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Ane give been speculative 1 have two nephews that induce lately purchased jon boats to fish out of.
An outboard motor on a jon boat makes a racket that lets every fish for miles know you have arrived and will be fishing. Lay the 1-inch thick self-adhesive insulation strips across the bottom of the boat, one every 10 inches. If you want to install vinyl on the deck, do so before you take the boat our the first time. This project involves working with power tools; the appropriate cautions should be observed. Here's another really nice custom jon boat project that was recently undertaken by one of our readers.
Tim - I don't have any specifics on how this exact deck was built since the pics were submitted by one of our site readers. It was a bit of a chore cutting around and especially carpeting all the little notches required to clear the welded structural brackets on the front of the boat.
It has a 4x4 post centrally located underneath for added support with aluminum L-angle on the sides. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. 3) For the foot control for the trolling motor, how do you mount that to the floor of the boat? If not, do you want to use a material that will outlast you or one that you will need to replace down the road? If you answered the former, be sure to check this product out that is made in Covington, GA. If your boat will be garage kept you can just use untreated 2x4 wood for the framing mat.

Not cheap, I called about a full sheet of it a while ago ad I think it was around a hundred bucks.
I actually have a couple of pieces of the sample, it comes with fiberglass already on it or without that I could show you. Although the sides of the jon boat are curved, the bottom is routinely flat and rectangular.
A circular saw is best because it makes a longer cut and doesn't tend to twist while making cuts.
Install them by stripping the backing from the adhesive backed insulation strips, one at a time as they are used, and press them into place. Carpet the deck if you wish, by cutting a piece of carpet slightly larger than each piece of plywood.
There are, however, a number of smaller reservoirs close to us that are either total electric or 10 hp restricted. I'ts been a year and No mildew ,no rot,no problems.I didnt go with a carpeted deck due to the fact that the carpet holds water against the wood for extended periods after use.
I need to get that prop back to you sometime so when you feel up to it, we could meet and I could bring both and let you see the nylo board. I used stainless steel screws to put the aluminum frame together but am going to have a welder tack the joints for me this year as a couple of screws started backing out on me.
While your outboard's mounts isolate some of the noise and vibration, flooring will help if it's isolated from the bottom of the boat.
If the boat is more than 8 feet long, lay two pieces of plywood end to end and use a carpenter's chalk line to "snap" the measurements in place. Use the paintbrush to paint the decking with wood sealer, paying particular attention to the edges of the plywood.
Turn the edges of the carpet under the bottom of the plywood, pull the carpet tight and staple in place.

Spread a marine glue (not carpenter's glue) on the plywood, then put the vinyl down quickly. We are running 2 deep cycle batteries in the center seat and starter battery in the stern, with a Minn Kota 3 bank charger.
The really hard part was trying to make certain that all the attached L-angle stayed level not only from side to side, but also from front to back.
I had to drill through it with my hole saw to set my post in my riverhawk and that stuff is tuff!!!
The rear has (2) 10" pieces of the same L-angle aluminum spaced to either side of the livewell on the front side of the bench seat and attached the same way, just utilizing 2 screws each. We either run a Honda 9.9 electric start 4-stroke or a 55-lb Minn Kota transom mount trolling motor. Makes me wish I would have used that instead of the treated lumber I used years ago that now looks like crud.
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