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Did you replace all the wood behind the textured sheet metal on the transom?Was the bar on the bottom a strip of the same ply? I would be careful running lights at night when your main power is running on the same battery.That being said led lights wont put a dent on your battery draw. On my canoe and jon boat I use the portable LED bow and stern light sets that clamp on and use 4AA batteries and the batteries last for like years at a time. It was a good day of progress for the project!I built the front casting deck and installed the forward fighting chair. I plan to clean her up cosmetically and make modifications along the way to suit her best for bass fishing here in West Tennessee. I am not kidding, I have owned and used those lights for three years and on the same original batteries.
I am super happy with how they look, but after gazing at it for a bit it struck me that the boat needed a white accent to compliment the white decal. I have done a few restorations of some 1950's Chevrolets and am also restoring a 1957 Glasspar del Mar 16' cabin cruiser.For the Starcraft, I plan to move this project along as quickly as possible.
If you're planning on attaching it directly to the ribs of the boat, you need to put some sheet foam the same height as your ribs underneath.

Being a big fan of vintage cars and boats, I am going to aim for a vintage look on the rebuild. Those items will probably come along after the majority of the work is done thought.Here's a shot of the new motorI'm going to hit it early tomorrow and see how much work I can get done. Look for the amp hours, so if you figure your 45 will pull 45 amps you might get 2 hours on a single charge from a 100 amp hour battery. That being said, I will not sacrifice any practicality because this boat should be a functional fishing boat first and foremost.The first decision I need to make is what I am going to do about the hull cosmetically.
The aluminum is in generally good shape but is pretty dented and has some deep scratches in a few select areas.
First was zinc chromate primer, and then followed up with BASF urethane topcoat in GM Ocean Green. I am debating on whether or not to attempt to polish the aluminum, or simply paint the entire boat.
This is the same color as my '56 Chevy pickup, so it should look really sweet in tow!She's a fishing boat.. The obvious advantage to painting would be being able to sand out the scratches and fill some of the dents with body filler.As of now my current plan is to leave the lower section of the hull bare and paint an accent stripe along the gunwale.

I also will most likely treat the interior to a fresh coat of paint.A casting deck may be in it's future, but for now I will leave that up for down the road. It will be a restoration project but will be fantastic power for this little boat, and add to the retro looks as well! Powerplant for the time being will be a 40 lb trolling motor on the transom.Here she is as of today.
And I'm also going to get some retro Starcraft emblems for the rear.Next up was to put together my new trailer that I bought at Northern Tool.
But it was worth it, I am really happy with it!Then it was time to take her out to the lake for her first voyage (under my ownership).

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