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Thanks for the reference and it's pretty interesting though i don't understand most of it having failed physics at school. 1: You need a large horizontal surface to put solar panels on, the space between the beams. 2: In a solar boat you never know how much power you have, a planing monohull has high drag with lower speeds, a displacement monohull will never plane.
As for hull form, make it long and slender, round bottomed, look at nacra cat (for example plenty of others around) for inspiration on hull form.
For propellor shape, it depends on the engine you plan to use, the weight and hydrodynamic qualities of your boat. I have seen some planing hull forms in these pages but did not see them plane very convincingly, the question is: Will your hull plane? Location: Holland Race rules, use of batteries Some boats in the solarspash sprint race go very fast for a short period of time. They use power stored in batteries filled from solar panels over a long period of time before the race. Location: australia Woodyp Planing hulls require a lot of energy to get up and planing, ask your self do I have that energy with the equipment I have?
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. The idea of using solar and human power to drive vehicles is nothing new but each new design that applies these principles is at least a step in the right direction – away from fossil fuels. Perhaps the best part about these designs is that they push the boundaries of current thinking and appropriate green technologies for seemingly everyday uses.
I am not sure how practical this designs are, I mean – is the solar power is ebough to run the boat? Don't forget you would charge it up before you went out as well so you could get most of your traveling done without sun or pedals. Cand aveti nevoie de o masina de inchiriat de la oricare din cele doua aeroporturi (Baneasa sau Otopeni) apelati cu incredere la Rentacarfirst ce va pune la dispozitie cele mai bune oferte pentru inchirieri auto baneasa.
We are now in the process of designing and building a fully electric and solar powered 33ft motorboat. Location: Island Mjoern, Westcoast of Sweden Playing with the same idea for some years now, I like the idea of the project very much.
First thought and question I had was: How do you intend to use the boat and where do you want to go with it? I don't plan on travelling the world by boat (again), but I'd like to be able to take the boat to some really nice places (by towing her). IN the USA there are very different limits to the overall length that can be towed by a private owner and a commercial truck. Location: The Netherlands Yes, the specifications are tailored to the EU (NL) limits. Beyond that a pickup truck with a hitch inside the truck bed will get you to 10,000 without much hassle.
IF you are going to do a lot of road work the purchase of a used real truck , and modifying it by removing an axle would be cheap and never have a weight problem.
Location: Adriatic sea If I were you, I would skip the idea of putting a 10 meter, 2700 kg boat on a trailer. To transport my Draco 2500 Twincab from Holland to the Adriatic I adapted a Ford Cargo and made several successful trips with it. Location: Thailand Yme, looking at your design, do you think it is possible to cover the solarpanels with transparent polycarbonaat plastic, or something of the sort, so you can actually walk on the solar panels, and increase the living area??? Designed on the shop floor by Duck Flat Wooden Boats, I (Michael Storer Design) ended up doing the documentation and preparation for the plan set. Location: canada solar electric day sailor for around the world cruise These pictures are of a model I am building of an out rigger canoe based roughly on the modern racing Hawaiian sailing canoe. Location: cruising, Australia A Very elegant design but not my style as I like some comforts and SHELTERED living space. My boat is 40ft LOA and 21.5ft beam and I would only make open passages around 5 days or less after careful selection of a favourable weather window of at least 7 days, a trusted and dependable crew, and day tripping the rest by island hopping around 50 miles (5 hours optimum) I know my boat can handle a 5 to 7M running swell and safely surf at up to 19knots as I have done that. Solo sailing I will restrict myself to day sailing, anchoring up overnight and then setting out again weather permitting and knowing I have several safe anchorages from which to select, should an unexpected storm blow up. Trying to ID this Flat-Bottomed Thai fishing Boat and Track Down Plans » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post 16' day sailor Identity? While most, if not all, information has already been transferred from the old website, the new Tasmanian Model Solar Challenge website is still under construction and new material is expected to be added.

All new information regarding the 2008 TMSC and AIMSC events will be posted on this website.
The Tasmanian Model Solar Challenge Committee would like to provide as much information as possible on this website to challenge competitors. Originally Posted by portacruise Rick, I picked up a bolly yesterday approximately 11X8 inches from a discontinued bin for $2 from a hobby shop. The amount of power in the sprint is getting beyond what the Bolly will deliver efficiently so there might be something else more suitable.
There is also the fact the the 90 minute efficiency run gets a lot more points so that it what needs to be the focus.
The rules require the boat to have controllable speed and you do not want to achieve that by manual switching.
Location: USA Rick, I agree it wouldn't be practical to use series-parallel switching for this racing situation. Looking at the motor curves and the 55# battery limit, what do you think of using 3 -17 or 18 lb. At least for the drag racing part, the batteries only need to hold maybe 30 volts for probably under 30 seconds, or whatever the record is. The motor and controller look well suited to 24V and this gives a good motor shaft speed for direct connection to the Bolly prop. For the sprint the current is starting to get high for cables that are not going to be significant in the total weight. They are permitted to use two different battery packs but they must be charged from solar power through the day.
I have not looked at what a smallish outboard prop might do but it is worthwhile considering. Location: los angeles Sorry Rick, when I refer to the Da Rules, I am referring to the rules of the Solar Cup Competition that dictate and control all aspects of design.
We can use no more than 24 volts, I just read there is a mandatory 350A fuse inline btwn the batteries and the motor. As a final note these competitions aim to encourage leadership and teamwork as well as the technical aspects. Location: los angeles Rick, your outlook on this project and the importance you place on organization and division of the duties is something I am stressing with the kids. As far as the batteries, we will be getting new batteries this year so They should be putting out pretty much peak volts and amps. With respect to design from motor to propeller, you would run the spring steel from the motor shaft through the stuffing box and shaft log to the strut? THE FIRST NUMBER IS THE DIAMETER OF THE PROP (INCHES- if USA) AND THE SECOND NUMBER IS THE PITCH (DISTANCE FORWARD WITHOUT SLIP? That prop may actually be better than a Bolly for the high speed but the Bolly will definitely be more efficient for the efficiency run. If you give me the pitch and diameter of the prop you have I will do some performance comparisons with the Bolly boat prop. Going for efficiency with a high aspect blades requires the prop to be aligned with flow to avoid high shaft loads and vibration. The Bolly prop is 390mm in diameter and only needs to have about 20mm clearance to the hull. PlanetSolar's TURANOR - the world’s largest solar-powered boat - has been making waves in every corner of the globe, and the ship just made the latest stop on its world tour as it docked in the port of Hong Kong. The deck of the catamaran TURANOR is lined with over 5,380 square feet of solar paneling that extends over each side of the ship. PlanetSolar is keenly aware that the shipping industry alone is responsible for 4.5% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to the United Nations.
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If you must try a planning hull, a flattish bottom will be the way to go (like tinnie) with the centre of gravity about 75% aft on the waterline. One could envision a small fleet of these replacing rent-a-boats at various tourist destinations around the world. The solar and pedal option just extends the range to as far as your feet and the sun will let you! Rentacarfirst are cel mai diversificat portofoliu de masini cu reviziile la zi si va asteapta sa va bucurati de experienta inchirierii unei masini. Trailerable, easily maintained, minimum (air) draft, comfortable, ready for all seasons, safe at sea.

The idea of using a kite is something I thought about as well, will experiment with that once the boat is finished.
Only a few cars can legally tow 3500 kg and you'll have a hard time finding a 10 meter trailer that weighs less than a ton. Anyhow, the long, closed cabin makes it more suitable for the Dutch climate than for the 35 C.
If the rules allow, the batteries could be switched out for others with better reserve capacity (if needed) for the 90 minute run.
Appoint a project manager - someone with leadership skills, respected by the team members, able to delegate and include, ability to get others enthused about the project etc. A quality manager - someone assigned to know the rules inside out and exactly how the scoring works. PER TURN-INCHES if USA) THIS PITCH (25) IS VERY AGRESSIVE AND REQUIRES HIGH TORQUE, AND HAS BEEN USED FOR RACING IN PEDAL BOAT AS I RECALL. The Swiss-designed , German-built ship is powered by over 5,380 square feet of solar paneling, and it hopes to inspire the fuel-guzzling shipping industry by promoting renewable energy.
Measuring around 101 feet long and 49 feet wide, PlanetSolar can comfortably transport 50 passengers to their desired ports of call. Its world tour hopes to enlighten people around the world of the actual capabilities of solar power, that a renewable energy-run commercial vessel is not only entirely possible, but extremely capable. Make sure to make hulls slender and not longer the neccecary for buoyancy to reduce wetted surface area. This is a long skinny mono main hull, semi circular in section, maybe pointy at both ends, with a small outrigger.
Still, you get to toss out the pricey gas costs associated with most water cruisers and relax in the sun when the weather is nice and pedal your way to shore when it isn’t. Sufficient power storage is a must so that pedaling is kept to a minimum and done only in emergencies.
But my documents showed a width of 2.50 m, and after a brief discussion and some banknotes changing hands they let me trough.
Since departing from Monaco on September 27, 2010, the ship has been circling the globe, from Miami to the Panama Canal, to the Philippines and now Hong Kong. The solar panels on PlanetSolar power two electric motors, which can reach 15 miles per hour. We are currently finishing the design, selecting the (Dutch) yard where she will be built, and finalizing the specifications with several suppliers. I considering adding an entire array of solar panels on a frame covering as much as 750 sq ft of the vessel doubling as a top deck canopy, if practicable. I ran troll motors overvolted with series-parallel switches for years without damage or need for a controller. IF YOU CAN FIND A METAL CRAFTSMAN WITH WELDING SKILL, RICK HAS A DETAILED PROCEDURE FOR MAKING THE BEST PROPS. Hull number 1 will be ours, but I'd like to see whether there's a broader interest in this project, especially when prices of solar panels and batteries are coming down.
The panels can also soak up enough stored energy to power the boat in cloudy weather for three whole days. Catamaran dingy fitted to carry bikes cooler and four passengers to be stowed demounted on built in davits, one davit at either end of the main hull.
I am aware that similitude of scale and a model of this small size preclude any meaningful analysis of anything else. The foil would be surface piercing at low angles of heel but as speeds would be low at these angles, and as the the tapered foil would effectively be swept forward, I am hoping that ventilation will not be a problem.
As the foil would be producing maximum lift when horizontal to the surface, I am likewise hoping that parasitic lift to leeward will not be an issue either.. Shifting the center of gravity aft and buoyancy forward by sliding the extremely long main hull( vaka), should insure a positive angle of attack for the foil.

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