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Earlier today, if we told you that you'd be reading a preview of a Sims expansion, we bet you'd have thought we were crazy. Next The Limited Edition comes with some cool items, in case fighting sharks isn't enough incentive.
Next Changing the chlorination of your pool is allowed, proving how deep this simulation goes. You also need to check out the roof decorations tab, because there are a couple of nice new additions there as well. There are a bunch of new walls, roof styles, doors, windows, foundation, columns, pool items, fences, gates, stairs, terrain paint textures and lots more. This guide will give you info on just about everything you need to know regarding houseboats, but it doesn’t 100% cover every possible situation you can encounter in-game.
Houseboats are just like any other lot in the game, except they're built on the ocean surface and can move around on the water anywhere you like. First, you need to be playing in a world that either has houseboats or empty ports pre-built in it. I tried to move my Sim to an Empty Port but nothing appeared for them to select in map view.
You can avoid this issue by removing any houseboats from a port prior to trying to add a different houseboat to it. 1) You can use the Real Estate system through your phone to purchase a community lot houseboat, at which point you'll be able to access the navigation controls on the helm.
If a houseboat has a rabbithole on it, your Sim will need to own the rabbithole to be able to drive the houseboat that it's placed on. If you've got your eye on a particular port lot that is already occupied by another Sim, you can ask the Sims living there to move. To move a community lot houseboat to a different port, you'll first need to own that houseboat (using the resort system on your phone). Once you've added the Faster Engines upgrade, click on the helm and select "Set Engine Speed to Fast" and your houseboat will immediately speed up. Once you've added the autopilot upgrade, simply click on the ocean surface and select the "Move Houseboat Here Using Autopilot" interaction rather than "Move Houseboat Here" to have the houseboat drive itself to the destination.
If I use both manual steering and the autopilot upgrade on my houseboat, which command takes priority? A manual command to move the houseboat performed by a Sim will always take priority over an autopilot command.
If the houseboat is currently moving somewhere using the autopilot upgrade, you can click on the helm and select "Stop Houseboat" to immediately cancel all autopilot commands and bring the houseboat to a complete stop.
2) Use the right mouse button on your Sim's portrait or click the "View My Sim" button while your Sim is on a houseboat. Once the camera is locked to a houseboat, you can move the camera around in any direction and the camera will continue to move with the houseboat. The houseboat has a invisible zone around it, and once your camera is locked on a houseboat (read the previous question), the camera remains locked to the houseboat while its position stays within this zone. One of the requirements for a houseboat is that they're built on a water surface that's considered an ocean.
Unfortunately, because the large lake in Twinbrook is above sea level and thus is not considered to be ocean, houseboats can't be built on it. Houseboats are unique in that they allow you to build a wall all the way to the edge of the boat, which is something you can't do on a normal lot.
To be able to fish off the side of a houseboat, a Sim needs a minimum of three tiles wide and two tiles deep of free space along the edge of a houseboat.
Note: You will not be able to see the ocean floor through a houseboat basement window, you'll only see water.
Most of the time a houseboat will not fit under a bridge, in which case it will simply stop.
Alternatively, you can click directly on the helm, on the houseboat hull, or on walls of the houseboat to find the helm interactions.
If you find yourself in a situation where your houseboat is stuck and is unable to move (this should not happen), you can use a handy cheat to fix it. If you tell your houseboat to drive somewhere that it can't reach (a separate body of water, or if you try and navigate a large houseboat through a small river that doesn't have enough room for it), then your Sim will stand at the helm and display a route fail thought bubble above their head.
You may have noticed that all normal homes come with a large trash can that can't be deleted. When a houseboat is docked in a port, other Sims will visit your home the same way they would any other home lot. Caution: Being out in the middle of the ocean means that it will take longer for other Sims to reach you. When it's time for a Sim to go to work or school, they'll navigate to the shoreline of the island that contains their destination and then take their normal carpool or school bus from there. I used the "constrainfloorelevation false" cheat to edit the height of the deck of my houseboat. What happens if I download a custom world that has houseboats and I don't have Island Paradise installed?
I would recommend that you do not play in a custom world with houseboats if you don't have Island Paradise installed.
What happens to houseboats I add to a world through Edit Town if Island Paradise is uninstalled?
If Island Paradise is not installed, upon loading your save file all houseboat lots will automatically be deleted from the world. The game has various fail safes to preserve any Sims that were on a houseboat when a game was saved and then Island Paradise is uninstalled. 2) If the NPC Sim's home lot was a houseboat, they'll be moved into what we call the "townie pool" - a group of Sims who you can call and who will visit the world, but do not live within the world.
After you've downloaded a houseboat from the exchange and installed it through the launcher, start the game and enter Edit Town mode. If you need help adding an empty port to a world, please read the "Edit Town Tutorial" in this guide. What happens if a player without Island Paradise downloads a houseboat from the exchange and attempts to use it? Any houseboat in the Edit Town lot bin can also be placed onto a normal lot that's built on land.
The basement is automatically darkened when looking down into it from the deck of your houseboat because the basement isn't fully rendered from the surface.
2) Add a gangway for your houseboat to dock at on the lot (see Edit Town tutorial elsewhere in this guide).
3) Return to Live Mode and have your houseboat change ports, and select the lot you just edited as its new port. 5) Click on the port that the houseboat is docked at and select the Change Lot Type button. 7) As long as you don't select Change Port on your houseboat, you should conceivably be able to continue using the lot that your houseboat is docked at as your "port" lot. This method is not officially supported and you may experience unexpected issues when attempting it.
Considering you're reading this guide, you're now aware of some of the complexities of building houseboats. 1) Press CTRL + SHIFT + C to open the cheat console, type in "testingcheatsenabled true" without the quotation marks and press enter. 2) Press CTRL + SHIFT + C to open the cheat console again, type in "enablelotlocking true" without the quotation marks and press enter. 3) Enter Edit Town mode and click on one of the port lots in Isla Paradiso that you want to edit. You will not be able to do this if a Sim is living on the houseboat that you're trying to change. In Isla Paradiso, many of the ports already come with mooring posts and parking spots so that you can do exactly this.
There aren't any blueprints that are made just for houseboats, but you're welcome to place any of the blueprints on a houseboat. My Sim has lots of place to fish off the side of the houseboat but they keep route failing. Why can't my Witch add multiple upgrades to the helm when using magic to perform the upgrade? The Witch actually is adding multiple upgrades to the helm, even though the "Magically Upgrade" interaction asks you to replace an existing upgrade with a different one. Follow this step by step tutorial to learn how to add houseboats to any world in The Sims 3.
13) IMPORTANT: When creating your dock, you must start to create it on the ocean surface and then drag it back onto land. 14) If you correctly performed step #13, you should have a dock that's at the correct height above sea level. 17) In the cheat console, type in "testingcheatsenabled true" without the quotation marks and press enter.
25) The gangway is a very large object, as it reserves all the space that all houseboats require. 27) After the gangway has been successfully placed, I also recommend adding a mooring post and a parking spot to your port lot. 30) Now that the Port lot has a gangway on it, it is now a fully functioning port lot and the "Set Houseboat" button is now available. 33) You'll notice that a houseboat is created on your port, and that houseboat has its own map tag. 35) If you want to import a pre-built houseboat from the bin, you should have just skipped to this step from step #30.

37) You'll see the map tag of the empty port you created switch to a dock icon - click on it. Follow this step by step tutorial to learn how to add houseboats to a custom Sims 3 world built through the Create a World tool. Note: This tutorial will not take you through every step necessary to create a custom world in CAW. Exchange: Click here to download the Houseboat CAW Tutorial world from The Sims 3 Exchange which you can play with in-game. 2) I suggest adding two new layers under the World Layer to help your organization when building a world. 4) Click on the new "Add a New Houseboat Lot" button from the top row; its icon is identical to the "Add a New Lot" button. 5) In the window that pops up, select the houseboat size (for this tutorial, I'm selecting the "Small" houseboat) that you wish to place in your custom world and click OK. 7) Click on the "Add a New Houseboat Lot" button again if you wish to add another houseboat. 8) Click on the Large size houseboat lot that was created and in the "Property Browser" window select the "Lot Type" field and in the drop down select "Community". 9) Staying in the "Property Browser" window, select the "Commercial Lot SubType" field and in the drop down select whichever type of community lot you want to be on the houseboat. 10) Now that you've added the houseboat lots, it's time to create a port for them to dock at.
11) In the window that pops up, change the lot type to "Community", and the lot sub type drop down box to "kEP10_Port". 13) Click any of the houseboat or port lots that you've created and type in an address if you want to help identify them in-game. 25) Use this to add a Small houseboat to one port, and a Large houseboat to another port (or whatever size houseboats you ended up creating back in the CAW tool in steps #5 and #7). 26) You'll notice that the ports now have an empty houseboat hull object in them with no actual lot. 29) Hold down the SHIFT + CTRL keys and use the left button on your mouse to click on the houseboat hull object. 33) NOTE: If you select the wrong houseboat from the list, or want to assign a different houseboat from that port at any time, it's easy to do so.
36) Both houseboats should now appear on the houseboat hull objects docked at the appropriate port.
37) For the purpose of this tutorial, click on the "Show Empty Houses" tab in Edit Town, and select one of the Small size residential houseboats in the bin. 39) With the houseboat lot attached to your cursor, click on the map tag above the Small houseboat to place the lot on top of it. 40) Back in Edit Town mode, click on the Large houseboat which is a community lot - in this tutorial, I'm creating a Resort Houseboat which can function as a cruise ship. 42) Return to Edit Town mode when you're finished customizing your houseboats and port lots. 45) Wait for the save to complete, and click OK on the window that appears letting you know the save was successful. If you are the owner then please contact us at [email protected] to resolve the issue.
I am guessing I am not the only one with this problem and that is why I am *so happy* that The Sims Studio added not one but two (!) new garage doors in this pack. If you have questions please ask, and if you see any inaccurate information please let me know so I can fix it.
I'll ask that you please link back to this thread as I'll continue to update it with more information and accurate answers. I’ll continue to update the thread if any other important questions need to be answered, or if any information is discovered to be inaccurate. A houseboat can be a residential lot that a Sim lives in, or it can be nearly any type of community lot.
Isla Paradiso, the world that comes with Island Paradise, has everything you need to get started on a houseboat. Even if there does not appear to be a houseboat in one of the ports in Live Mode, another Sim family may be using that port if their houseboat is currently assigned to it. If the houseboat is currently docked, you may need to first move it away from a port so that a boat has enough room to reach it. While a port is required to add a houseboat to a world, once that houseboat is added the port is technically no longer necessary. Return the houseboat to the port prior to the party ending if you don't want to leave it out in the ocean. Simply visit the Sim living there on their houseboat, and select the "Ask to Relinquish Port" interaction. You can also select this again and choose "Set Engine Speed to Slow" to return your houseboat to its original speed at any time.
You can queue up multiple Move Houseboat commands to plot any course you'd like for your houseboat. If a houseboat is driving somewhere using autopilot and a Sim selects "Move Houseboat Here", the autopilot route will immediately stop and the Sim will start driving.
The only way to move to a different world is to use the phone or computer and select the Move To New Town interaction.
Using Edit Town you can add one as a vacation home in the three locations from World Adventures, or add one to your University town. This will lock the camera to the Sim, but any camera movement away from the Sim will then fallback to the houseboat camera lock.
To stop the camera from moving with the houseboat you can either move the camera further away from the houseboat, or switch to map view and then back to regular live mode view. When you attempt to move the camera outside of this zone, the camera movement slows down to let you know that you're about to unlock the camera. In The Sims 3, any body of water that exists as sea level is considered "ocean", which is why you can add houseboats to places like the river in Riverview or the lake in Lucky Palms. A pool can't be built on the main deck of a houseboat, and it can't be built in the basement of a houseboat. Build a basement in your houseboat, and then open the cheat console by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + C at the same time.
The kraken may appear from time to time, but it will only attack smaller boats that are easier prey.
The simplest way to move is while your Sim (aged teen or older) is on their houseboat, click directly on the surface of the ocean and select "Move Houseboat Here". Open the cheat console by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + C, and then type in "testingcheatsenabled true" without the quotation marks and press enter.
If you were using autopilot to try and move the houseboat, the houseboat will simply not move. If a houseboat is out in the middle of the ocean, other Sims will not visit your houseboat unless they're invited over, or they're there to perform a specific service (such as the Mailman, Newspaper Boy, Repo Man, Maid, etc). If you have the indoor planters from The Sims 3 Supernatural or the Stone's Throw Greenhouse from The Sims 3 Store, you can place that object on your houseboat and then grow harvestables inside it. There is a known issue where houseboats are not fully removed from a custom world created in CAW for players who don't have Island Paradise. A notification will prompt you to return to the main menu as there is no way to fix your save without reinstalling Island Paradise.
My Sims were living on a houseboat and I uninstalled Island Paradise and now my Sims are completely invisible.
When using Edit Town mode, the only lots that can be imported onto a houseboat are lots that were saved as a houseboat and are of the exact same size. From the Edit Town bin, a houseboat can not only be placed onto an empty port lot, it can also be placed onto any lot on land that is large enough to hold it.
If you place a houseboat onto a land based lot, the houseboat hull will be removed and the building will remain intact. This is normally "Return Home", but switches to "Return Houseboat to Port" when on a houseboat.
Using the new private lot functionality you can now own multiple homes - which includes houseboats. If you place a gangway on a lot type other than a port, the game won't suddenly let you treat that lot as a place you can dock your houseboat.
While on your houseboat, switch to map view, click on a map tag of a diving area and select "Move Houseboat to Diving Area". The port lots in Isla Paradiso are locked so that players don't mistakenly edit them and cause their houseboats to stop working with them. First use Edit Town mode to select the houseboat on that port and evict the Sim living there.
The hull of a houseboat can function as a nectar cellar for aging your nectar and increasing its value. If you're building a port in another world, I suggest adding those two objects so that you can easily buy vehicles for your houseboat dwelling Sims. The curved section of the houseboat is part of the hull model, and is not a buildable or routable surface. Just like any other home, make sure you provide your butler their own bed for sleeping on the houseboat. Until a future update, you'll have to choose between a basement or the ability to fish off the houseboat. The tutorial shows off adding houseboats in Sunset Valley, but you can perform these steps in any world that has an ocean.
This is the only way to ensure that your dock is at the correct height for a houseboat to dock at.

You'll see a large box appear in front of the gangway - this indicates all the space that the gangway needs to be successfully placed. If the placement isn't valid without using this cheat, then your houseboat will route fail when attempting to dock with it. This is not necessary, but will make it much easier to purchase a boat or a car when living on a houseboat in this port. Houseboats and ports are two distinctly separate lots, even though they can exist on top of each other. You may also switch the houseboat to any type of community lot you like using the Change Lot Type button; the same way you would with any other lot in Edit Town. If you aren't already familiar with the CAW tool, I recommend looking at a different guide to learn the basics of building custom worlds.
Note that the lot itself appears outside of the editable section of the world - this is correct and how things should look. For the purposes of this tutorial, I'm adding a second "Large" size houseboat that will serve as our community lot houseboat.
To get the proper dock height, select a foundation and drag it out by starting over the water and dragging it back onto land. Adding a staircase in CAW is slightly different than adding a staircase in-game in that the staircase will always default to 4 steps in height. Refer to the Edit Town Tutorial on this same forum page for more detailed information on the Gangway and how to place it without errors. Give each of the houseboat lots a unique name to help identify them in the following steps.
There is a known issue where players without Island Paradise installed who play a custom world that includes houseboats do not properly get houseboats removed from the world when they load the world, which causes problems (see the FAQ on this same forum page for more information on this). Feel free to upload your new world to the exchange for all players who have Island Paradise to enjoy!
That was before you knew that the next expansion was The Sims 3: Island Paradise, wherein you're allowed to become the manager of an island resort, build a houseboat, have sex in an all-in-one bathroom, and beat the hell out of a shark. But the ladder is especially useful on house boats, as the space is limited and the ladder only takes up a 1x1 square. Now you probably know that some time ago the option was added for Sims to swim in the ocean. You can add additional empty ports to the world using Edit Town mode - see the Edit Town Tutorial for information on how to do that. If you click on the helm of your houseboat and select the "Abandon Port" interaction, the port your houseboat was using is then freed up for use by a different houseboat. During the hours of the party you'll have access to the helm to drive the houseboat around. Once it reaches the first destination, it will then start moving to the next spot you selected. Alternatively, if the Sim is driving and you select an autopilot route, the autopilot won't begin until the Sim reaches the destination they were driving to. If you stop moving the camera at this point, the camera will bounce back towards the houseboat and remain locked. To go down into the hull of your boat, a new interaction named "Go Below Deck" is available when clicking on surfaces of your houseboat. If your Sim can't find enough space to go fishing anywhere off the side of their houseboat they will route fail - should you see this, you need to free up more space for them. This will take you to map view, and wherever you click on the ocean is where the houseboat will drive to.
Now, hold down the SHIFT key and press your left mouse button on the surface of the ocean where you want your houseboat to be. By default, a houseboat comes with a small trash can that you're welcome to delete if you want to.
If you invite a Sim over or call for a service (such as ordering a pizza or calling firefighters), the Sim will take their own boat to get out to your houseboat. Editing the height of the deck of a houseboat is not supported and may introduce unexpected issues.
Having these houseboat lots left behind with no way for Sims to access them may cause problems during gameplay. When you first load into a save game after uninstalling Island Paradise and your Sims were living on a houseboat, there are a number of important steps to follow precisely to fix your Sims. Due to this, it's actually much simpler to take any houseboat from the Edit Town bin and drop it directly onto an empty port, rather than trying to place it on a pre-existing empty houseboat.
The map tags will now display any empty ports that exist in your world, and you can click directly on that empty port to add the houseboat to it.
All ports are considered public land and can be used by any houseboat at any time if it's empty.
Using cheats to place extra gangways will not allow additional houseboats to dock at that port. If you do not create it by starting to build it over the water, you will be unable to place the gangway object. You may need to zoom your camera out to be able to place the gangway due to its large size.
The remainder of the steps are for users who wanted to import a houseboat from the Edit Town bin.
It should be partially on land and partially over the ocean, with enough room over water to place the Gangway object. If it did not save successfully, you've built something in your world wrong outside what this guide is covering. You do NOT want to use the default 4 step height stairs as this will cause the terrain to be pushed down below sea level at the base of the stairs.
Well, you can do all of those things and more, so maybe it's about time you locked away your Sims 3 prejudice and prepared to embrace the island life.Island Paradise is a massive departure from past Sims expansions. Well in Island Paradise you also have boats and you can travel around using those boats to go from island to island. You can click on the helm and select the "Abandon Port" interaction, and the port will be freed up for a different houseboat to use.
Using this method, you can continue to add additional houseboats to a world using a single port. Give them a few minutes to navigate their houseboat away, and the port will be freed up for you to move your houseboat to! The helm is also the first object in the game that allows you to add multiple upgrades to it, so you can have all three installed at the same time. This also works with the autopilot upgrade, so you can have your houseboat cruise around all day while you do other things if you'd like.
If you continue moving the camera away from the houseboat, the houseboat camera lock will break free and the camera will no longer move along with the houseboat's movement.
Select the interaction named "Teleport Active Houseboat Here", and your entire houseboat will warp to this new location. Refer to the "Edit Town Tutorial" on this same forum page for more detailed information on properly building a port. The houseboat lot will be moved back to its original position outside the world and you can now assign a different houseboat to the port.
In it, you're sent off to the world of Isla Paradiso, a set of tropical islands covered with secrets to find and vacations to be had.
I didn't get to try everything but that just shows that the pack has so much to offer, right? On top of all this awesomeness, your Sims can also woohoo and try for a baby in this 1x1 object. This guide will answer every question you ever had regarding houseboats (and many that you didn't!), inform you as to what you can actually do with them (nearly everything!), and take you through a step by step tutorial explaining how to build one in Edit Town or in Create a World.
After you select "Abandon Port", your houseboat will have no port to return to until you assign it to a port again. You should now be able to place a window on the exterior wall of a houseboat basement to see the water outside.
Any trash thrown into any trash can on a houseboat will be automatically deleted - there is no need to empty trash cans on houseboats.
After building your house boat you can sail around the different islands, choosing to dock and explore or simply wander around in any one of the ocean-ready vehicles in the game.
Yeah I think the people who work on this game thought the same thing, because there is a whole new category under vehicles for boats. There is nothing wrong with doing this - if you don't want your houseboat assigned to a port it can remain out in the open water as long as you like. If the window does not cut out the wall properly, try grabbing it and placing it down again.
If you're feeling entrepreneurial you can even start your own resort, building it from the ground up to create the perfect getaway.And if you're feeling so bold you can cruise out to the sea with your boat, drop anchor, and dive into the deeps. I took Rosie Sim with me to the event, and you can see her on several screenshots having the time of her life in Isla Paradiso!
I spent a few hours in the game trying my best to see, learn and discover everything but I just couldn't.
We watched as a Sim tried to avoid a shark, but was thrust into a vicious fight with the predator. Well, then you should swing back this summer for our full review of Island Paradise.Check out the following slides for additional images and more information.

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