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When I think of bunk beds I immediately think of kids rooms and overflow in a ski or beach house — most people want to pack as many friends and family in their vacation home so why not create a designated space for the kids to hang out in. I wanted to tell you how wonderful I think this blog is and how much I have enjoyed reading this blog. Due to the unique design of the OCTAGONALLY shaped pontoons, these trailers have been fitted with rollers to support the boat. These roller-style trailers require much less water depth than what is required with bunk-style trailers. The custom trailers available for Kennedy Pontoon Boats are manufactured by independent trailer manufacturers that are not associated with Kennedy Pontoons, Inc. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. When I was a boy, I was amazed how my grandfather could make flotsam and jetsam into useful things.
Maybe You can find some similar trailer (the trailers above are all made in Sweden and only sold here).
Here's what typically happens: You get the trailer in the water, untie the boat and begin to walk it forward. I have to deal with a fairly shallow ramp, so I've set up some trailers with rollers on the front third and bunks from there on. The trailer above that I have (and have given links to above) are self adjusting so the boat always lands level on the trailer so it is no problem like kerno describes above.
If You look carefully in the video's there is a dolly that pivot and the supporting arms with the grey wheels are self adjusting.
Just my honest professional opinion, both of those trailer winch stands are incorrect but functional.
From the looks of it, but depends on new trailer that post is to short as your strap is angled up which is no good.

Wart, with those keel bunks, have you ever had a problem with one letting go and dropping the front of the boat on the frame of the trailer. Actually the Keel bunks hold a lot of weight.There are a lot of different brackets out there. I have been reading all your blogs (different locations) and I like them all but I enjoy this one the most! These guides are visible above the water line when reloading and alleviate the problems with getting the boat correctly centered on the trailer during the loading process. Design specifications and implied warranties are that of the independent trailer manufacturer and subject to change without notice. Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world.
I decided to leave the carpet intact for appearance, although it now serves no other purpose. Im sure my technique could use a little fine tuning, but some equipment changes are also in order.
For bunk trailers, have a set of bunks just to the outside of your lifting strakes and the bunks work like guides. To high and the anchor would catch on it as you unload.Are going to buy a full length frame trailer this time?And forward Keel bunks? You loosen those 4 nuts for the u-bolts and you can slide it just as high as the stand, note the kicker on mine as well?As well the reason mine is so low in that picture is because the boat is a sea ray laguna the bow pull eye is very low just above the water line on them. It almost looks like the strap and bow eye are hitting your top roller, the bow eye pull should be center of those 2 rollers. I know there probably shouldnt be much weight if any of the keel bunks, but just curious.Also, do you ever have any issues without having a roller or something right before the keel bunks start, so the boat wont hit that beam coming across before the keel bunks? Im trying to figure out how I can get the boat on the trailer without scraping up my new bottom!

This is due to the friction created between the aluminum hull and carpeted bunks of other trailers. I don't think it would hurt anything, as the PVC is probably softer than the fiberglass.
I also notice that a lot of people who have trouble centering dunk their trailers too much allowing the boat to float around on the trailer too much when retrieving. Im buying a trailer that does not have a winch stand on it currently for my 23' Mako and would need to get one.Here is a picture of my 23' Mako sitting on my current trailer (which I believe to be to small for my boat). They sell the nylon glides, which as far as I know can be used on glass boats, so I would think this would be ok, too. There are others that use a Box tube and the tube slides in it.I've seen plenty of rollers get their axles bent and not roll from the weight. Then they skin gellcoat almost as bad as those crossmember pads.With the Keel bunks you just drive the boat on. Then I cut a slight bevel on the front end of the pieces and lopped the top corner off the rear ends. So I'm getting a larger trailer.Could I remove my current winch stand and bolt it to the new trailer?
And, if you have antifouling paint on it, it will probably wear that off and make a mess of the glides, too. As you can see the frame is tiny, and the bow of the bow sits damn near the front of the tongue of the trailer!The new one is much beefier and a little longer. I also planed and sanded down both top sides for the length of the boards so there were no sharp corners in contact with the hull of my boat.

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