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If your boat can accommodate overnights, you’ve got a private hotel which can take you away for a night or two.
Depending on the route and plan, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the food and drinks you’ll need for the duration of the trip. Seven Marine tunes its 6.2-liter V8 outboard up to 627 HP, and adds LED lights to the cowl. Seven Marine used the Miami Boat Show to reveal its latest mega-outboard, the Seven Marine 627, a 627 HP beauty that takes outboard power to a new level. Phillip Island Marine realises that getting your boat outon thewater can take time and effort. Make sure you add proper circuit protection to the positive lead that connects to your battery. Per ABYC there should be circuit protection for distribution locations as close as possible to the source of power. So basically if you are having a Coast Guard inspection you should probably have a breaker between the battery and the power bus.
When you are done, only a 10 AWG ground wire from the bus bar and your engine battery cable will be connected negative side of your battery. While you mention circuit protection on each wire, I would recommend it for the wire that feeds the bus bar as well.
Is there any other wiring or supplies I need, for example, ground wire from fuel tank and fuel tank to fuel gauge? With a boat as large as 24 feet, you may want to consider the 1200 GPH auto bilge pump kit. Extra wires: If your fuel fill is made entirely of metal, you will need a static ground wire from the fill to your tank. If you use split navigation lights in the front (separate red and green), you are required to put the stern light on centerline. After wiring my boat, I find that I have more than six ground wires – blower, trim, bilge pumps, navigation lights, acc. Where does the ground wire that hooks up to the negative post on the battery hook up on the bus bar? I have the green wire connected to a negative bus bar that is also connected to the engine and DC negative.
The green wire is a secondary, safety ground wire required by the USCG to provide a path to ground if there is an AC fault on the boat. Your site says that it comes with 4′ Long, 2AWG Red and Black Cables with Ground Block.

Finally, since you offer custom built boat battery cables, it looks like I could measure exact lengths and customize to my application. Your existing positive boat battery cable connection will connect directly to the battery switch and your existing negative battery cable connection will connect to the ground bus. There are usually cruising guides for sale locally that will tell you just how long it will take to get to different places in the area, based on speed restrictions (for inland waterways like canals). Some people are more into getting away from everything and bring all they need for three or four days on the water.
Since Seven Marine debuted its 557 model in 2011, the boutique outboard builder based in Wisconsin has made steady inroads at the super-premium end of the market. We understand how important time on the water is to you and how time-consuming preparing your boat can be. You lose the meter, but you gain four extra switches (one of the extras on the 5 deluxe is used for the volt meter). Keep the hose bends to an absolute minimum If your bait well doesn’t already have a fill and drain system, our systems work quite well.
If your tank is made of metal, you will need a static ground wire from the tank to your ground bus. Since you have not installed the deck, you can find a great location for it near the front of the boat.
Run all of the individual ground wires to the bus and then run a single ground wire from the bus to the battery. The ground bus that we include in the kit is similar to the one that we sell for $14.95 with larger studs for the battery cables. Inspect your first aid kit, life vests, ropes, and have the mechanics and electronics inspected regularly.
Others just want to check out a different town along the water and reserve dock space for a night, bringing just the food they need for the day trip out there. Then make a float plan, which details where you’ll go and all the info about your vessel, you, and any guests. Those motors were displayed on some of the biggest, classiest boats at this yeara€™s Miami show, including a quartet hung on the transom of the new Hydra-Sports 53 Suenos.A The Seven 627 was not in the water at Miami and pricing wasna€™t revealed, but production should begin early this summer. Our aim is to provide you with a boat vallet service where your boat is prepared and ready for you to aboard.
Given that I have no marine electrical wiring experience, your snap together system appeals to me. There is plenty of room for your engine battery ground, boat harness ground, and battery cable grounds on this bus.

If neither of these are the case, all you need is a ground wire and sending unit wire from your fuel tank to your gauge. If you can, I would use a combo bow light to give you the flexibility of putting the stern light on the starboard side or center, or anywhere in between. The install was simple and the system looks amazing in the galley of my 22′ Sea Ray cuddy cabin.
Having the freedom to just get away is great, but you should plan somewhat more than you would for a last minute road trip. Your emergency gear should also be checked, to make sure you’ve got enough emergency food and water as well as backup fluids like coolant and engine oil.
You can choose a destination based on what’s realistic but also based on what you get when you arrive.
Give that float plan to someone not traveling with you and send it to folks at the destination. Please let me know if you will need more and we can make arrangements to have extra in your order.
Can I disconnect the Red wire I already have that goes from the starter to the battery and connect it to the switch? Here are some ways that you can ensure you’ll have a really great time on a weekend trip on a boat. With a goal of broadening the torque band to better power heavier boats, Seven Marine has modified the cylinder heads to create more turbulence in the combustion chambers.
Or will you find dockage where you can get off the boat for supplies or even a romantic meal out? New inconel exhaust valves better withstand high temperatures and permit a leaner air-fuel mixture at mid-range speeds, to boost cruise economy. And it makes that power on 89 octane fuel.Perhaps initially seen as a bit of a novelty, Seven Marine outboards have found a niche on boats whose builders and owners want absolute maximum power and exclusivity.
Consider that six of the new Mercury Racing 400R outboards make less power than four of the Seven 627s.
In the past year, Seven has added a new twin-prop CR gear case to provide the blade area required to move heavier boats, in addition to its standard case (good for 80 mph) and a crescent-shaped GT gear case for speed boats.Last year inA Miami, I was struck by the sight of Seven Marine outboards decked out in fabulous custom paint, to match the equally fabulous finish of the boats they would power.
The SpectraBlade cowl will be available for both the 557 and 627 models.Read more about Seven Marine outboards, or for more information, visit Seven Marine.

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