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LEGO friends is the latest attempt by LEGO to attract young girls to the brand.  Business Week covered the launch extensively and well in a cover story at the end of 2011. How did LEGO respond?  Mads Nipper, then head of Product and Market Development, said in a prepared statement “We want to correct any misinterpretation that LEGO Friends is our only offering for girls.
Lego used to be attractive for both boys and girls (or was at least aimed at both genders). There are no pink firefighter suits because they don’t show up in fires in real life.
Emma, my 6yr old, also just took her first buck this year with a crossbow… We just finished cleaning a few broiler birds for the pot today and Emma gutted one of them herself.
Actually I like lego freinds but who ever is doing all this house on fire is plain weird dumb and stupid and I take that offencive because lego freinds are pretty fun SO FUCK THOSE BITCHES . David Robertson is a Professor of Practice at the Wharton School where he teaches Innovation and Product Development in Wharton’s undergraduate, MBA, and executive education programs. In his latest quest to understand innovation, David is also host of Innovation Navigation, a Wharton Business School Business radio program offering live, unscripted access to world-renowned thought leaders, executives, and faculty.
These are the instructions for building the LEGO Friends LEGO Friends Birthday Party that was released in 2013. The LEGO Stores are celebrating the launch of LEGO Friends with a special Ice Cream Stand mini model build-perfect to add to your own Heartlake City collection!
Got LEGO News?If you have LEGO news, images or anything thats LEGO related, please contact us! Bookmark Toys N Bricks!Toys N Bricks is one of the leading LEGO News Site that keeps you up to date on everything related to LEGO.

My daughter loves Friends and Disney yet goes about asking daddy to take out his Schleich castle and all of the medieval soldiers so they can stage a war. I hope you realize that these sets are not taking any shelf space away from the regular Lego sets.
From 2002 through 2010, Robertson was the LEGO Professor of Innovation and Technology Management at Switzerland’s Institute for Management Development (IMD), which received the #1 worldwide ranking by the Financial Times for its executive education programs. Visit your local LEGO Store on March 12-13 starting at 5:00pm and learn how to build the LEGO Ice Cream Stand and take it home for free! We know that many girls love to build and play with the wide variety of LEGO products already available. Joes, Transformers, and growing up she liked her paper dolls, my little ponies, and barbie.
Every child is unique and surprise some girls still like playing dress up, with dolls, and pink stuff! His mum bought the Cinderella castle that sits amongst all the other non Friends or Disney sets. Lego has expanded into more themes (both licensed and original) than they ever had when I was growing up.
Somehow, against all odds, she developed into a normal functioning adult, who did not experiment or take sexual risks, has a well-paying and well-respected position within her company…and still likes all things that are pretty and pink.
LEGO, the LEGO logo, the Brick and Knob configurations, and the Minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO Group of Companies.
If you take the time to look at these sets, and their minifigure series, you’ll notice that they have plenty of girls in them.

She told me that regular lego never appealed to her growing up, but when I showed her a picture of the Lego Friends castle she said she would have been all over that. Like pink and sparkly is only one part of growing, and does not limit her from being a doctor. Plus get a LEGO Friends mini magazine filled with LEGO Friends activities, only while supplies last.
LEGO is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site. These Friends sets are not made for girls who already like lego, these are made for the girls who like pretty pink things, and otherwise would not be interested in a construction set. It is not pinkification, but the marketing that focuses on the male, which translates women into objects, that is a real problem.
How will boys and girls from the pink and blue generation ever talk to or understand each other? She only knows that girls love pink, sparkly and baking, and can maybe by exception build pink labs or treehouses. Oh, by the way, since you’re a dad… do you know the pinkification of girls will lead to them growing older younger and taking more risks (yes, sexually) at an earlier age? It should stop by parents being brave enough to not buy pinkified (or overly agressive) toys.

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