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We launched MakerBot Academy last year to equip teachers with the resources they need to give their students a world-class education.
The content pack includes a two-part print of the pyramid and a lesson plan that explores the engineering, design, and construction process behind this legendary structure. Open the model to reveal a detailed diagram of the multi-chambered tomb and guide students through the most complex internal structure ever discovered in a pyramid. Don’t let ancient curses or mummies get in the way of a great lesson: download the Great Pyramid of Giza content pack from Thingiverse today.
Still looks good, but you know, “Gods are in the details”, as they said back then – and you might’ve enraged a couple with this one.

In March, we released a 3D printed dissectible frog kit to guide students through basic anatomy without all the messy guts and formaldehyde. But the fourth wall presents the ancient wonder as it would’ve looked in 2560 BC, gleaming with polished limestone that was later stripped to build other pyramids. This lesson will bring Egyptian culture to life, and show how it influenced the mummification process, other burial customs, and the pyramids themselves.
Now, the latest content pack from MakerBot Academy takes students beyond the natural world to give them a glimpse of an ancient civilization. Get your students in touch with the past with Great Pyramid of Giza content pack from MakerBot Academy.

Students will learn how erosion and human interference created the worn, jagged look the pyramid is left with today. That remaining flat top third of the construction tells me that that’s Khafre and not The Great Pyramid of Gyza. So the King of Nubia is going to hire an Egyptian architectural team to design and build a pyramid in his own kingdom.

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