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In addition to the many large custom homes that we design and engineer at EVstudio we also put together a fair number of smaller homes. In only 1,200 sf it combines three bedrooms and two bathrooms, an eat-in kitchen, a large living area and oversized walk-in storage closet.  Small floor plans really benefit from an architect and the ability to think creatively with minor details of the design. Hellow i need help i ve a very small plot 10m *16m i want to build a 2 bedroom house…iur help will be appriciated.
This awe-inspiring hardscape in Saddle River, NJ won a prestigious TEAM award for outstanding masonry. The hardscape and landscape goal was to allow for views of the swimming pool waterfalls from every vantage point. The last goal of the hardscape design was to provide a big enough space for the homeowner to host large groups of family and friends. From the top of the waterfall elevation down to the dining patio elevation, one can see the meticulous placement and detail in all of the stonework as the surrounding landscape highlights the masonry in order to paint an amazing picture of nature’s beauty. Celebrating over 22 years in business, five time international award winner Cipriano Landscape Design is a recognized industry leader in custom residential landscapes, masonry and swimming pools. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Modular Homes (not to be confused with mobile homes) are one of the fastest growing types of housing today.
Fortunately there is much that can be done to enhance the energy efficiency of modular homes and thereby lower energy expenses.
Even more can be done to make the Modular Home more energy efficient once the house is fully constructed and occupied. To further enhance heating efficiency, be sure to cover the basics such as changing furnace filters. Of course none of these improvements can be done for free, and unfortunately not all banks recognize the importance of such energy efficiency upgrades. The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of  the author Kathleen Hubert, is a blogger who writes on a variety of different sites.
There are many types of architecture designs for houses out there, but few are as beautiful as colonial or vintage brick houses. Before understanding how to maintain brick homes, you need to understand and know your own house. You may have seen many brick houses with ivy growing on the walls and thought it looks beautiful and romantic, but in order to learn how to maintain your home, you need to understand that plants like this keep moisture locked in and that affects the bricks and mortars. If you have a brick home and want to properly maintain it, it is helpful to know that they can be simply cleaned with a water hose.
Landscape design is the basis upon which one will work upon to improve the look of a landscape, such as an outdoor area, a garden or a lawn.
The design will involve the types of plants, trees and shrubs that will be used so as to bring out the best of the landscape. This floor plan comes from a speculative investment home that we designed for an affordable lot in Denver. It is important to eliminate hallways and wasted space, combine functions where possible and still provide functional rooms.
I want duplex house plan consisting of one drawing room and one bed room, one kitchen, hall and two bath at ground floor the strair should be out side and porch.

These awards recognized achievements in the vision and execution of outstanding masonry and hardscapes.
The swimming pool was designed with two waterfalls; one flows into the pool and one flows out over the vanishing edge, creating three tiers. The comfortable pool patio area is grey Tennessee Crab Orchard set on a six-inch engineered concrete slab. This project took its biggest challenge, the 26 foot elevation change, and made it the greatest asset by creating a two-tiered waterfall hardscape with a vanishing edge cascading down towards a luxurious stone patio.
After a little more than a decade in business, the company catapulted to the top of the state’s luxury landscaping and pool industries when it was awarded a $2.5 million residential landscape project. Manufactured in a factory setting and then constructed on site, Modular Homes have the great advantages of being both affordable and stylishly modern.
The manufacturing process of Modular Homes is itself conducive to energy savings because there is production in volume and greater quality control. The owner can arrange to have an energy audit done to identify any weaknesses in the house that may be hindering maximum energy efficiency. If the heating system is old and inefficient, replacing it with a new one can produce dramatic improvements.
Yet there are tax reductions for many energy improvements and government policies increasingly encourage the increased affordability of techniques for enhanced energy efficiency. It contains illustrations of every step of the process, and a whole lot of little tips for adding charming details, like window shutters, window gardens and timber framing. They have a romantic and enduring aspect, and are in fact very good at sealing the warmth or cool air in. If you pay attention, you will probably notice that your brick house has some small holes under the windows; these are called weep holes and are there to help drain water when it rains. If your house is threatened by ivy, remove it from the walls and make sure you pull the roots from the ground so it doesn’t grow back next year. Spray the water on the bricks, and if there are stains, mold or mildew that won’t come off you can use a brush to wipe it off.
The type of climate will be taken into account so as to choose plants that will thrive and require minimum care. New Jersey design and build firm, Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools and Landscaping received the Landscape, Hardscape Award for their work on a swimming pool project in Saddle River, NJ. The natural vanishing edge pool’s massive waterfall ties in the twenty-six foot elevation change as it transitions to the elevation of the house. The outdoor living space boasts many amenities including an outdoor fireplace, a full-service kitchen and bar, a koi pond, and plenty of seating on the dining patio, which is finished with bluestone set in a random, regular pattern. In the end, each of these unique components of the hardscape combines to form a stone masterpiece. Today, along with the Ramsey, NJ office, the Cipriano family owns a 10-acre farm and nursery in Mahwah, NJ, where large caliper specimen trees and other rare plants are grown.
However like most homes they can still benefit from adopting practices that will make them more energy efficient. In many ways, this translates into using less energy overall by building indoors in a factory as opposed to building outdoors where weather and other factors can cause delays and lower productivity. The homeowner can do this by either having a private company do the audit or perhaps even get it done for free or at minimal cost by an electrical co-op.

Installing a programmable thermostat ensures that you have heat just when needed and buying only ENERGY STAR products when buying your basic appliances helps to ensure that electricity bills are at their lowest.
However, just like any type of house, they need a lot of care and regular inspections, which is why we are going to give you a few tips on how to maintain brick homes. In order to keep them from clogging, you need to check them at least twice a year to make sure debris or weeds didn’t get stuck in there. Be careful though not to damage the brick and mortar too much, and avoid any detergents if possible. Decorative additions such as ponds, fountains, bird baths, gazebos and benches will also be considered. The stone used for the waterfall is Palisades stone and Pennsylvania chunk sandstone, set vertically to mimic the natural outcroppings of the Palisades overlooking the Hudson River. With a design office headed by 15 year veteran Certified Landscape Architect William Moore, the Cipriano team has won 48 awards of excellence since 2006 including the Northeast Pool & Spa Association’s 2007 Best in Competition Award. This is especially true for Modular Homes because their affordability makes them popular with home buyers with lower incomes who often pay a disproportionate percentage of their income on electric and heating bills. Windows typically provide opportunities for savings, with the best insulated ones reducing by up to two thirds the amount of heat allowed in during the summer and heat lost in winter.
Other energy saving options include using low-flow faucets and shower heads and buying compact fluorescent lights for all your light bulbs. This should be done not only to keep the beauty of its exterior, but also to maintain or even increase its value.
If your house’s maintenance is just too big for you to handle, you can hire a contractor like Seneca Creek Home Improvement to do regular check-ups and make sure you don’t need any repairs done. Finally, if some bricks are cracked and the mortar is damaged, replace them without delay, otherwise the damage will spread, renovations will be much more difficult and the value of the house will decrease because it won’t have all its original bricks anymore. They will have the knowledge of evaluating the area from a professional point of view, so as to come up with interesting and innovative landscaping ideas.
The spa veneer is a two-inch limestone veneer which was capped with template cut Grey Tennessee Crab Orchard. In 2008, the Cipriano team earned the Certified Building Professional (CBP) credential from the APSP, one of only five custom pool builders in Bergen County to have earned the certification.
Traditional brick homes are rarely built today given all of the modern materials that are available, so the ones that already exist need all our love and attention. For example, contractors have the experience to deal with all kinds of homes, from houses to apartments, from new buildings to old buildings and so on. All across the hardscape, diverse, textured plantings soften the stone masonry and create a perfectly natural setting fit for the massive waterfalls. So if you want to get rid of the stress of maintaining your brick home hire a contractor and ask them to inspect every corner of your house.

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