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The price of a pontoon boat will fall in a very wide range because of all the options that are available.
Common boat decks are usually made of a pressure treated marine grade plywood.  Other options include aluminum flooring, which can last forever, or a marine-grade carpeting.
Furniture will be made from a high-grade vinyl or durable plastic with marine-grade threading. A trailer will be considered an additional expense if you need to transport your pontoon boat.  Depending on the size of the boat, the costs of a trailer can start at $1,500 and go up from there. Like a car, a pontoon can come with many different accessories.  These can include ladders, tables, canopy tops, BBQ grills, satellite radio and more. For those that want to store or cover their boat while not in use, a cover is highly recommended.  A boat cover can cost $250 or more. Cleaning supplies such as pontoon cleaner, aluminum polish, clear coats, and more will be needed annually.  Factor in a few hundred for supplies. When purchasing a pontoon boat new, you may have to paying shipping and freight fees.  Depending on where the boat is being delivered from, the costs can be anywhere from $500 to $2,000. Boats that are going to be used for fishing will need additional accessories such as a live well, adjustable seats, fishing pole holders, and more. Restoring a pontoon boat is a great option for those who would like to save money and are capable of this project. Location: Lakeland Fl USA This is not a clear enough description for my feeble mind to grasp. At 12 inches immersion you are going to have about 1750 pounds of displacement for each 18 foot side or a total for both sides of 3500 pounds at half immersion. Mainly I am asking, How will the boat perform when taking off and getting on top of the water with the pontoon turned side ways (36" round side facing the forward movement). Location: Southeast Alaska If I understand what you're describing, the maximum speed you could ever get out of this thing would be less than 3 mph.
Location: Eustis, FL Post a photo of your boat or a drawing of what you're thinking, as I'm still a bit confused about your ideas. Originally Posted by viking north My late night foggy brain take from the description is, the pontoons will be assembled believe it or not with the axis of each 24"dia. Location: Eustis, FL Okay, I have a better idea, transversely arranged drums, the length desired. Location: houston I am talking about a fishing boat using all blue pontoons.
And by all means, put the notion of sideways cylinders in the verifiably counterproductive idea file. Location: Eustis, FL Yep, the drums aren't going to be related to any level of preformance, by the normal means of describing it. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Boat rental can be a great option for those who are vacationing or just want to hit the water for a day or two. Most marinas are going to rent out pontoon and ski boats.  These boats are going to average 17-24 feet since boats larger than this will take special skill to maneuver.
Boats can be rented by the hour, half day, full day, or even by the week.  A full day rental is often considered 8 hours. If the boat is returned past the deadline, a late charge will be applied.  This will average $50 to $100 half hour. If the boat has to be towed out on the water, it would cost an additional $100 to $150 per hour.
For fishing boats, trolling motors and depth finder, if available, can cost upwards of $20 per day. If you would like to have someone to come out with you and operate the boat for you, some marinas will have this service for an extra charge. A reservation deposit, which is usually half of the rental rate, will be required.  This will be refunded when the boat is returned in its original condition.
The more days you need to rent the boat, the more you can save on your daily rate.  Most rental companies allow you receive discount rates if a multiple day rental agreement is signed.
Instead of renting all the equipment like life jackets and fishing gear, ask friends or family if they have these items that you can borrow.

It seems like yesterday when Brenda and I first laid eyes on Pandora, then Spirit, in Annapolis back in 2006.
She’s really fast and I have made the run from the Bahamas back to Essex twice and have done so in less than a week each time.
When we decided to upgrade to Pandora, it was a big leap for us financially and to have a boat that measured in at some 46′ overall was a lot bigger than we had every hoped to have.
However, circumstances have changed and I can’t believe that Pandora will be leaving us, perhaps soon. Over the years I have poured myself, along with plenty of cash into Pandora, to make her as perfect as I could. So, here I am, and it’s December 28th and two days from now we will get a rental car to begin our trek down to join Pandora in GA. The broker asked me yesterday what I would do if he got an offer on Pandora in February, given all of our cruising plans. Even though we won’t be actually buying the boat until April, we are having her checked out now and will recheck things in April prior to final taking delivery. For next summer, I have arranged for a mooring in Wickford RI, in the inner harbor for a few months which will give us a terrific spot to sail our new boat from to enjoy Narraganset Bay and Newport. It also looks like we will be taking our new boat, name to be determined, south to the Caribbean next fall which will be a big step for us. With regards to this winter, our plans are coming together with the twist of having the new boat surveyed prior to relaunching Pandora in GA. Brenda was a classics major in college so all of our boats, pets and almost our children have had names from the classics. Sappho was a Greek poet who lived on the island of Lesbos and wrote love poems about women and girls in particular. Compared to Pandora a SAGA 43 and actually a very light boat by normal standards, the Aerodyne 47 only weighs 24,000lbs verses Pandora’s 22,000. The current owner, Miles, sent me a photo the other day of his speedo showing a speed of over 14kts. The Volvo race boats are pretty amazing stripped out racing machines. They are quite a sight at speed.
We had discussed this possibility with Miles and Loreen last winter when we were sailing together in the Bahamas but I can’t say that I really thought that they would take the plunge. As I have mentioned in some prior posts, Brenda and I have been interested in their boat for years, since we first saw it in Block Island, I think around 2008 or so. Well, our comfy position of owning Pandora, all fitted out and exactly as we want her, is going out the window. The good news is that Ariel is about right already and I’ll only need to make a few changes to personalize her for us.
So, the plan is for us to sail Pandora this winter in the FL Keys with perhaps a brief visit to the northern Bahamas, the Abacos,  in late winter and then back to the US in April in time to go to a wedding in SC. Interestingly, Bob Perry, designer of Pandora wrote a review of the Aerodyne 47 back in 2002 when it was fresh off of Martin’s drawing board. Making a decision to sell Pandora, the boat that we thought was to be our last, was a tough one.
Perhaps I am getting a bit ahead of myself as first I have to go sailing for the winter, buy a boat, sell one (no simple feat) and put out some Christmas decorations.
When you're in the market for pontoon boat accessories, you'll find several companies you can purchase from.
While the 12" radius may seem like a friendly shape to push into the water, the 12 inch radius on the backside will hold water against it and no lift will be generated. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
With hurricanes in the east and monsoon storms in the southwest, the rain will threaten to rot the wood on your deck. Maybe it's carpet that came with the boat, or maybe it's carpet that you had specifically put on your deck during a restoration project; either way, you've gotta keep it fresh. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Yesterday was a particularly big day for Brenda as she had her gall bladder out after several months of discomfort.

With a decision to get a new boat in early December and the actual handover in late May or so, this is clearly not going to be a typical transaction. With all the shipping happening, that must mean it's almost the season to rebuild and restore Pontoon Boats. Design for performance by forgetting the round pontoons and making them with fairly wide flat bottoms and sides.
There's a number of ways to go: flat bottom, slab sided, long, lean boxes which will be efficient and require the least amount of power, to asymmetric V'd shapes to milk the last ounce of ability out of the twin hull configuration.
She’s also associated with hunting, the wilderness and the natural world and especially the moon. Well, an upper deck does not just make a boat look good and more enjoyable; rather it keeps the sun off skin, for someone sitting on the lower deck. A bimini canopy can help protect from rain but is it good at protecting against rotting wood? Because our upper deck kits are not just coverage, but are designed to create a second story on a pontoon boat; it makes the perfect hard top tent.
But if the pontoons are 24 feet long the numbers will increase by a factor of 1.33 Which is it? The thinking as stated, there would be low resistance to movement presented by the rounded section of each drum as it is being propelled forward with it's axis transverse to the direction of travel.
Pontoons are typically made of marine-grade aluminum or steel, and a boat can have up to three pontoons, depending on the boat's size. To seal the first deck in, you can always pin tarps and other tent like fabric to create the perfect tent out on your boat. It is like a roof for the pontoon boat, and is designed to keep the boat and passengers protected from weather damage with full coverage from the sun. Unless you always want your pontoon boat in restoring mode--you're gonna have to do something about protecting it.  But, what can be done? Ok--time to go to bed as this is mind boggling --I have visions of Englands WW2 spinning dam buster bombs. When an object is placed in a fluid in gravity, both the fluid and the object are pulled downward, but because the object is displacing the fluid, they are, essentially, competing for the lower position. We are not only offering a DIY Upper deck kit, but we are offering a product that will expand the possibilities and excitement of your boat. If the object has more density than the fluid, it will be able to push it out of the way and will sink to the bottom. We have spent years testing and creating the perfect frame that will hold up to weather, resist decay and last a long time. We went through some prototypes and came up with an all-aluminum frame that holds a significant amount of weight.
These boats are usually used in the tourism industry to explore the Florida Everglades and other waterways where the water is too shallow for a traditional propeller boat.
The upper decks are built with a thicker aluminum to handle multiple passengers and actually increase the size of your boat.
It is a do it yourself tool to use to have more fun on the boat, to protect skin, and really to expand any potential any pontoon can have. Replacing a boat's battery takes roughly 20 minutes and requires latex gloves, goggles, baking soda and water, a wire bristle brush, and white lithium grease. If you are looking at adding an upper deck for your pontoon boat and have a question, feel free to drop us a line and ask.
It is a jumping off platform for your kids, a place to camp under, or a place to get some clarity and see the lake with new altitudes. An upper deck is truly a roof that will protect any pontoon boat deck from rain, sun, or any random weather disaster this summer like hail. It's definitely worth it if you want to save years not only carpet, but seats, and the deck too!

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