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I am painting on to the wax with auto acrylic, you have to slowly build up the paint with thin coats, put it on to fast it will fish eye. Using nothing but his bare hands, some high density foam, glossy black paint, and fiberglass, one modder took his beat up ’78 corvette and resurrected it into the 1989 batmobile. Luca Bordin is a big fan of American trucks, and since he couldn't get his hands on a real rig, the Italian handyman decided to build his own Peterbilt 359.

I'm looking to try something similar to this and am currently just looking for a supplier near me.
What's that track playing btw?b1heqh54: Thank you for taking the time to comment - I'm always delighted to hear that someone else out there has an interest in this sort of thing! Are you laying down a gel coat and then painting, or are you painting straight on top of the wax.

Could you do a video of the mould painting process in a bit more detail, step by step, type of paint, methods to produce a multi colour effect and so on.

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