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These are the instructions for building the LEGO Creator Robot set that was released in 2007.
Made by Hero Design Studio, MyBuild is an articulated skeletal frame that you can 3D print.
Hero Design Studio also has a couple of stop-motion short films that feature MyBuild robots, showing off their range of motion and just how cool they can be. Control EV3RSTORM with your smart phone or tablet by downloading the free EV3 robot commander app from the app store. This little creation here might not be the most impressive homebuilt Terminator bot we've seen, and a certain DVD player may have it beat for realism, but as far as talking LEGO robot heads go, it's certainly at least in the upper ranks. After two years of building robots out of cardboard I tried to build one robot out of LEGO® bricks.
The solution I found is surprisingly stable and I started to mount some additional bricks on top of the chassis to hold the Raspberry Pi camera, the battery pack, L298N motor driver, the Raspberry Pi 2 and some additional electronic components.

The next pictures shows the robot wiht the WIFI USB modul and the camera mounted on top of the robot.
My eBook is a step by step guide and explains everything you need to build your own robot based on a Raspberry Pi as the brain of your robot.
Download the MyBuild 3D model on Thingiverse or directly from Hero Design Studio’s website, which also has guides and sample builds. Equipped with a blasting bazooka and a spinning tri-blade, EV3RSTORM is superior in both intelligence as well as in fighting power. Apparently, this one was pieced together from a whole slew of different LEGO Mindstorms sets, and it even includes a LEGO ice pick that can be stuck in his eye if he really starts to get on your nerves, which seems a near certainty. I recently decided to spend a couple of hours working on a quick build for the new EV3 robot. There’s even a tactical tabletop wargame called Mobile Frame Zero that uses LEGO and other building toys instead of figurines.

Somewhat interestingly, the bot's creator only decided to build the skull after abandoning another mysterious LEGO project that's only described as "too ambitious." Head on past the break for a video of the bot doing its thing, and hit up the link below for a complete overview of the project. Special thanks goes to Chris Johnson for compiling the stop-motion video shown below and for the idea of the name of the robot – The Harvester. Although the final product may not be as robust under extreme conditions compared with other models, it only takes several minutes to build (once you find all 49 pieces, which includes wires, motors, sensors and brick!)The Harvester’s design is shown with quick and easy-fitting colour and ultra-sonic sensor.
This took a couple of weeks as I had no LEGO® bricks at home and I had to order them from an online shop which sells used LEGO® bricks  separately. He also teaches coding and robotics at a local Catholic school and is a part time STEM teacher at a new Kindergarten school in North Sydney.

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