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Build Poe Dameron’s X-Wing starfighter this Saturday at the Toys-R-Us Lego building event.
TweetDiamond Select Ghostsbuster… by Eric FranksThe second series of Ghostbusters Select figures by Diamond Select are now available in stores and pre-orders for series 3 are available.
TweetGentle Giant Shows Off 2016… by Eric FranksAbout two weeks ago, Gentle Giant teased the 2016 Premier Guild membership releases and yesterday, we got our first look.
Finance Friday: Before You Travel Check Groupon Coupons Debt After Death, Who’s Responsible? Arrive by 3:30pm, most stores only receive 500 tickets and pass them out to those in line at 4PM.
Start and End Times: 5-7 PM, each mini build is different and children are expected to try to follow the instructions. GOING ON ALL MONTH: A FREE ExclusiveFlashback Shredder™ Minifigure with purchases of $75 or more!
LEGO® VIP members ONLY: Get 50 bonus VIP points with the purchase of the Turtle Sub Undersea Chase! July 14th-20th: Find the Ninja Turtles™ and Shredder™ hidden around the LEGO® store to earn a special prize!

July 24th-25th: Follow us on Facebook to see the next exclusive LEGO® set, which will be unveiled at Comic Con International®. If you attend a Lego mini build or find these updates helpful, please leave a comment letting me know. We live in a world where young people are more unfit and unhealthy than at any other point in our history. From the time children are born, well through their academic years, they began to study their caregivers. Children aged 6-14 can participate in this fun Freebie. They’ll learn how to build this Mini Model and get to take it home! Mark your calendar to bring your child to make this cute Sea Turtle at the Free Sea Turtle Mini Build Event on March 5th.
For those of us who find this a pointless holiday, AstonishingStudios has decided to reveal how to build ANOTHER MiNi Lego Candy Machine, this time with Smarties.
Today we’re a little closer with Sideshow posting a teaser image ad a contest to win The Empire Strikes Back bounty hunter. I love them because they keep my kids thinking and entertained without sitting in front of television.

I also love that my kids prefer them to playing their electronic games so they are a big educational win for us. In the past, I use to analyze everything and everyone, but as I grow, I accept that loving others is what really matters in life.
I love listening to community suggestions and opinions so that we can make your time on BrickUltra the best!
Through my blog I am sharing with you the love I have for my husband, my children, and myself. I am on a mission to cleverly help empower and uplift others so you too can enjoy your life and live freely.

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