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With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. For this step, have a piece of steel attach to the steering shaft and attach the tie rods to the top of it. For this part, either fabricate or buy some pedals and find out a way for them to attach to your frame. After everything is set up and working, put the right oil and gas into the motor and take it for a test drive.
We built the frame out of 1" square tubing that has been sitting next to the house for years. After building this go kart there are some things that I would have different if I had the material.
Me and a friend got tired of being bored and we don't have money to go out so we decided to build a go kart from scratch using materials we found around the shop.
Very awesome project, me and my friend are doing this over the summer and we hope i works out.
I made everything on the go kart except the engine, wheels, and steering wheel and those i salvaged from two mini likes, an edger, and my car. I just wanted to say that you have a seat and asorted bolts in the materials list but no wheels!

I will probably never figure out the original name for Go-Karts but here’s a really cool DIY electric go-kart someone has made and you might want to refer it if you want to make your own in the near future.
This year, the Summer Engineering Workshop team was interested in making an electric go-kart.
The site is very informative and even provides free circuit schematics for the electricity parts, I highly suggest you to check this one out.
Check out more interesting categories: Auto, Cars, Consumer, Design, DIY, Educational, Entertainment, Featured DIYs, Gadgets, Hack, HOWTO, Kids, Misc, Projects, technology, Travel. But can you post any videos or links to videos of you riding it, just for a little engorgement and taste of it. It appears from the flux dust that you did not use a MIG welder, but either a flux core wire feed welder or a stick welder. I have tried welding square tubing with a stick welder before and I burned holes in it everywhere but this tubing was 3x thicker than the tubing I was welding on so it was less prone to burn through. Capacitors store electrical potential energy; much less than a battery, but you can charge and discharge them more quickly. So, we wanted to see if we could very simply integrate an ultracapacitor into a stylish electric go-kart. The end of the one piece would melt away with relatively little heat, but the linear side of the other piece required much more heat to weld.

Research into automotive applications of capacitors (in hybrids, for example) has led to development of ultracapacitors with increasing energy density and decreasing price.
One of the simplest ways to do so is to use it exclusively to store energy recaptured from the kart as it brakes.
I tried to keep most of the arc on the linear side of the one piece and tried to weave over onto the end of the other piece just enough to make a good weld, but not enough to make it blow a hole. While it’s likely not the best solution for full-size autos, we wanted to make a tangible demonstration that the technology is closer to reality than many might think. Next, transfer the small drawing on to a big sheet of paper so that it will be the exact size that the frame will turn out to be. When I had the welder current high enough to start an arc, it was too high to weld without blowing holes. When I had the welder current dialed back where I did not blow holes so easily, it was very hard to start an arc.

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