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Smokey Mountain has a photo, fourth one down in the long string of photos, that shows where the transducer is mounted. Ed, cheapest depth finder gauge I can find is at GreatLakesKeeper on this page 3 of them all at 59.95. I didn't know how to use the track function at the time nor the zoom out feature on the map. I was looking at the Humminbird HDR 650, on Ebay it's about $85 with free shipping, but with the included 20' transducer cable, that will be too short, I need to find another 10' extension to make it fit in the partyhut. True true, but a depth finder isn't gonna keep you from getting stuck on a mud flat if you're not paying attention.
I have looked at the humbird yahoo site and I haven't found what I need to feel confident in mounting the transducer on my own as of yet. Is there anyone around Rice Lake that has installed one of these who is willing to help me out?

Does anyone know any boat stores who install these who have actually done it and now what to do? If you feel the post above is in bad taste or violates the Rules Of Conduct please report it to the Lake-Link Moderators.
No portion of this website can be used or distributed without prior written consent of Lake-Link, Inc. But I just checked and they don't include the transducer and you didn't say what your old one was. Most likely the area they jump won't be ther area directly under the transducers and sometimes stumps are close to the surface even in ten feet of water.
I have had a history with dealers saying they know but after trusting them I shouldn't have. So it'll be up to you to determine if this will work with your transducer or keep searching for a cheaper setup.

The ones with the map chips "one up" everything and make it possible for you to see most features on the lake, river, ocean, etc. Fishing LA bayou's is about the same when the tide goes out, you better not be back deep in the marshes unless you got an air boat if you wait too long to get out.
You can also create tracks thru shallow water areas and backtrack on them to avoid going aground.

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