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It’s a harsh reality than Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny is not the most popular Gundam anime ever made. Though it’s not the most beloved Gundam series by a longshot, Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny can boast some hugely popular mech designs.
The Gundam Metal Build Destiny Gundam figure is now available for pre-order, with an expected arrival in January 2014.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Aidan quickly discovered that the greater the tension on the rubber band, the greater the force on the marble. This one requires two hands to shoot, because when you pull back the shooting arm, the whole thing tips over… But it shot really well! You can have the latest posts from Frugal Fun for Boys delivered to your inbox every Friday!
With tape measure, square and a handsaw or circular saw, cut one side and one end from each of two 4 ft 1 x 10s. Note the overlaps shown in the drawing: the sides and lids (marked A and C in the enlarged illustration) overlap the ends (B), and the bottom fits inside.
And that’s why, even though there have been just a small handful of high-end diecast Metal Build Gundam figures produced, two of the first ones appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny.
A great number of people utterly loath the revenge-driven and all-around emo Shinn Asuka (and yes, I’m one of them).

The figure will include a figure base and stand, alternate hands, a high energy beam rifle, a high energy long range beam cannon, an anti-beam shield and an Aroundight beam sword (as well as beam effect pieces).
Hopefully Bandai releases Wings of Light effects pieces in a few months to add onto this figure, as they’re truly the only thing that I feel is holding this back from being the definitive Destiny Gundam toy. The retail price on the Destiny Gundam Metal Build figure is rather steep, but you can get it marked down a decent amount by placing an early order for it. We experimented with the length of the arm – this picture shows a green rod, and we also tried orange and red (different lengths).
It has been 100 or higher for 25 days straight here, so not much playing outside… Yeah for Tinker Toys! But if you give them this good-looking box to put their playthings in, the battle is half won.
Working on a flat surface, screw six corner braces in place on the box bottom, flush with the edges as shown.
For extra strength, add wood glue to the joints.To make moving the box easier when it's full of toys, add swivel casters at the corners. But what Gundam fans do seem to love is a couple of the mobile suit designs from the anime, and as such, we’re getting another amazing Metal Build Gundam figure from Bandai as a result. The first is the always-popular Metal Build Strike Freedom Gundam, and the other is the Bandai 2014 Metal Build Destiny Gundam figure.
It’s really a shame that one of the best Gundam mech designs in decades was wasted on a character that so many people completely despise.

I have zero willpower to resist a high-end Gundam Seed Destiny toy like this, so I’ll post an extensive review and photo gallery of the Metal Build Destiny Gundam figure when it arrives in the winter.
So when I saw this post on how to make a Tinker Toy catapult on Quirky Momma, I knew my boys would want to try it! We also experimented with the position of the yellow rod that holds the rubber band, as Quirky Momma suggested. Held together by corner braces and strap hinges, this is a simple project that involves no joinery or complex woodworking.
Spray-paint the hinges and corner braces a cheerful solid color, and spray a clear polyurethane finish on the wood, inside and out. Now add the four upper corner braces that attach the sides and ends to each other.Finally, lay the lids in place flush with the ends and sides, and screw the strap hinges in place, orienting them as shown in the drawing. Choose a satin finish for the wood, and you can apply several coats for durability and still avoid that "plastic" look.

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