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If you have some of the holiday fireworks left over I can’t think of a better way to get rid of them that build a Home Made Rocket Launcher. We are currently trying out new varieties of fins and motor configuration to achieve a steady flight path with regularity, it may take us awhile to get it right, but i assure you, stable flight or not, it’s damn fun. I think you should close toilet flang end of the lauch tube so the rocket’s thrust pushes off something to push it forward instead of shooting out the back. Rockets will follow an unstable flight path if the center of pressure is at or above the center of gravity.
Hey when ever I look for really cheap rocket engines for around $3 like you explained I just find quite expensive engines for R.C planes. OK, I am willing to pay for one if I have to, but it needs to be able to fire long distances and shoot strate.
In addition to the rocket bodies, I also purchased some Estes D12-5 and E9-6 rocket engines. My homemade rocket engines made with the commercial airfloat charcoal fuel flew about 500 feet up. I learned how to duplicate the performance of those stock motors with my own homemade motors.

Should you decide that launching your brand new iPhone 5 is in your future, Byte Works has a full writeup of the project here.
This may sound oversimplified but it really isn’t, we were able to achieve a flight of over 2 city blocks with the launcher horizontal with this exact setup. I would build the launcher much like you did, but i did a few things differently which you may find ups the ante a little bit. I am also interested in getting hold of a morter gun, if any one gots and idea of how to get one.
You realize a lot its almost laborious to argue with you (not that I actually would want…HaHa).
Using thin tubing, balsa wood, plastic, glue and toxic paints to build lightweight rockets that could soar thousands of feet into the air, I never thought that some day people would be able to actually launch small data-collection computers into the air.
The iPhone launcher (AKA ST-2) is now on its way to Norway to be exhibited by TI at a conference, but it sounds like the Westerfields have plenty of plans for ST-2 flights with higher powered engines in the future. You can either move the center of gravity forward by adding weight to the nose, or move the center of pressure back by only having fin surface on the back end of the rocket. I altered the interior by making a sheet metal tube that ran the length of the inside with 4 groovs to hold the fins.

To add a body do u think it would work to add like a small soda bottle to the engine and add some small fins to that to add stability? The engines are about $3 a piece and each rocket ends up costing us about $4 a piece, so you don’t want to throw them away, but it isnt outrageous. I haven’t tested this yet, but those nerf balls go pretty far and are pretty stable in flight.
Inside the scope mount, I put a cheep scope and then calibrated it with several test fires. You can of course, use a standard model rocket, however don’t be prepared to get it back in any usable condition, and be sure to take out the parachute. With the help of an ex-NASA engineer, I designed and built several 2 foot 4 inch long rockets ($30 each) that have an 800 yard capibility.

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