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That had to be an april fools price - or there is alot more work in the quote like pulling the drives - changing fluid - scraping and spraying with anti-foul - etc,etc,etc - and its still a rip off! One of the two front (bow most) cavation plate anode from boatzincs had a extra piece of flashing on the anode and with this flashing it would not slide inplace to be tightened. I am going to assume you are in update New York since that is the #1 result in Google when I do a search on 1000 islands. If you are in this upstate New York area you are in fresh water so you should also be using magnesium anodes, not zinc. I can't speak for boats other than our 280, but having replaced a blower (mount broke while I was changing water heater) I know ours are not rated for continuous service. Now you can enjoy the convenience of a drive-on boat storage system, and the peace of mind of knowing your boat is safe and secure.
Chain drive cradle lifts are available for quiet, smooth, safe, and dependable vertical lifting and lowering of your boat. The vertical cradle lifts are available in 9 load capacities, ranging from 4,500 lbs - 2 motors - 4 piling units, up to 30,000 lbs. Long Life - Our Marine Elevator systems are manufactured from galvanized steel, aluminum, or a combination of both.
The Belt Drive series of cradle lifts are manufactured with the same attention to quality, convenience and safety as the Chain Drive series of lift cradles. This elevator system can be mounted to a concrete foundation, pilings and over rocky rip rap. Versatile - Our Marine Elevator systems can be mounted to a concrete foundation, piling and over rocky rip rap.
Long Life - Our Marine Elevator systems are manufactured from steel, then hot dipped galvanized for long life. RMC- Radio Motor Control Unit - Davit Master's RMC is the most convenient way to operate your Davit Master Marine Elevator system. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
One piece design works better than independent pulleys, results in longer cable life, and shields your boat from contact with the cable.
Golden Elevator Lifts® are the solution for narrow canals, embankments and locations where pilings cannot be used.
Components are welded for strength, oversized grooved winders are used for extended cable life and stainless steel wheel brackets are on all of the elevators .

The angle required for your application will be determined by the water depth, how far out needed to reach deep water, and other conditions where the lift will be installed. 5 years on structural parts, 10 years on Golden Sea-Drive™ Gear Reducer, 2 Years on all other parts. Boat owners and marina operaters worldwide have turned to Golden's Four-Post Boat Lifts for solutions to their boat lift needs. All Golden Lifts are welded for structural integrity while bolting is limited to components requiring adjustments. Have either the recommended Exclusive Golden Sea-Drive™ Gearboxes or can be purchased with the economical Flat Plate Drive.
15 years on structural parts, 10 years on Golden Sea-Drive™ Gear Reducer, 2 years on all other parts. Boat owners and marina operaters worldwide have turned to Golden's Eight-Post Boat Lifts for solutions to their big boat lift needs.
This is the best boat lift design for many reasons: The GatorVator™ lift requires only two drive spools.
This design has eliminated the common objections of the top beam of a lift being unsightly and boarding a difficulty. The 2,000# and 4,000# capacity lifts are a one motor, 3 piling lift setup with no upper beams. The 7,000#, 10,000# and 14,000# capacity lifts are 2 motors and are either a 3 piling or a 4 piling configuration. 15 years on structural parts, 10 years on the Golden Sea-Drive™ Gear Reducer, 2 Years on all other parts. Visit our Accessories web site that shows over 70 EZ Dock and EZ Dock Mid-Atlantic accessories. Unique Easy to Install DesignAlpha and Bravo anodes mount on, and protect, the casing of the hydraulic rams that lift your outdrive out of the water. If you'd like to see your shipping cost, add the item to your "Shopping Barge" and then use our Shipping Rates Calculator on the next page. They quoted $950 for this, but it seems to be a DIY job - I'm pretty handy around the house, plumbing and electrical no problem, but I'm new to boat repairs. I have twin Bravo III drives, circa 2003 so I have one anode over the propellers called the cavation plate 'trim tab' anode, you will have two of these on each drive.
I have no clue who sells a giant, straight, super long allen wrench to tighten the allen bolt they provide for this anode.

Getting into my vehicle, running to Home Depot, standing in a long Saturday checkout line, buying the saw, driving back to the marina and fixing the anode added about another 1 ? hours. This drive system is renown for its reliability and strength as evidenced by other boat lift manufacturers using the same basic design. This winch features a totally enclosed, weather resistant motor and self-contained gear box, so our winches will run quietly and smoothly, even years after purchase. The only difference between the two is the drive system and a price reduction on the Belt Drive series.
They are powered by a chain and sprocket winch, that runs quietly and smoothly, even after years of use. A Marine Elevator system is also ideal where pilings cannot be installed or in areas where there are extreme tides. Patent 6,470,816) allows the motors to be placed on the shore side for easy maintenance and leveling from bow to stern for easy draining. They are notoriously difficult to install so Sea Shield has re-designed them to be much easier to install than competing models. The Elevators are available in the following slope angles: 0 degree - 15 degree - 30 degree and 45 degree. These lifts have less cable than all other lifts with or without top beams; no electric wires run under the water and the lifting speed is 33% faster.
No more hidden fasteners in hard-to-reach locations, these use a thin permanently installed aluminum mounting bracket⁄adapter plate, which bolts to the lift arm using the original hole pattern.
The lifts are also available in Marine Grade 6061-T6 aluminum, or a combination - Galvanized steel uppers and Aluminum lowers. The replaceable zinc or aluminum anode then easily installs on the bracket with only a single, easily accessible screw. I used the other anode and it went right on, the one just had some flashing and it needed to be removed.
A clever mating design keeps the anode firmly in place, in spite of being held by just one fastener.

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