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Build the Wizcat 130 pontoon boat using common building materials from Home Depot or Lowes home improvement centers. Havens Custom Design can design, customize and build any size or type of boathouse, sun deck, floating boat cover, floating pier or dock that a customer may need. While we specialize in build boathouse foundations that the customer can take and build their own boathouse on, but we also can build a boathouse to any stage that a customer needs, even to the finished "walk in" stage. Below are some photos and information about our new boathouse model that we are renting for weekend get-a-ways in Vancleave, Mississippi that will provide an insight into the quality and care that goes into our construction . If you are interested in purchasing the boathouse listed, you can contact us via E-mail on the link at the bottom of this page.
This is a new modular design we have constructed, meaning we can easily add on to this structure changing it's size and shape. The roof of the boathouse is 29 gauge premium metal roofing in "buckskin" color made by American Building Components. Energy Star Approved Color meaning it will help keep the cabin cooler and cost less to heat and cool compared to other metal roofs. The soffit and facia are tan vinyl and aluminum, the walls are covered with Vision Pro 5 inch dutch lap clay colored vinyl siding.
The outside deckboards are stained with Cabot Premium Acrylic Deck Stain that is color blended to match the soffit. An electrical panel box is located in the bathroom that has separate breakers for lights, outlets, and the bathroom. The most important part of any boathouse or floating structure is the floatation system and the structural framing it is attached to, this is definitely not the area to try and save costs on. HCD uses only the best materials and methods on our foundations, we expect our floating foundations built with premium Eagle Floats to last for 15-20 years without maintenance or repair, compared to 5-7 years on average for foundations built in the past on styrofoam logs or barrels. An Eagle Float has a flat surface on top and bottom, which makes a foundation more stable in the water than the old barrel system. While the floatation material is no doubt the most important element of a good foundation, almost equally important to the quality of the foundation is the wooden structure that the floats attach to on the bottom, and the floor of the houseboat attaches to on the top. Again, we take no shortcuts with this, we have tested different structural designs for over two years to develop the current modular system we use. The foundation frame is constructed from 4"x"6 treated timbers and is fabricated on a jig table in our workshop.

Normally such heavy timbers would cause a weight problem if you were using styrofoam logs or barrels, but with the large buoyancy capacity of the Eagle Floats, this in not only no problem, the extra weight actually makes the foundation sit better in the water. To build the modular section, the end of each timber is checked and cut if necessary to insure a clean tight joint. In addition to the spax bolts, each cross connection is secured with a 4"x6" joist hanger clip, and a 3" x 6" mending plate ( click on photo to see these in better detail ) on both sides of the connection. This is a lot of hardware that is installed on each 12x12 section, but it is necessary in order to have years of trouble free service. Once the 12x12 modular section is finished on the jig table and all hardware is installed, the section is lifted and carried to the water, where it is lifted and flipped over, it is then ready to be attached to other modular sections, at this point, the foundation is ready to receive the flooring, and ready to build on! We've taken quite a few pictures during the construction of this boathouse, please click on the links below to view the various stages of construction. Outer OSB Board applied, notice how moisture barrier is lifted up and attached to walls to protect siding from high waves. If you would like HCD to start building you a new one using your color design and layout, then call Sam at 228 229 2119 ( serious inquiries only please ).
It is strong enough to operate in rivers and lakes with ease, even taking bumps from floating logs. The author bought a dual watercraft trailer from Harbor Freight and reconfigured it to a pontoon boat trailer. Wherever it is a ranch style boathouse with screened porches, a small cottage type for weekend getaways, a double decker with a sun deck with diving board and water slide, or a large 3-4 bedroom home to spend your retirement years in, we can design and build you any type of floating structure you can imagine. If you are interested in having us build a boathouse for you, give us the details of the size boathouse, the color selections from the color charts below, note any special features such as added decks, boat stalls, etc. This sun deck can be purchased with the houseboat, or we can build you a customized sun deck or covered boat stall to attach to the boathouse.
The inside of the cabin is not finished, this is something that the new owner may prefer to do themselves, allowing the owner to some money on the final cost of the boathouse, but we do have a carpenter who will finish out the inside if the owners need this done. Floodlights are mounted on each corner of the exterior, and a light fixture is located in the middle of the front porch.
A 110 volt male electrical plug is located on the side of the boathouse, simply plug in an extension cord and you have power. The floats are rigid, and come with molded anchoring slots that allow the float to be bolted to the foundation.

This boathouse has 54 each 3'x4'x16" Eagle Floats under the foundation, each float capable of supporting 844 pounds each, giving the foundation a total an incredible buoyancy capacity of 45,576 pounds ( over 22 and a half tons ). Freeboard is the space measured between the surface of the water and bottom of the wood foundation.
The amount of free board you have when the boathouse is new, you can expect to have 15-20 years later. There is no way to obtain clean, precise joint connections and a perfectly level work surface by doing it otherwise. The porch light fixture is attached to a metal electrical box that is designed to support a ceiling fan. This is very convenient for locations where a generator may be used, simply place the generator away from the boathouse, run an extension cord to the boathouse, plug it in and enjoy the comfort without the noise associated with a generator.
These bolts allow much more torque than common lag bolts and insure that the joints will always stay tight. One cubic foot of Dupont Foamular will displace 60 lbs of fresh water or 62lbs of salt water.
We believe that Eagle Floats are the best in the industry, and they are the only floats used by HCD.
Another benefit of using lag bolts is that a float can be rather easily replaced if one was damaged by a floating log or other water hazard. Styrofoam would deteriorate and become waterlogged, barrels would flatten and eventually start leaking, the houseboat owner would his amount of freeboard shrink each year, until repairs where forced upon the owner. The heads of the spax bolts are recessed so that nothing protrudes from the surface of the timber. You would simply unbolt the old float, slide it out, and slide in a new one and reinstall the lag bolts.
In the best case scenario, the owner of a new boathouse knew that within a 5-7 year time frame, he would have to start repairing or adding to the foundation floatation.

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