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Now you can order the same high quality King Starboard doors utilized by hundreds of boat builders worldwide!
Please Note: Many builders have gone through color changes and utilize different color schemes on different boats. Because parts are built to order, we cannot accept any returns on account of color discrepancy. Teak wood has been used for centuries in boat deck manufacture becouse of its resistance to water penetration and moisture.
To properly protect you wooden deck the teak wood should be covered with natural teak oil at least two times per year (three times is recomended). It is recomended that you clean your teak deck frequently with water (drinking water is the best becouse salt water leaves white marks on the wood) after you return from your boat trip. Banuywangi Teak - Banuywangi teak is a second type of teakwood exported mainly from India and many choose Banuywangi teak over Bojonegoro teak due to the lower price. FlexiTeak - This is an imitation of teak wood and it is made out of tiny teak parts and epoxy resin.
Teakwoods are given a letter-grade rating, which helps determine what specific type of teakwood should be used for items such as boat decks. The easiest way to install a teak deck is to make templates (you can easily make them using 3D boat design software) of your boat’s deck and form the teak to match these templates (using a  large piece of teak board) or build it on a A graded plywood board.
Find teak deck tips and tricks and a lot of other usefull boatbuilding stuff in Plan4Boats boatbuilding plans and manuals. Island Teak offers premium quality and environmentally friendly teak wood products for boat owners, craftsmen and marine supply outlets. Island Teak True Teak Oil is the original and only True Teak Oil that contains oils and waxes extracted from reclaimed teak. A two part system formulated to provide a superior and natural coating to all varieties of wood. Island Teak has developed a unique, solid teak decking system especially designed for light displacement boats where less weight, secure footing and excellence in quality is required. Island Teak proudly offers Burma teak boat decking, available in standard sizes or custom milled to your specifications.

Affordable elegance for the finest interior boat decking, combining interlocking teak and maple.
Island Teak manufactures pre cut teak components for boat cockpit grates and for cockpit seating. These teak components are easy to assemble with a minimum of tools and woodworking experience.
The ultimate in style and durability, teak decking is gaining popularity for residential applications such as patios, verandas, balconies and exterior decks. Measure the beam (width) of your boat at the level you intend the swim platform to be attached. We do not supply support brackets for the swim platform kits, as most supports tend to be unique to the boat. Attach straight edge (2x4) to level work surface and cover work surface with plastic sheeting. Scrub teak components with a clear solvent similar to methyl hydrate to remove surface oils. Layout teak components 'dry' according to your desired spacing, square the ends and draw a reference mark through each component for easy alignment. Apply 2 part epoxy resin similar to West Systems to both the through lengths of teak and the spacers, line up your reference marks, hold down to insure they are level to each other and screw with stainless steel screws. When epoxy is hardened use a combination of belt sander and orbital sanders to create a smooth and level surface. For finishing I use a blend of pure tung oil thinned with pure turpentine at 70 % tung and 30 % turps. The teak wood looks very nice even if it’s not shaped to a smooth surface, but it needs to well protected in order to last a long time. Also the not so good side of teakwood deck is that it gets very hot very quickly when exposed to the sun, so be sure to wear your sandals.
This type of teak is generally considered the highest quality exported from Southeast Asiaand provides a rich golden color. It is getting more and more popular in the boating industry, becouse it can last a long time with little or almost no maintenance.

For a curved transom where you want the platform to be flush with the curve we can supply an additional wider piece of teak which you can shape to the curve of the transom and then attach to the swim platform. Mark positions of spacer components onto the through lengths to show where to apply epoxy and where not to apply epoxy.
For your reference, we have compiled a "best guess" list matching boat manufacturers' colors. If you are unsure which color best matches your boat, we highly recommend purchasing a set!
If teak is used on a boat deck, it becomes less slippery and teak wood also surves as a important structural elemnt of a boat beck, providing the needed strenght and elasticity on the other side.
If teak looks a little worn off you can also sand it a little bit and then cover it with special teak-cleaner oils to make it look good again.
This type of teakwood is typically used in products such as floors and doors and hand rails. If you want a deck made out of real and quality teakwood or you are satisfied with the FlexiTeak version.
An example price for a swim platform kit with these particular teak components is $673.70. The swim platform can be made up with as many components as you want as long as you consider your support system.
Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Mynamar and India are the main producers of teakwood. Teakwood with a B or C rating may have some visible imperfections and be less dense than an A-rated piece. You would determine the slope of your transom and then cut that angle to match the bevel of your transom and then attach to the swim platform with epoxy and stainless steel screws. Tung oil will provide an elastic hardened surface and not attract dirt or mildew like some linseed based oils.

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