbitholes, namely the spa and restaurants. Sims who wish can explore underwater caves to search for treasures, but all must be wary of the Kraken that lives in its cave beneath the ocean depths. So sims living in, let's say, Moonlight Falls or Sunset Valley, can't vacation to Isla Paradiso, they would have to move there permanently or I would have to start a new game to use it?Admin: Isla Paradiso is not a vacation world right. It was relatively low on bugs that players could get stuck on, and the features were far enough along in completion that players could get a decent sense of what to expect from the final project.
Sims can drown, running out of air, and will not be able to dive constantly, as a moodlet will block them -- but we all know testing cheats will probably take care of that. However, that still doesn't mean that I will be happy about certain bugs never being fixed, and that still doesn't change my stance on EA and what have you. We just want the game to be the best it can be because it truly does have potential to be so. The first one is that free vacation glitch that came with Generations, where if you send the adults on vacation, they most often never return and stay grayed out forever. So, no matter what you do or how clean your hotel is you will always have roaches unless you delete the box. Let us know in the comments!Check out Check out the full Sims 3 Island Paradise trailer HERE! If you have a houseboat, sometimes you will see a large black shadow under your house boat in a squid sort of shape. I was able to click onto the roach box using Nraas mods and now have a roach free resort!!!
It has been several patches ago, now, that they first presented themselves, and I would really like to be able to have teen parties and to turn in the IF opportunity without it borking my game.
It doesn't happen in any other world and all other island paradise features work perfectly. I went there myself and upgrading everything to self clean and still people complain about roaches???

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