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We build boat houses of all sizes and configurations, including floating and permanent boathouses with party platforms, swim decks and sundecks.
When planning your boat dock, you can utilize the basic dock structure to support a party deck which can also function as a roof over your dock or boat slip.
A deck or dock platform can also provide a quiet retreat for conversation, reading, sunbathing, or fishing.
A selection of deck surfaces, from pre-cast concrete panels to various designs of either man-made or wood plank, are available in a wide choice of patterns, textures and colors.
The two most popular boat house roof designs are Gables and Hips and between these two options, the Hip roof offers slightly better protection from the elements and is often considered more attractive than the more cost-competitive Gable roof. The Upper Decks offer a great place to hang out with family and friends and enjoy cookouts or other types of recreation such as slides or different types of games.
There are many signs of trouble on a roof - debris, plants, ponding, rusty flashings, etc are all signs of trouble.

Case Study 2 - The old tar & gravel roof had been tarred right to the plywood - a big no, no. We meet with clients to discuss what they would like from a boathouse or boatport and come up with a plan for the structure, often this can take a few discussions to get the building just right, we want to make sure the finished project is exactly what you have in mind. Often aging boathouses suffer from a poor or failing foundation, and in some cases we can save the original boathouse by replacing the crib docks with a custom engineered steel dock system to support the boathouse. Over the past several years, many of the marinas affected by Ike have been rebuilt – Pelican Rest Marina located in Galveston, Texas, is the latest to complete new construction. Roof choices are typically made with equal regard given to personal aesthetic appeal, desired utility, and cost. Barges are constructed of all steel and the original build date is around 2004 with one section being added in 2008.
From the beginning, the vision of the owner for Pelican Rest Marina was clear; build a high-end marina catering to 60 foot and larger class sport fishing yachts as part of a mixed-use upscale complex.

The building of the boat slips for Pelican Rest was done over the course of three years with the first phase completed in 2011 and the second phase completed in 2013. Bellingham Marine was awarded the contract to supply 3,327 linear feet of concrete floating docks. Rusty flashings can cause staining, may develop pin-holes causing minor leaks, and are unsightly.

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