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So, do I attach a 2-inch wide strip running the length of the boat, and use that as a flange? The only remaining question is how should I go about making the 6 inch flange on each side of the plug? The white mould is a finished mould of some boat that I pulled from the internet, It shows what I'd like mine to look like.
Location: Coastal Georgia You run a good chance of making your mold inseparable from your plug if you vacuum bag it.
Location: maine thats pretty cool man,,,,making the big ones are easy compared to someone making one of those,,,AND making it work!!
Originally Posted by JRL I did notice there is a slight curve on the open side of your plug. Also, if your plug is the size you need for the finished hull, as far as the height of the sides goes, you might have problems vacuum bagging unless you extend the sides.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. These videos give a simple introduction to fiberglass mold construction, explained using a.
We needed to have an available boat and an owner who was willing to let us make a big mess all over that boat. This is what the gelcoat looks like from teh back side before fiberglass is laminated over it. From the angle shown, the prototype parts are indistinguisable from the coamings we are proposing. The owner really wants to replace the coaming rails with something other than the original teak.
This shows we have met our goals with respoect to similar water bolocking characteristics, We also molded in a space for a Harken 150 cam cleat for the spinnaker sheet..

This gives a clean look and no fear of splinters when the crew goes over there to sit down. Mostly, doesn't this look a lot more comfortable than the top edge of a narrow piece of teak? The boat is sitting in front of John's shop and local J-22 sailors have been noticing that John has had his boat refurbished. 2015 Carolina Skiff JVX18SS Of all the Carolina Skiff series, the JVX is considered the king of versatility.
You can't trim the laminate before bagging and end up with a finished edge, and you can't let it run long and flop over on the flange, as it won't bend over the corner without air bubbles or some other problem. Everything from auto parts to statues are build with fiberglass molds and if you want to try one yourself, all. Check out this video to learn how to make a professional epoxy fiberglass layup and epoxy laminating systems.
For that reason and the fact this boat races and we can't install parts that may later be found to be illegal, the parts are sitting loose. Some folks who are involved in the J-22 Class approval process who don't build fiberglass things for a living may like information about what is involved. In order to build the prototype rail we first had to remove the old coamings, then make a mock up of the prototype rails, then build a mold.. Thee will be about 12 layers of fibreglass mat applied to this gelcoat before we pull our completly laminated mold from the deck. When parts are made from these molds, the parts that come from the molds will need to be lightly sanded all around the edges, but every part can be easily produced in a fashion making every one virtually identical to any other. These molds must be sanded and polished and waxed before they can be used to make anything.
Since the prototypes were made and the molds were made we heve installed the new plastic toerails, regelcoated the entire smooth parts of the deck, painted Awlgrip nonskid, and shined up the sides a bit.

The cracks were caused by water leaking around the fasteners which encouraged the balsa core to rot. Not only does the JVX come in three different sizes (16-, 18, and 20-foot models) but it’s also available in two different control points (center console and side console), providing 12 different models to choose from.
I am hoping the 3M 5200 and this coaming will help to prevent reopening of the repaired cracks.
Designed to maximize space with a wide beam and a broad, stable hull, it’s a true skiff in every sense of the word. Creating even more versatility is the fact that each JVX model is built on our modified-V hull, which is 100 percent composite and wood free. I got to looking at the plug and it looks like there might be some tumblehome in the aft end of the boat.
Simple, practical and durable, the DLX is rugged enough for any utilitarian task you want to take on, and has the payload capacity to finish the job. Capable of running over flats to fish shallow, the JVX also has the guts to run across choppy bays and on the outside beaches when called upon.
Call it a charter boat, a dive boat, a ferry boat, a delivery boat - even call it a barge if you want - but make no mistake about it, the DLX Series is what America goes to work in when that work requires going out on the water.
You MIGHT be able to lift the bow out and then be able to pull the hull out like a foot out of a shoe, but then again you might not.

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