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Many of the poorest South Africans live in shanty towns – villages made up of huts that have been put together from corrugated iron, plastic sheeting and packing cases. The organisation Streetwires was set up by the South African government to help homeless people get into wire modelling. Before you start, have a look at some of the amazing models that can be made just by cutting, bending and twisting wire.
Make more oblongs, squares, circles and triangles of different sizes to be the different parts of your car. You could experiment with making different patterns, or even go on to decorate a whole tin with embossed designs. This web page contains links to other websites that are neither controlled nor maintained by Channel 4 Television.
Cut out the shape of the Lighting McQueen car from a large cardboard box (refrigerator boxes work well for this). Below is a list (found here) of the Disney Cars sponsor decals, what cars the decals are on and the car number. Purchase real used tires (about $2 each) or inflatable tires (can sometimes find at dollar store). It's always fun to give out prizes for party games and here's an inexpensive way to make all your guests feel like winners. Recreating Radiator Springs can be as elaborate as making 6' (1.8 meters) mini recreations of the different stores or as simple as drawing it on cement with sidewalk chalk. List of buildings in Radiator Springs( I didn't include the places that are closed like "The Oil Pan" and the "Foggy Windshield").

Here's a fun Cars 2 activity from Disney to entertain the children while your other guests arrive or to put in your favor bag. Here's another great Lightning McQueen balloon car video tutorial that we really wanted to show you from Yonaimy. The next 2 videos are from Ronzo the Clown, and they are not tutorials but he makes 3 wearable balloon cars that are just too cute, and we wanted to share them with you. Metal workers use thin sheets of this silver-grey bendy metal to make and mend all kinds of things, like cooking pots. These days, wire models are sold on street corners all over South Africa and are sent overseas to be sold in craft shops.
Measure and cut holes through the side panels of your model, then thread the straws through the holes.
Twist any sharp ends over to make loops, so people won't get scratches when they handle your model. When you turn the lid over, you should see two tiny dents in the shiny surface, marking out a small piece of your outline. Channel 4 Television is not responsible for the content of these sites and does not necessarily endorse the material on them. For a "super cool" car race, place obstacles along your track to make this car race the hit of your party.2. Pull your spare tire out of your car, put some rice in several sandwich plastic baggies, tie baggies with a knot and you have yourself a birthday party game in minutes. Have your guests make their favorite Disney Cars character and this craft can double as a party favor.

Next, the metal worker helps them cut along their outlines using big scissors called tin shears.
Find out more about wire art and the Streetwires project by following up the links from this site.
They don't have to be perfect  but make sure to get boxes big enough for the child to fit into but not too big or it will be hard for them to run around with them (plus you'll have to use more paint). They used old tin cans, wire and other bits of scrap and recycled it all into amazing models. They look closely at the people-carrier and discuss exactly how they should make their design. They paint the metal yellow and green and add finishing touches such as lights, using bottle tops and bits of clear and coloured plastic. They realised that these models could be very popular with the tourists who visit South Africa. Use Spray paint, chalk or black plastic trash bags and masking or electrical tape to make the track.

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