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If your pontoon boat does not have a mounting bracket for the transducer, use an aftermarket transducer bracket. IF you were sent here by a yahoo or goolge search for "free pontoon boat depth finder mounting plans" and the auction has already ended OR there are no other Buy It Now or Bidding auctions For this itemJust notify me and I WILL PUT one on JUST FOR YOU !!!!
How do you solve that dilema when your Depth finder Fish Finder finder is NOT working at all speeds ???
I have sold OVER 700 of the plans for this items and NOT one valid complaint about this item It must be Good !!!!!! FREE USPS Priority Shipping if bid auction ends over $39.99remember if some bids but it now goes away !!!!
The Foot eze is Many times more effective and easier to use the The PeEggI want to send a gifts to any soldier.
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My only concern on cutting the dash is if the unit goes bad then you have to shop for something to fit the hole you've already cut.
The unit I have now has a fish alarm but you can hardly hear it, hope someday software upgrade will improve it. Not much traffic here but I would say a Dremil would do the job I'm going to mount mine to the right in front of the radio antenna don't want to cut a hole then down the road upgrade and then try and match a unit to the hole you already have.
I have a 2286 tri tune with the under skin anyone have any trouble fishing the transducer to the helm?
Use the provided screws and the appropriate screwdriver to mount the transducer mounting bracket on the mounting rack. Mount the depth finder mounting bracket in the cockpit using the screws provided and a screwdriver. I know you do AND I can tell you how to SAVE BIG on your gas AND grocery Purchases AND GET UP TO $1250.00 FREE this is no come on and no scam -- It works IF you follow my instructions Go here find out how to pay less than 1940 Prices for fuel and groceries Impossible ?
Off Ohio Rt 7 & Marcy Road Near Pymatuming Lake Reservoir - about equidistant from Pittsburgh, PA. FREE Pontoon Boat depth finder fish finder mounting plans complete kit purchase Pontoon Boat OWNERS forums.

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