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The Lego Astromech Droid includes a rotating head as well as a foldout robotic arm with pinch grip fingers and even a third wheel leg to provide extra stability. Jump over Vimal Patel’s Flickr account to see many more creations he has built using Lego with galleries of photos and in action video footage. A in-depth tutorial about how to create your own three wheels Holonomic Robot using LEGO Mindstorms EV3 and a bit of Maths knowledge.
An holonomic wheel on the other hand can be moved forward and backwards and it allows side displacement. These wheels are important because they are mounted much an standard wheel instead of being mounted vertically like a castor wheel.
Also there are applications where it is important to keep the robot always facing something, and for this task the holonomic drive is invaluable. All the math ( and physics ) that I do here are for a three wheels robot but you can easily extends the idea to a four wheeled holonomic robot. So our problem is how much to turn each wheel so that the robot moves forward, back or to the sides. If it has three wheels the simplest way to build it is by creating an equilateral triangle. So to move our robot we need apply a rotation to the wheels that will generate a force forward to backward of each wheel, that would be our acceleration that it is the result of adding the forces F1, F2 and F3. That very same forces will generate a angular acceleration on the robot that it is the same that the magnitude of the force.
As we are interested in moving our robot in the x,y plane, we need to know how much we need to rotates the wheels to move in x,y ω.
If you recall the definition of sin(&alpha) you will remember it was the result of dividing c by a. That will return a that is the y component of the force ( in the whiteboard the expressions are changed but it really don’t matters that much, you can correct later on the code changing x and y ). You need to obtain the holonomic wheels or omniwheels from somewhere or build ones yourself… but I think it would be even more expensive than sourcing one from any online shop. As you can imagine the hardest part of the Holonomic robot is the software implementation to make it move, so I provide three program inside. The first thing that you have to understand is that an holonomic Robot works by slipping on the ground so you can’t measure how long you moved or how far you turned using the motor rotations. So as you see the program is just a loop that moves the robot to the side during five seconds, then it rotates the robot during one second ( I found this one by trial and error ) and then repeat the whole thing four times.
Ok, I am really anxious about creating my own RoboCup player so I have been already playing with the idea of beacon tracking.
So although it isn’t the simplest way of beacon tracking I coded it for the holonomic platform. So on each press button I had to add a second IR sensor switch to control the second remote to rotate the robot. DisclamerLEGO®is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.
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With LEGO Digital Designer MINDSTORMS mode you have access to hundreds of virtual LEGO MINDSTORMS and Technic elements. You may build using a wide array of MINSTORMS and Technic elements, or choose to filter your element choices to a specific LEGO set.
LEGO Digital Designer MINDSTORMS mode includes all of the MINDSTORMS elements that you need, including a virtual NXT Intelligent Brick.
When you are finished with your amazing creation, you can upload your LEGO Digital Designer file to the NXTLog.

REX V.2 is an updated version of my original REX, including a new hip design, new neck, and new mounting points for the rail-gun and sensor dome. It's been a few months since I unveiled REX, and since then I've tinkered with a lot of details and done complicated rebuilds to try and make the hips better. I made the stilts thinner and added more detail to them at the same time; this way, when standing, the lower legs don't look as chunky.
If you compare the new hips to the old, you'll see that the rotation point has been moved closer to the middle of the thighs, rather than at the inside. Since the actual hip joint is farther out, the legs can spread into more dynamic poses now, though the small feet still make it difficult to find the right balance point.
The rail-gun and sensor dome arms were rebuilt mostly to accommodate the mini-fig torsos, but they both sit farther to the outside and give the arms more range to move.
I wanted to replace the smoke-launchers on the knees, but I couldn't think of a better design that would still look as good. As usual, REX is not for sale, BUT a very helpful and dedicated guy named Erik Rief took it upon himself to make a parts list and recreate REX in Lego Digital Designer.
Arkman Drake  October 15, 2014 Now I have never played he game but your mech is awesome. Sensuke Fujio  January 17, 2013 The download link for the plans is no longer working, or at least on my end. Fenrek (Fluffy)   September 5, 2012 HOLY SHIZBALLS o_O I'm sorry but this I so beautiful and I can see that you put so much work into it.
So mine is basically done, he's got a couple cosmetic differences from the original, due mainly to me not being very picky about using Dark Bluish Grey instead of Light Bluish Grey.
I'll try and get a few pics up (dunno if I should put em on a MOC page since it's not my design?) but I love it.
That said, I don't mean to say it's a bad job, I know how much work Erik must have put in to this, and without it I wouldn't have got as much done as I have!
Tim [DRX]  February 3, 2012 I'm midway through my build - got the Railgun, Radome and 1 lower leg + stilt done. Rags naRock  January 28, 2012 For everyone wondering what version of LDD to use, I can give you some hope. Maybe I'm a bit to stupid to get a working partlist and manual to build it for my brother's 20.
What version of Lego designer did your friend Eric use to create the building instructions? Kyle Mayotte  September 13, 2011 What version of Lego designer did your friend Eric use to create the building instructions?
Kyle Mayotte  August 29, 2011 I accidentally ordered 2 sets of each part for this model.
PvP overLord  August 19, 2011 THIS IS THE BEST METAL GEAR REX I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE OMG!!! Rafael Hernandez  March 10, 2011 Was it asolutely necessary to make this thing rock so hard???!!!
Jay O'Bee   January 29, 2011 That is an impressively large, sturdy, and poseable mech. Siddhart Jaipal  May 30, 2010 This is a creation that is put on picture very, very cool with some serious lighting and shadows.
The REX looks like it looks at you to go berserk and what I especially like about your pictures is that the ones with more darkness are the coolest to watch at. Jason Black   August 3, 2009 This Metal Gear Rex looks just like the real thing, alltogether it is better than any lego I have ever seen, ever, I invited you to join my group where I am trying to make an entire MINI version of Shadow moses, don't take this the wrong way, but you are to amazingly AWESOME at doing ginourmous stuff than a mini map, I would probobly just be bugging you since you probably have been invited to a billion groups already.
Check out the video after the jump to see all the motorised parts of the Lego Astromech Droid in action.
An holonomic robot is a robot that can move on any direction and even rotate over itself while moving. Well, let’s me explain what it is and why you should care, then I explain you how to design it and finally how to build it. A standard wheel can only be moved forward or backward but in any case the wheels could be moved to the sides. We have a three wheels robot called 3W-HR ( to make it personal… it is always easier to curse something by its name ). So you are going to need a bit knowledge of vectors, matrix operations, trigonometry and a bit of coffee.

On a normal wheels robot this problem is pretty much trivial because you move wheels forward to go forward but unfortunately it is not so simple on a three wheels robot. So we have an α1 angle with respect to the x-axis and a F1 force from a point distant r from the 0,0 reference, the center of the robot.
First to keep a small sanity of mind I created a My Block that gets three params ( x, y and ω ) and move the motors.
This is just the implementation of the above matrix but really EV3 graphical language doesn’t make it any easier to write it. We just get the heading information from IR Sensor block and then we turn using a Proportional controller towards the beacon. Personally I am not that good at Maths or Physics, so it has been a challenge for me to refresh all that stuff that I once studied and never used anymore. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods and will depend on when your payment clears - opens in a new window or tab. Find out more about your rights as a buyer - opens in a new window or tab and exceptions - opens in a new window or tab. By clicking Confirm bid you commit to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder.
Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. You can design your next robot model from scratch, or document your creation and share on the NXT Log!
LDD counts the amount of pieces available to you so that you can challenge yourself to redesign a set! Other LEGO MINDSTORMSfans around the world will have access to your instructions to build your cool robot! I downloaded the files for LDD, but I don't know how to open the file that shows the list of pieces needed. I do have a problem with finding pieces I need can't you just buy the pieces from the LDD for (If it's Lego REX) hundred dollars? It has been equal parts fun and frustrating putting this thang together, so thanks man for the excellent design and instructions.
Can I get your (ragnorok) email address so we could discuss a deal where I could sell these parts for this model?
If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. I dunno how you came up with the design, but it's crazy how just a couple axles can support this massive thing.
Like the edges of the top half of the beak all come together very tenuously, like there are 6 surfaces barely holding each other together. Bricklink is all independent sellers, and no one person is gonna have all the parts you need. I don't know why people don't do videogame-based MOCs so often (I mean, non-Halo-based videogame MOCs), they offer possibilities to wonderful MOCs, like this! This is something like a REX that will look at you when he's driven you into a corner from where it is impossible to escape, so he slowly approaches you to attack you as slowly and as painful as it can get. But, seeing rex at metal gear 1, and later, at metal gear 4, there is somehing which not mach with this one. The wheels are placed on the robot so that the distance between them is the same and the angle between each wheel is also the same. Is there a possibility to get to know which programversion Erik used or to get an actual list? I can't say with absolute certainty because I haven't started the second leg yet, but it definitely feels like I'm short components for the second leg. One thing I never understood from the game is how Snake was able to destroy such a powerful vehicle with only rocket launcher. But that could become so hard cause to make him staying up, you should to equilibrate the weight along the main body.

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