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Check also similar graphics, abstract pink stars background, and colorful abstract lights background.
Web design has seen a huge growth spurt in the past several years, with more and more companies looking for high quality graphic designers from all around the world to fulfill their design needs. We’ve divided web design trends into three categories progressing from coding (or lack thereof), to visual, to functional. Try Google’s material design. Improving upon flat design and offer the impression of physical space with subtle gradients, layering, and even animation. The most important thing to remember about what’s new and exciting in design – and also the trickiest to remember – is that you are the one creating what is new and exciting.
Sarah Pritzker is a freelance writer who writes about diverse topics such as healthcare, nutrition, graduate school admissions, online gaming, hi-tech, travel, and investing.
Some trends stick around while others fade away but we expect designers to know what’s hot…and what is not.
The role of the website will become less important as users will be spending more of their time using applications.
We’ll see designers opting to remove non-essential design elements to keep mobile sites simple and targeted. As we become accustomed to paying “by phone,” the design elements will move front and center. Streamline your visuals for the sake of efficiency and to keep your viewers’ attention whether they access your site on a desktop or mobile.

The heavier your design and the more cluttered with creative elements, the more likely it will load slowly, depending on your user’s device and Internet connection. Visual web building tools like Webydo, as well as template sites like SquareSpace and web form builders, will allow designers and non-designers alike to create sites without worrying about coding.
Emphasize one color for a monochromatic approach (background, words, images, buttons, and the like), and brand the company with that color to keep it memorable.
Highlight your most important headers with VERY LARGE typography to make a visual statement and set up a hierarchy – visually – on the page. Choose unique, natural photographs from professional photographers instead of stock images to give a personal feel. Create one long webpage that includes all your site content, where the user navigates by scrolling and not by clicking. Designing for user interaction offers a range of possibilities, including scrolling or hovering, triggering movement, utilizing sound, and even integrating a camera and microphone for reactions. Truly, animation is a category of “interactivity,” but it is becoming such a key design element that it deserves its own entry. Borrow features that are necessary for the small screens of mobile devices for the sake of minimalist elegance. All your visual experiences come together with whatever creative bones you have in your body, and are copied and modified and created into something new – by you. She has a keen interest in the world of freelancing, and enjoys helping others book gigs and stay up-to-date with current freelancing tricks and trends.

Your clients trust your authority, so make sure you’re in the know on the latest in design trends. This approach provides easy access to key information, decreases load times, and generates an inherently dynamic interaction between your design and the site’s user.
Main menus that are hidden from your landing page (the user clicks to get in) and slide-out, vertical menus (instead of a bar across the top of the screen) keep site design streamlined and functional. Sometimes, you will use every design tool at your disposal to do the big reveal, and recount the narratives that embody the concepts or values of your brand.
So too does each and every tacit “call to action” that moves the user’s hand on the mouse or keyboard. It implicitly captures the user’s attention (we can’t help it; our eyes are drawn to movement). Scrolling down one long unified page helps, as the flow inherently creates the impression of a story unfolding, but your design along the way is essential.

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